3222 – Kicking and screaming with Maria Bamford

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF 3222 – Maria Bamford

00 Welcome in!! 3222 Karen Valentine Room 222!


Award winning comedic performance kick up the loins!


Bring it to the now!

Happy birthday to Matt!

Jimmy presents him with his birthday cake flavored Quest protein bar.

Talking Jimmy’s 50th birthday and Eliot and I showing up late.

10 – Talking the strike and why right-wing nuts feel like attacking strikers and supporters.

15 – Eliot got a flat tire at the time of the show. Jimmy couldn’t give him a ride home but offered to pay for an Uber and Eliot accepted (after refusing once).

Respect the bills!

Uber is expensive.

20 – Christmas in July Tree!

Cake vs Pie

Jimmy is a fan of the carrot cake!

Jimmy saw Bryan Adams and Joan Jett. The parking spot was gone!

Jimmy walked in on Joan Jett and it sounded great. Joan is 64.

25 – Lotta squizzes for Jimmy at the show.

Jimmy saw the Barbie movie! It depressed him.

Overall two thumbs up though.

We hear a little Rob Thomas Streetcorner Symphony.

35 – Matt saw a couple movies! Theater Camp and Mission Impossible.

Maria Bamford is here and she brought Jackie Kashian with her!

40 – Maria and Jimmy talk about Omnipop and the OP Fam!

Is Jackie playing trivia too??

We explain trivia!

50 – Maria’s gonna add $5 to the pot.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

3222! The Valentine!

Former model Tyler across the hall. Is he a lit agent?

Maria Bamford is here! She brought Jackie Kashian with her. They’re both on Nitro cold brew coffee.

Maria is married and Jimmy was at her wedding.

Maria went to a vegan wedding once.

“The muffin men are here!” – Starbucks lady when Jimmy and Oliver used to go to starbucks/target when he was a kid.

Maria talks about her touring and having Jackie open for her.

Maria talks about how she pays her support acts and insists that no one works for free! Do not work for free! They can all afford to pay you!

60 – Pay Maria!

Maria’s book is called Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult!

1h5m – Never bring your friends to something you adore if they don’t know about it!

Maria bought a rug for Portland Helium’s greenroom.

She talks about bombing in Napa Valley.

1h10m – Jackie has been doing a great job not talking. It’s a struggle.


Lots of teasing on the pardcast!

Just kicking!

Maria’s new album, Crowd Pleaser, is out!

1h15m – Roy Wood Jr’s doing great!

In other countries the most famous person is the “presenter” or the MC.

Jimmy talks about the Kings of Comedy and how Steve Harvey became the MC and it changed everything for him and the show.

Suits and wigs aren’t free, Steve!

Maria talks about doing her one on ones with folks and the recent death of her dad.

#ABI! Always Be Invoicing.

1h20m – How much to watch Maria perform?

Maria talks about not doing combat gigs anymore. Or wedding receptions.

Maria gives more to charity than the Christians!

Her book comes out September 5!

1h25m – Oliver’s trivia time!! Full results below!

Jimmy finally watched the Wham doc! He cried at the end.

1h30m – Maria talks about OCD treatments and technically exposure therapy.

We’ll be right back!

1h35m – We’re back!

Jimmy explains the episode number.

Round the horn!

Quickly now!

Maria’s virtue signaling is like a lighthouse!

No more working for free!!

1h45m – Get Maria’s book!!

Bruce will be here at some point supposedly.

Ok bye!!

Trivia Results:
Category: National Cuisine
Question: Canada eats more of what food, a childhood staple, than any other country in the world?

Garon: Pigs in a blanket (1 pts)
Eliot: Cereal (4 pts)
Matt: Mac and Cheese (9 pts)
Maria Bamford: Banak (6 pts)
Jackie Kashian: Peanut Butter (X pts)
Jimmy: Mac and Cheese (2 pts)

The answer is: Mac and Cheese

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole