28P – Going north of the border with Chris Gethard

Chris Gethard

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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28 Phil Hartman

00 Welcome in! 28P as in Pardo.

Sue Kolinsky has the con but Jimmy hasn’t gotten an email from her so we might get an answer from Oliver.


The hierarchy of NNF.


Talking turtles and art. Matt’s mom has an MFA in Art History and couldn’t get the bad boy of renaissance art.

Jimmy’s gotta have a tooth removed next week.

Eliot reveals his serpent tongue and why his cough was so loud.

10 – Talking ISOS files.

Jimmy gives us an update on his health and pain issues including how he does post golf.

15 – Jimmy talks about the friend they golfed with who’d throw his keys at your feet during your back stroke and how they’d laugh like idiots everytime.

Jimmy talks about the time he jingled his keys at an audience member and called him an idiot to David Cross’s delight.

20 – Talking about outdoor comedy shows and the future of that format.


Lots of talk on how to contain laughs in an outdoor venue.

25 – Matt suggests playing a comedy show at the waterworld stage in Universal.

Roller coaster talk, Matt had a friend with one-leg who would start freaking out when the ride ended like his leg got taken off.

Oliver saw A Quiet Place and loved it! HE’s excited for part 2.

30 – Chris Gethard is joining us! We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy talks about Chris’ new special Half of My Life it’s out there!

Chris has done Colbert’s show a few time. He’s on the list of NY guys to come in if someone cancels.

Jimmy was the same for Conan for 10 years. It happened all of Zero times.

Jimmy talks about Tom Arnold’s recent pool video.

Chris is gonna be on Space Force season 2!

Chris is in a 14 day quarantine in Canada. He’s losing it and its Day 2.

35 – Chris takes us on a tour of his production paid for hotel, and the food they got for him. Pinto Beans, asparagus, one zucchini, no oil to cook with, but a huge block of Mozzarella cheese. It’s a 2×4 of cheese.

No gym, no pool, no leaving at all. They apparently have people come and spot check rooms.

Chris has been fully Pfizer vaccinated since April.

40 – Jimmy asks what Chris does for fitness. He does Brazilian Jiujitsu. Also he started calorie counting and doing lawn care. HE talks about how he ruined his lawn and got obsessed with fixing it.

Lots of lawn care talk.


45 – But where is John Malcovich staying?!

Talking Con/Air and Deep Blue Sea.

Talking about audiences turning on movies.

For Jimmy it was Dangerous Minds. For Chris it was The Happening.

50 – Talking M Night Shyamalan movies.

Jimmy Mac (James McAvoy)

55 – Chris talks about his special, Over Half My Life.

Chris talks about the Gator Land joke and set.

Jimmy and Oliver are gonna watch the special tonight!

Chris talks about his enjoyment of off the path venues and hopes his special makes people want to go to these types of places because of the artistic and community value they have.

60 – talking venues and performing.

Chris talks about his TV show.

Chris talks about how remembering how great the shows are and how they’re what keeps him going.

Chris is extremely proud of his Northern New Jersey roots. Also Springsteen above Bon Jovi.

1h5m – Jimmy talks about his lack of new York shows. Chris talks about seeing Hannibal do the Cosby material before it broke.

Chris was in the recent Mike Birbiglia movie, Don’t Think Twice.

He talks about his experience coming up in UCB and how he transitioned to stand up. He talks about Mike sharing the idea of the movie with him and ending up with a creative consultant credit.

Chris talks about a line from the movie that was taken directly from something that happened to him and a friend of his.

1h10m – Talking about Action Park documentary that Chris is featured in. That doc has done more for his career than anything since his HBO special.

Chris talks about his son Cal, who just turned 2.

Jimmy’s already missing Oliver in advance of going off to college and knows he’s gonna sob when he graduates 8th grade.

Bill Cosby has a great dentist story!

1h15m – We will be using Oliver’s answer!

Twist Point!

Matt has a story about calling out a phrase someone uses incorrectly.

Jimmy ready to go! He’s got a Thaxton Go-bag.

My P is Phil Hartman!
Eliot’s guess is Patton Oswalt

1h20m – Chris doesn’t work much voice over. He says he has the voice of a weak-willed coward.

Chris talks about his experiencing grappling with fame in NYC.

Jimmy is unsure of his Egg situation.

Eliot talks about his haircut and adding a new mirror.

Juice talk.

Matt’s guess is Pete Davidson.

Matt enjoys him.


1h30m – Chris puts it on record, Pete has always struck him as a sweet and genuine guy when they crossed paths.

Chris’s guess is Paula Poundstone.

Jimmy almost went with Paula but he’s gonna change to Phil Hartman

Fan guesses!

Chris has plenty of time.

1h35m – Matt talks about the new Avenger’s Academy opening event.

We finally hear the fans.

1h40m – None of us are correct and none of the fans got it!

Peter Serafinowicz.

This time next week, Chris will still be in his hotel room.

Trying to get a stupid question!

Chris shows off his tattoos, both of which are Smiths/Morrisey related. 80’s Morrisey is #1 in the clubhouse.

1h50m – Stupid Question:

How many towels after the shower?

It’s from Jimmy’s stand-up!?

It’s his closer.

One for Jimmy (unless it’s a hotel when he uses all of them) and Matt.

It comes down to the quality of the towel.

You aren’t supposed to use fabric softener for towels.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use Fabric Softener on Towels

Chris uses one too many days in a row.

Jimmy’s right about the towels!

Watch Chris’s special! We all loved it!

Thank you Chris!

Follow science!

My pleasure,

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