2809 – Telling all with Laraine Newman

Laraine Newman

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00 2809! Welcome in! We won an award 14 years ago.

We do have a lucite trophy!

Talking Tank Tops!

What should I do with my hair?!

Matt talks about an old NNF Viney video.


We all laugh like idiots watching those clips.

Happy birthday Chris Regan!

10 – Jimmy wonders when he drops facebook.

DMX talk. Matt was never a fan.

Jimmy talks about Chris Redd on Twitter that makes him laugh.

Banjo – 


20 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Sweeney

Eliot always seems to have his hands in a lot of pies.

Matt randomly put on Bright Star.

25 – Jimmy had Pop Cultured over the weekend! Debbie Wiseman popped into watch! Thanks Debbie!

Talking Chris Fairbanks hair!

Jimmy talks about seeing the James Web Space Telescope. Its being launched into space at the end of the year!


It’s bigger than Hubble!

30 – Matt and Jimmy talk about how they keep talking about going to the Grand Canyon.

Talking about Mount Rushmore.

Laraine Newman is joining us!

Her book: https://www.amazon.com/May-You-Live-Interesting-Times/dp/B08TMYW4GR/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=laraine+newman&qid=1618253223&sr=8-1

We’ll be right back!

35 – We’re back with Laraine Newman!

Jimmy talks about Laraine’s book!

Talking great readers like Campbell Scott and John Slattery.

40 – Laraine talks about writing the book and talking with former cast, writers, etc, to fact check and help her remember.

Talking about Anne Beatts, writer from SNL who recently passed, who was responsible for some iconic sketches.

45 – Laraine is in a closet.

Jimmy talks about how open and vulnerable Laraine is in her book.

Laraine talks about auditioning for Bob Hope. She could see the outline of his balls.

Laraine’s book can’t be published for 10 years!

50 – Laraine talks about the time she was mistreated by an agency head.

Jimmy talks about the reality of agents in Hollywood vs the way they’re portrayed in movies.

Laraine talks about the audition with Lorne where he had her go put on a skit for the writing staff. Her car had been stolen with all her written material in it.

55 – Jimmy and Laraine talking about the influence of comedy on their lives and future. Jimmy watching SNL and Laraine’s love of stand-up that remains TO THIS DAY.

Laraine loves the SF Sketch Fest! Jimmy and Matt love it as well.

Laraine loves Skrillex?!

60 – Laraine talks about her love of Electronic music because it taps into her rage.

She is not a fan of Jazz (mostly).

Laraine talks about seeing Etta James (who also hated Jazz).

Laraine talks about her audition for The King of Comedy.

1h5m – No one can be as mean to you as you are to yourself – Laraine

Laraine talks about her friendship with John Travolta!

1h10m – Both of Laraine’s kids are comics!

HBO Max show with Jean Smart – https://www.indiewire.com/2021/02/jean-smarts-new-hbo-max-show-still-has-no-title-but-its-got-plenty-of-real-life-comedy-dna-1234616212/

Trivia and Round the Horn time! (full results at the end)

Category: Sorry That’s Banned
Question: It’s against the law to do what creative summer activity in Eraclea, Italy?

1h15m – “I’ve winded you.” – Jimmy

The most recent movie Laraine watched is something she can’t remember. She is watching Them on Amazon though!

Oliver watched ALIEN!

Laraine talks about watching Alien and John Belushi just leaving once the alien showed up.

“I could be wrong.” – Jimmy and Laraine

1h20m – Talking Greg Gutfield show and Red Eye on Fox News.

1h25m – the question is: It’s against the law to do what creative summer activity in Eraclea, Italy?

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Talking with Laraine about her book title and how she was witness to so much creative moments in the industry.

1h30m – I’m doing good!

Colt Cabana raided me!

My answer is Chalk Drawings on sidewalk!

Talking Jeopardy. We all want LaVar Burton to host.

Boo Dr Oz. https://www.thewrap.com/jeopardy-falls-to-lowest-ratings-since-holidays-in-dr-ozs-first-week-as-guest-host/

Eliot talks about his reaction to the vaccine.

Laraine is 69!

Category: Sorry That’s Banned
Question: It’s against the law to do what creative summer activity in Eraclea, Italy?

Garon: Draw on the sidewalk with Chalk (11 pts)
Eliot: Building a sandcastle (3 pts)
Matt: Fireworks (9 pts)
Laraine: Make a Lariat/Bolo Tie (25 pts)
Jimmy: Balloon Fight (4 pts)

Answer: Sand Castles!

Eliot’s correct!


Talking about Tracy Newman – Laraine’s sister!

One more story from Laraine: Her first date with Arthur? So many details so she gives us the absolute smallest bit of the story. She pissed herself.

“is that a thing?” More tombstone talk.

Audible.com/pardo! Get Laraine’s book!

We’re done! See you next time!

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