30U – Throwing clay with Michelle Biloon

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Hello!

Welcome in!

Sorry if it’s dark I guess.

Dance off Pants off!

Nice Popcultured last night!

Sounds like it went great! Jimmy says the chemistry between Regan Burns, Mike Rock, and Rachel Quaintance!

Jimmy talks about shaking the rust off a really old bit from his open mic days.

Jimmy talks about the older Asian gentleman in the front row of the show last night.

Jimmy’s sports another GFYG tshirt from LemonIceDesigns.com! This one is based on a gun design from Kiss’ Love Gun.


Guns for Shoes!

Health talk!

We’re talking Ace Frehley

Jimmy opens a box from a listener!

NNF Drumsticks!


Paper everywhere!

A skateboard!

A NNF Electric Guitar! Pardocaster!

What a fantastic item!


30 – Our guest is here!

Chelsea Clinton talk!

35 – Matt talks about a meet and great with some soccer players.

Talking fan interactions.

Great job on the tech for Popcultured Eliot!

Hozzle talk!

Taking the country back in the midterms!

45 – Don’t talk medicine to Jimmy!

Some Jeopardy talk with Oliver!

Jimmy swept the Rivers category.

50 – Celebrity sighting at Flappers!

Not worth waiting for the guest though.

Walter Koenig!

Thanks Oliver!

Michelle Biloon is here!

We’ll be right back!

I went to 7/11 so not sure what the time code is.

1h10m – Why are you here Michelle?!

Talking Covid.

Jimmy’s gonna introduce us to his new character that made Oliver laugh.

1h15m – Jimmy and Michelle talk about what Michelle is doing on this trip and who she has been hanging out with and seeing in the comedy world.

Talking Martha Kelly and her Emmy nominations!

Jimmy might take a shot to keep a cat.

Michelle’s cat, Your Mom, passed away. Her other one, My Mom, is still going at 16!

Apparently, Your Mom was an asshole.

Johnny Dog Face?!

1h20m – Pottery terms – https://walkerceramics.com.au/resources/glossary-of-ceramic-terms/

Michelle talks about where she grew up. Orange County and Wisconsin.

Lots of Lake talk.

Michelle talks about her flight in on American.

Talking about the masks on the plane.

1h30m – Round the horn!

Letter Game!

Get your GFYG shirts!

Carpets – https://www.homedepot.com/c/ab/types-of-carpet/9ba683603be9fa5395fab90fd2f5a2b

My guess is Uber.

Here we go Eliot! Jimmy wants his Snickers.

Who wants to be Kesha’s Baby Bird?!

Matt sings Tik Tok.

Berber carpet.

Eliot talks about a tenant.

1h40m – Have you found Jesus, Eliot?!

Breaking news: Jimmy did indeed finish the snickers during Eliot’s story.

1h35m – Actual breaking news!

We lost Ivana Trump.


Uhaul is Eliot’s guess!

Michelle guesses Uniclo.

Matt’s guess is United Airlines.

1h50m – Fans!

U-Line talk. Lots of big thick catalogs.

1h55m –

5) UPS

4) U-Line

3) United Airlines

2) Univega

1) Unilever

No winner!

Wordle talk!

Eliot plays some country version.

We’re done!

Thank you Michelle!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole