3024 – Partying hard with Jon Gabrus

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Welcome to the podcast! We’re back in studio! It’s been three weeks! 2 weeks Covid, 1 week vacation. It was scheduled!

Baseball talk.

Jimmy’s currently in first place in the NNF league!

He’s in 4th in the “longtime league”

Head to head league he’s not doing great but a chance at the playoffs.

Another league with some friends he’s currently tied for 3rd.

He thanks Covid for his success.

Jimmy’s is toying with the idea of dropping a league.

Moulin Rouge talk!

Relax your crack!

Talking swears and the kids!

10 – Jimmy talks about the attractive couple nearby and how they started talking to each other through the show. He had to shut it down.

No Hawaii for Jimmy and fam but they did go to Palm Springs!

15 – Jimmy talks about golfing with Oliver in Palm Springs.

Joe’s doing a great job according to Jimmy!

Jimmy’s Covid rebound lasted around 3 days.

Matt went to the mountains. He’s discovered he’s a lake guy.


25 – Matt talks about his lake trip.


30 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squaw_Valley,_Placer_County,_California

Bullet Train talk!

Jimmy thought it was “okay” Danielle and Oliver loved it!

35 – Matt talks his travels.

40 – Pet talk, Matt’s Brother in Law (I think?) had to miss the trip to take care of the family dog.

No guides for Matt!

45 – Matt talks more about the trip, his mom forgetting her phone, and how Doug hasn’t had a beard since the early 80s.

50 – Jon Gabrus is here in official Tommy Bahama!

He’s got a Puerto Rican shoe!

Jon branded himself in college. It healed.

Gabrus is here!

We’ll be right back!

60 – We’re back!

Jon Gabrus is here!

Jon and Jimmy talk about doing Story Smash.

Get the wheel out!

NNF was the #1 podcast at one point.

Jimmy talks about hologram Andy Kindler.


1h5m – Jon talks about his TV show 101 Places to Party Before You Die.

1h10m – Impractical Jokers talk! Jon did the show with Adam.

1h15m – Short Skirt/Long Jacket

Going The Distance:


“And was asked what the song was about?….. John said, “it was a story about a guy that had great desire for a woman, and badly wanted a relationship with her. But the Guy is to shy to “Go the Distance”, “or go that extra step to let this woman know that he had feelings for her. And in a twist of fate another guy comes along and sweeps her off her feet. The original guy then misses his chance”. The song is about his feelings of what he misses out on.

The interviewer then asking John, of rumors of the song being directly related to him and the song is actually about an experience he onced lived? Where there was a long pause from John, and he said (very timidly) “Whell, I’m not really going to say whether there is any truth in that or not””

1h20m – Monkey Pox


Vaccine talk!

Cologne talk!

1h25m – Round the horn!

Trivia time!

Category: Landmarks

Question: What Landmark with a nation in its name was sold and moved to Arizona in 1963 because it was falling apart and determined it would be better to sell it off and start building a new one.

Matt talks about the Star 98.7 radio compilation CD they used to put out.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

We lost Olivia Newton-John. RIP.

1h35m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rumour_(album)

Jimmy talks about meeting Olivia and Bobby Brown.

Jimmy talks about his Saturn joke re pant leg rolled up.

1h40m – Garon’s here!



Listen to How To Survive! Blaine Capatch is a Robot For Comedy!

My stone is gone!

1h45m – Jon talks about companies investing in the art and multiple projects instead of HUGE overpriced comics/films.

1h50m – The Big Chill!

Action Boys on Patreon!

My answer is London Bridge!

Eliot’s here! Building still getting upgraded.

His answer is London Bridge

Matt: Spanish Steps

Jon: Vietnam memorial

Jimmy: Swedish fish

1h55m – Talking Arnold’s Twins windfall.

The London Bridge!

The question has been voided!


2h15m – talking musicals!

Get your toes colored!

We’re done! See you next time!

Trivia Results:

Category: Landmarks

Question: What Landmark with a nation in its name was sold and moved to Arizona in 1963 because it was falling apart and determined it would be better to sell it off and start building a new one.

Garon: London Bridge (23 pts)

Eliot: London Bridge (19 pts)

Matt: The Spanish Steps ( pts)

Jon: The Vietnam Memorial (17 pts)

Jimmy: Swedish Fish (2 pts)

My pleasure,

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