31B – Making a deal with Andy Erikson

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 31B – Andy Erikson



00 Jimmy needs scissors!

Jimmy watched David Spade’s newest special! There were some legit Pardo blurt laughs ™

Talking David Spade!

Jimmy talks about Macarthur Park.

10 – Striped.


Olivia Rodrigo does know Billy Joel and Uptown Girl.

Gargar Gooey!

Relax your crack!

15 – Jimmy hasn’t done the upper tier zoom calls yet. He talks about it.

Phone call lotto winners


Troy Woodcox

Karen Esquivel


Blake Davies

Spencer Spondheim

Trivia winner!

Jimmy won trivia! He won the season!

Money times!

Thanks Jeremy! And Dane!


20 – Trump talk!

Garon 49

Matt/Eliot 65

Guest 93

Jimmy took the season with 104 points!

25 – When did you discover the difference between Artichoke and Avocado?

The artichoke is the immature flower bud of a thistle. It is eaten as a vegetable and is culinarily classified as such

Despite the fact that an avocado has a single seed, it’s not a drupe. The seeds of drupes have a hard outer shell, or endocarp. Avocado seeds have a fleshy endocarp, so they aren’t scientifically classified as drupes. As odd as it may seem, they’re berries because of this single characteristic.

The Goldbergs are killing off Jeff Garlin’s character, Murray.

35 – Back to the pomp!

104 points for Jimmy!

Talking Timmy Trumpet from The Metz!




40 – We hear a little of the song!


Andy Erikson is here!

We gotta open this box.

Steph Anderson sent us an Amp!


50 – We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Jimmy’s got dates coming!

Talking Andy’s hair.

Andy loves corn dogs!

55 – Lots of corn dog talk.

Corn dog soup?!

Smile Hot Dog? https://www.smilehotdog.com/order-online

Hot Dog On A Stick talk.

60 – https://wolfgangpuck.com/dining/spago/

Talking Spago!

Andy flew to town for this?!

Andy talks about Minnesota and how she had a heartattack?!


1h5m – Talking Private Jets! Andy thinks they aren’t as nice as they seem.

Jimmy’s doc talk!

Matt washes his hands!

1h10m – Jimmy missed a concert he was gonna go to. He had the day wrong!

Andy and Alex have been married 7 years!

Alex made up a podcast to get a date with her.

1h15m – The Alex Time (?) Podcast!

Alex and Andy are broke but happy!

Andy was on Scream Queens! It was her first audition and she got it!

Andy was on Lets Make A Deal! She talks about it.

Wayne Brady!

1h20m – Andy was also on Last Comic Standing.

She forgot her set at one point and just said “im a cat meow meow” until she remembered her set.

She ended up in 3rd place!

She talks about the tour after the show.

1h25m – Andy hasn’t gotten back to touring yet. She had started headlining before the pandemic.

We gotta go around the horn!

1h30m – Enjoy your chips!

My B is Braves!

Washington Commanders!



1h35m – Eliot is here! His guess is the Bulls!

Talking Bulls!

Michael Jordan is an asshole.

1h40m – Matt’s B is Da’Bears!

Andy’s got a shot at $5! Her guess is Badgers!

Otters!! https://nurturedbynature.org/


1h45m –

Jimmy’s five!

5) Blackhawks

4) Bulls

3) Bruins

2) Bears

1) Blue Jays!

No winner!

Andy will be back sooner than later!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole