3021 – Running the light with Christopher Titus

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 3021! This episode can drink according to Matt.

Jimmy wonders if we’re Barstool Sports now.

Hello to the new folks and our long time listeners.


Citizen Kane talk! Danielle has it on her #1 pandemic watch list.

5 – Famous people can get anything published.

You can’t come back from Frogtown.

Breaking news!

PCR results for Jimmy as we speak. Negative!

It’s a matter of time before Jimmy or I get it.

Jimmy’s Doc says live your life but wear a mask.


The music of comedy! Ratatattat!

10 – Johnny Suck the fun!

Would you take the money?

15 – eight people! https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2022/07/01/delta-offered-10-k-oversold-flight/7785941001/

Matt explains what happened preshow.

20 – Jimmy is suspicious of a smooth flight experience.

Go Fuck Your Gun 1776! https://lemonicedesigns.com/products/nnf-collection?variant=42380830769351

25 – I go get our guest!

Jimmy talks about the phone call lotteries.

Winners are:

Michael Finkelstein

Yahootie (I missed the last name and probably the spelling!)


Put a plunger on it!

Bugle the snacks!

Are buggles even good?

35 – Nutragrain Bars aren’t satisfying.

Too much cake not enough jelly.

Everything is on the grift.

Jimmy went to see Thor!

Jimmy thinks he fell asleep watching it.

Christopher Titus is here! He just ended his Vitello’s set!

40 – Chris has ten specials!

Jimmy talks about the people that fight with assholes on twitter. Chris is one of them.


Chris’ wife has a special out as well! Rachel Bradley on Amazon Prime!

We’ll be right back!

45 – We’re back!

Jimmy resets.

Richard Marx has great hair!

Jimmy doesn’t like how the headphones detract from Christopher’s hair.

Chris talks about how Jimmy can shred people with so much joy and have them enjoy it.

Chris talks about how he had to bounce his own show. The guy was a sign heckler.

50 – Things are a “little” out of control out there.

Chris talks about his show in Alabama.

Chris will handle his own hecklers if need be.

Jimmy talks about his experiences with angry audience members and seeing his friend, Mike Burton, stretching in the back. “Why are you stretching?”- Jimmy “Cuz you’re gonna get your ass kicked.”

Jimmy had to hide in the kitchen freezer.

Chris talks about comics trying to be edgy for no reason.


60 – Talking Military.

Chris talks about his nephew who was an Explosive Ordinance Disposal.

Chris started in 1983! He was a teenager!

1h5m – Chris and Jimmy talk about his Vitello’s show.

Jimmy talks about having the same problem of not finding the laugh to get off on.

1h10m – Chris talks about his act and how he had to change and how it made his comedy better.

Chris talks about the time he put a chair in the center of the improv and stood on it and did his entire set in the round.

He got a deal.

1h15m – Jimmy and Chris talk about Kevin Rooney.

Trivia time!

Category: Music In Movies

Question: What was the first movie to ever release a soundtrack?

We’ll be right back!

Carrying Monsters is Chris’ new special name.

1h25m – Chris talks about his new set and the dark themes it covers.

Talking One Man Shows and how a lot of comedians who do them, are forgetting to be funny.

Jimmy and Chris talk Paula Poundstone.

Round the horn!

Moulin Rouge The Musical!

1h30m – Angering merch!


Chris talks about the Titus reunion and the two episodes they shot recently.

1h35m – I Look great!

My answer is West Side Story.

Fun with ages!

Eliot behind the Sushi Desk.

1h40m – Talking LA Pizza.

Eliot talks about his fancy batteries.

Gone With The Wind is Eliot’s answer.

The Jazz Singer is Matt’s answer.

1h45m – Chris’ answer is Song of the South

Jimmy’s answer Singing In The Rain.

We’re all thinking of other options.

The answer is Snow White and Seven Dwarves.

No answer!


We’re rolling over the winnings!

Chris talks about his Prince parties.

1h50m – Matt wants Chris to explain Bat Dance.

Scott Aukerman’s favorite prince song is Bat Dance.

1h55m – Jimmy recounts the time he was arrested at the Prince concert.

Big Johnny!

2h – Where’s Little Johnny?!


Chris talks about a trip to Krueger National Park in Africa.

He did a show at the same place Mandela gave a speech.

Jimmy saw a skunk!

Matt has to recount his coyote story.

2h5m – some politics talk.

The wives are the best!

Chris says to wrap it up!

We’re done!

Trivia Results:

Category: Music In Movies

Question: What was the first movie to ever release a soundtrack?

Garon: West Side Story (18 pts)

Eliot: Gone With The Wind (18 pts)

Matt: The Jazz Singer (18 pts)

Christopher Titus: Song of the South (20 pts)

Jimmy: Singing In The Rain (24 pts)

Snow White and Seven Dwarves

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole