30Y – Sharing horizons that are new to us with Matt Apodaca

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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30 Yeezie

00 30Y! Because we like you!

Jimmy talks about Popcultured!

Eliot explains what happened and how he ended up mispronouncing Danielle’s name!

Jimmy saw Easter Sunday – It’s a zero.

10 – Jimmy praises the Cinemark membership program.

Gold Medallion is Delta.

Breaking News!!

The 2022 Tour stuff is available on Jimmy’s website!!! Including exclusives!



15 – https://ragbrai.com/


25 – Tin People = Steampunk

https://www.udcpennyfarthing.com/ – Modern Pennyfarthing!

30 – Kevin Eubanks was on Mack Avenue records.

35 – We’re making a phone call!

It’s Oliver! We got him!

He explains what happened with Monday’s trivia show.

What kind of donut did Oliver get??

Raised vs Cake donuts.

We’ll be right back! Matt Apodaca is here!

50 – We’re back! Y! Because we like you!

Apodaca is finally in the room! He’s overwhelmed!

His first episode of Comedy Bang Bang had Jimmy on as well!

Apodaca talks about his job at Earwolf.

55 – Kevin Costner is from Lynwood, CA – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Costner

Field of Dreams game talk.

60 – The Carpenters were from Downey!

Talking high school and driving. Apodaca started driving at 19.

Talking Ojai and Lake Gregory!

1h10m – Henry Winkler talk!

Apodaca talks his Covid experience.

Round the horn!

1h15m – Joy Koy talk!

Apodaca talks about seeing Pete Davidson before he broke out.

1h20m – Let’s get to this trivia replacement!

Donut talk!

Sidecar Donuts and Coffee

Category: Hazards and Incidents

Question: 15-20% of the cases of what inconvenience in the US are caused by squirrels.

1h30m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaskade

“Just ask yourself why they’re wearing helmets.” – Matt on DJs ages

Round the horn!

Jimmy talks about the tailoring of a t-shirt on set of a gameshow.

1h35m – My aunts are nuts.

My answer is Traffic!


Car issues!

1h40m – Eliot got a Final Warning on his car.

The Fish Delight!

Eliot’s answer is Blackout

Matt says car accident

Apodaca says downed wires

Telephone/cable outages

The answer is Power outages!

Matt Apodaca wins!

Letter game:

Jimmy: Yugo

Garon: Yeezy

Eliot: Yve saint Laurent

Matt Apodaca: Yoohoo

We hear the fans!

1h50m –

Matt’s 5:

5) Yamaha

4) Yellow Pages

3) Yum Brands

2) Yoohoo

1) Yahoo!

No winner!

2h – “I want you to see this!” – Matt Apodaca

This has been a joy!

Listen to Get Played and Get Animed!


Trivia Results:

Category: Hazards and Incidents

Question: 15-20% of the cases of what inconvenience in the US are caused by squirrels.

Garon: Traffic (23 pts)

Eliot: Blackout (1 pts)

Matt: Car accident (12 pts)

Matt Apodaca: downed wires (17 pts)

Jimmy: telephone/cable outage (2 pts)

Answer power outage

Matt Apodaca wins!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole