31W – Splashing around with Brian Kiley

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Hello!


Four more to go in the season!

New Perk announcement within the next two weeks!

Quick JP Merch update! JimmyPardo.bigcartel.com

Some poster changes! But bonus: you get both the original and the adjusted version.

Matt has made his dislike of Harry Styles a thing.

10 – Apparently Lads is keeping Styx out of the Rock Hall.


Kate Bush
Sheryl Crow
Missy Elliott
Iron Maiden
Joy Division/New Order
Cyndi Lauper
George Michael
Willie Nelson
Rage Against the Machine
The Spinners
A Tribe Called Quest
The White Stripes
Warren Zevon

20 – Lots of Cyndi Lauper talk!

Blueboy magazine! https://www.attitude.co.uk/uncategorised/cyndi-laupers-she-bop-inspired-by-gay-porn-magazine-279497/

25 – Matt has a celebrity sighting!


Angel songs?

Greg Almond – I’m no angel

Here we go celebrity sighting!

Jeremy Renner talk!

30 – Matt got run over by a lawnmower?!

35 – Brian Kiley is here! Jimmy fills him in on the celebrity sightings.

Johnny Knoxville!


45 – CeCe is a top five guest!

Ally Hodgson sent us a Notary stamp!

We’re stamping!

Brian’s Drybar Comedy special is out!


So is Nate Bargatze’s which Jimmy says is great.


We’ll be right back!

50 – Welcome back! 31W!

Brian’s breathing.

Talking jokes! Jimmy quoted Brian’s “my birthday is in July” joke.

Carol Leifer.

Talking following acts and which ones make a following set more difficult.
Brian talks about dirty vs clean acts, and who he prefers to open for him.

55 – Check out Brian’s special on DryBarComedy.com!

Brian mentions a time his 12 YO daughter went to YouTube comments to defend him.

Brian made it to Letterman and Leno but not Carson. He did Letterman 7 times! The first time he did it Bruce Willis was guest hosting because David was sick.

60 – Bruno!

Cathy Ladman was on The Tonight Show this past week!

Brian is 61!

Brian talks about turning 60 was a little traumatic for him.

Jimmy talks about going to Brian’s for a pool party and leaving a soaking wet diaper (from swimming)behind in the trash.

1h5m – Dry Bar comedy specials are shot in Provo, Utah. Brian talks about it.

He had to even cut stuff from his act, despite usually working TV clean. He gives us a bit of the sex robot joke they made him cut.

1h10m – Rakes!

Most states require the notary seal to contain the notary public’s name, the words “notary public,” and the date on which the notary public’s commission expires. In California and Texas, this is four years, at which point the notary must renew his or her commission with the Secretary of State.

Can Jimmy do a clean set?

1h15m – Sammy Sosa sneeze – https://www.sportscasting.com/sammy-sosa-from-the-sneeze-to-the-boombox-to-the-walkout-the-former-mvp-had-a-wild-final-season-with-the-chicago-cubs/

Brian’s daughter had Covid in march 2020 and was the first person Brian knew that got it.

He talks about his son going from baseball to law.

1h20m – Anne Hunter sent us some Danishes!

Brian talks about his time at Ellen.

We found the asterisk!

We’ll be right back!

1h30m – We’re back from a rare second break.

Delish danishes!

Jimmy wants to lose weight, possibly via covid.

Brian talks about how his daughter got covid so early. Other students caught it from Italy.

Jimmy imagines the joy of not having to go to a doctor everyday.

1h35m – Jimmy explains the letter game.

Brian talks about his kid’s coming to his comedy shows.

Perfect bit in the new Nate Bargatze special!

Talking Oliver’s comedy tastes!

1h40m – Talking about comedy as a kid versus comedy now as a veteran of the business.

Round the horn!

Brian’s never had Covid!

Cowboy Downton Abbey!

1h45m – Talking sports on TV.

Brian’s a Red Sox fan.

My guess is the Wolverines!

1h50m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Devil_Is_a_Part-Timer!

Jimmy almost went to Palms.

Postal service not shooting anyone anymore?

Brian talks about Andy Lassner from Ellen (former guest).


Eliot talks about sketching out a store that charges you via scanning RFID.


Eliot’s guess is Warriors


“I was under the impression we were done watching black and white films.” – Student in Oliver’s film class.

2h – Brian guesses White Sox

Matt guesses Wizards.

Let’s here the fans.


2h5m – Brian knows TWO people who went to see Styx with their son who also got to meet the band.

Jimmy’s five:

5) Whalers
4) Wolfpack Wanderers
3) Warriors
2) Wild
1) Wizards!

Matt wins!

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

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