30Z – Eating fire with Kari Coleman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Hello!We hear some Vitiman Z right away. Burning Flame



We also hear a little Seona Dancing.

Ben Stein talk!

Eliot shares his Ben Stein story form when he was on the game show.

10 – Figuring out the Win Ben Stein’s Money



Beat The Geeks!

15 – TIVO talk.

Eliot has a story for everything and a previous job relating to almost anything apparently.

20 – Jimmy saw Fall!

He talks about it.


Squiz Game!

25 – Speaking of game shows – Matt brings up Generation Gap on Hulu.

Jimmy and Matt disagree on the way they end the show.

30 –



Back to Beat The Geek hosts!

35 – Surprise dog head popping out of a car window is pure joy when you’re driving somewhere.

What ARE dogs thinking?!

Jimmy talks about the little girl at the doctor’s office.

How is Selena Gomez’s voice low and high at the same time.

Melissa Villasenor and Selena Gomez – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLOJutxxj_Q

40 – Talking Um Actually! Jimmy enjoys it! Oliver as well!

45 – Jimmy’s Records and Tapes is coming…soon?


We’re talking flags!


60 – Kari Coleman is here!

Her husband is Kyle Secor from Veronica Mars.

Eliot has been saying how good the impro people would be for the show. Jimmy and Matt dismissed him every time.

Turns out…he was right!


1h5m – Tim Rock! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1511992/

Eliot’s comedy tastes are still in question.

We’ll be right back!

1h10m – 30z!

Back to Vitamin Z. Burning Flame made it to #73.

Kari worked at Polygram Records as a temp when she first moved out to LA.

She and Jimmy worked in the record business at the same time.

Kari talks Tears For Fears and having a gross signed poster and meeting one of them at a kid’s soccer game.



1h15m –


Should Jimmy go see The Psychedelic Furs?

Kari has two daughters who are 16 and 19!

1h20m – Jimmy talks with Kari about how she will handle her daughter going off to college.

Kari’s daughter wants to be a director! She’s going to school in Chicago!

Give Sponge a chance!

1h25m – Kari talks about growing up in Louisville.

Will we ever discover why they replaced J Keith?!

Walk This Way from Young Frankenstein!


We are a room of soft dudes.

Emory and Harper!

1h30m – Lots of Studio City talk.

Jimmy got pulled over in front of George Wendt’s house. The cop insisted he was a tourist there to see his house.

1h35m – Kari was here for the 94 earthquake. She was living in West Hollywood.

Kari talks about what happened when the earthquake hit. She was naked and given a cape by a drag queen.


1h40m – Brad Pitt is 58.


As a straight, do you accept a proposition from George Michael.

Kari’s daughter directed her parents in a short horror film!

1h45m – Where were you NYE 2000?

Kari did a fire eating act with Penn and Teller!

One of Jimmy’s first gigs in town was a Penn & Teller. He and Mo’Nique were on the same show. She killed. He bombed but he was hysterical.

1h50m – Pray for Penn!

Kari talks about learning tarot for a Penn and Teller show and getting REALLY good at it.

1h55m – Kari talks about cold reading, tarot, medium, etc.

Jimmy talks Charles Nelson Riley.

2h – Kari tells a story she heard about Dean Martin drunk and going on stage while Shirley Maclaine was performing.

Jimmy talks about meeting Dean Martin.

2h5m – Round the horn!!

My Z word is Zappos!

Kristen Bell talk!

2h10m – Round the horn!

Jimmy goes with Zillow!

Bounce back!

My Z is Zappos!

Not a sponsor!

Eliot talks about how he met Kari. They never performed together.

2h15m – Eliot’s Z is Zelle.

Kari’s Z is Zenith

Let’s here the five!

Matt’s five:

5) Zillow

4) Zendesk

3) Zappos

2) Zippo

1) Zoom


A joy!!

Jane Austen show is back in December!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole