31V – Getting recognized with Rachel Quaintance

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 31V – Rachel Quaintance

00 Hello it’s a live stream!

Welcome in!

TNT Bottom of the hour!

Tony and Tina’s Wedding?


Jimmy talks about his connections to the show and his old friend, Marietta, who was in it.

Talking restaurants with rude staff. Ed Debevic’s and Weiner’s Circle.

Jimmy gives us an update on Daver!

Dave is all in on Iron Maiden all of the sudden.

Jimmy’s made a decision on the Rock Hall. He doesn’t think genres should be restricted from the rock hall. He does draw the line on country though. They have a country hall of fame.


“Doin’ a joint!”

10 – Detective Jimmy searching for the origin of weed smells.

Just four squares talking about pot.

Jimmy’s CBD gummies are helping? Maybe?

Being here helps Jimmy with his pain.

15 – The Once #1 podcast!

“No I didn’t.” – Eliot on homework

We get a window update from Eliot!

20 – Jimmy wonders why they just don’t get a window instead of hemming and hawing over it.

Confess, Fletch talk! Go watch it!

Better off Dead box office talk!


30 – Get your Jimmy’s new Tour merch!


Jimmy talks door dates!

35 – February 7 we’re live at Burbank! Limited tickets!

Talking Kaleidoscope on Netflix!


Get a cliff bar for Jimmy! Or a norm bar?

40 – Jimmy talks about Lance Kerwin, who passed away yesterday (as of recording).

Im back!

Mitch Hedberg!

50 – Rachel Quaintance is here! Apologies to the Kerwins for the curse.

Fallen Angel – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082358/?ref_=nm_flmg_t_60_act

Rachel did Karaoke with Shawn Cassidy?!

55 – We’ve got Ford stories and a fun story from Rachel coming up!

Let’s take a break!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Welcome back!

Is it too late for Rachel to have a podcast?

60 – Rachel talks about a show she and Jimmy did where they had to talk about sex scenes.

Rachel’s got a commercial audition today for Geico.

Rachel got a pep talk from Ford about her career.

Rachel talks about her kids and how she punishes her kids (except for Ford apparently).

1h5m – Rachel shares a story about Ford getting his written driver’s test.


Rachel tells more about Ford’s driver testing experiences.

He failed twice.

1h15m – What are the new bangers from Ford?

Rachel has a celebrity sighting!

They’ve been on the show (she thinks).

Weird Al!

“Beat it and what-not.”

1h20m – Marcel The Shell with Shoes On – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcel_the_Shell_with_Shoes_On_(short_film_series)

Who is Rachel’s “nemesis?”

1h25m – Rachel couldn’t handle serving this woman at her Chin Chin job so she went and hid.

Lennon Parham is Matt’s celebrity sighting.

Round the horn!

1h35m – Rachel tells her funny story where she was recognized at a mall while doing Movies At Our House and fast forwarding to now and stopping at some small town middle of nowhere grocery store and getting recognized again as a “famous actress” and then her sister went into a place to ship a phone to Rachel and the guy behind the counter recognized Rachel’s name, turns out he’s a big fan of NNF and Rachel! Hi Kevin!

Get your Jimmy tour merch!

1h45m – Get your groceries from Walmart.

Jimmy’s guessing Hawks!

1h50m – White Lotus talk.

I’m guessing Heat!

1h55m – Eliot guesses Hoyas

Talking about some weirdo who went to Jimmy’s yard sale.

2h –

Rachel guesses Hurricanes

The fans!

Matt’s five:

5) Hearts
4) Hellcats
3) Hull City
2) Hoosiers
1) Hawks

Jimmy wins!

See you next time!

Washington Redskins talk

2h10m – BJs Brewary talk.



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