3103 – Getting the high hat with Matt Donaher

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Doc calls!


Who’s texting Jimmy?

Robots do or do not do something!

It’s hot.

How do you avoid the heat?

Belknap pool time talk!

The Belknaps had an REI day to beat the heat. Matt bought pants.

10 – Pants talk! Jimmy wants to compare his pant to Matt’s to test the orangeiness.

REI stands for Recreational Equipment, Inc.

REI Speedwagon

10 years!!


Jimmy talks a memory regarding Pickle Ball from high school, Danielle and Oliver are currently playing together often!


20 – Jimmy goes around the bend to get to this Triumph doc talk.  He teared up twice and cheered once watching it.

Jimmy might adjust his Canadian acts Top 5. He apologizes to Triumph and thinks they might be higher.

25 – Good group of guys!

30 – Ojays vs Spinners!

Matt watched the new password and enjoyed it. Jimmy doesn’t like it. Sounds like he hates it.

Talking Pyramid! John Davidson hosted in 1991.



170 episodes!

40 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallagher_(comedian)


Happy birthday Oliver! They went to Top Golf.

45 – Matt Donaher is here! With a music bed?!

Lady GaGa and Duran Duran are here this weekend.

50 – Donaher talks about the music he likes.

Kesha showed up at the Taylor Hawkins tribute to sing T. Rex’s Children of the Revolution.

55 – Jimmy’s gonna say something controversial.

Jimmy says, Wolfgang plays with more passion than his dad, Eddie Van Halen?!

Talking Wolfgang vs Eddie VH.

60 – Jimmy’s in on a band if someone asks him.

High Hat – To treat in a superciliously indulgent manner: condescend, patronize. Idioms: speak (or talk) down to.

Art vs Artist?

Talking Trump being funny but not having a sense of humor.

Matt Donaher has a bag!

Congrats to Feds (Wayne Federman)!

Middle Bread talk!


1h15m – Pizza talk!

Janet Varney texting Jimmy.


1h20m – Matt Belknap is here!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Black out talk!

Tyler Smith of Battleship Pretension!


1h30m – We’re calling Oliver!

Category: Sound Effects

Question: What famous movie sound was made from static from an old television and the hum from a film projector.

Basketball diameter is 9.5 inches

Circumference is 29.5 inches

A standard professional basketball rim has a circumference of 30 inches.

1h45m – Jimmy coming around on Boss. Matt Donaher saw Swingers for the first time. A lot of baby in there!

No one’s upset about password!

1h50m – Oliver’s growing!

Air bidet at bowling?

Talking licenses.

1h55m – Tim Matheson!

Let’s take a break!

We’re back! 3103! Jimmy didn’t say it at the start!

Most Christmas songs are religious in case you didn’t know, like Jimmy for most of his life.

2h – Round the horn!

You don’t get to say it (garon sucks)!

Jaws on the big screen!

2h5m – Swingers dropped in 1996!

My answer is Lightsaber!

Talking Weird Al movie.

2h10m – What’s going on man? – Jimmy to Eliot.


Eliot has card drama.

He’s gonna rent a Tesla.

Eliot guesses the Predator Growl.

When a Man Loves a Woman – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111693/

Will Jimmy go to Harry Styles with the Belknaps?

The answer is…Lightsaber!

2h30m – We’re done!

Ok bye!

Trivia Results:

Category: Sound Effects

Question: What famous movie sound was made from static from an old television and the hum from a film projector?

Garon: Lightsaber (19 pts)

Eliot: Predator Growl (12 pts)

Matt: Lightsaber (23 pts)

Matt Donaher: Wilhelm Scream (24 pts)

Jimmy: Frankenstein’s Lab (8 pts)

The answer is Lightsaber!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole