28H – Hangin’ tough with Ed Crasnick

Ed Crasnick

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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28H Harry Anderson

00 28H! Welcome in! 3 times a week during the pandemic! Happy to help you get through it as your hero, friend, confidant, whatever.

Jimmy had some Baronne’s but it got cold 

Warm pizza is fine.



Julie Newmar talk!

Jimmy talks about a huge Chicago album release coming out.


Jimmy wrote for the liner notes!


We CALL Julie Newmar. No answer but we all panic over the phone number.

10 – Listen to the latest isolation files!

867-5309 and bathroom wall talk.


Jimmy talks about the time he saw something written on a bathroom stall about a hookup and for fun he followed the instructions and got frightened by the guy actually being in the bushes next to the rest stop.

20 – Matt talks about going to a party in Simi Valley. Someone tried to get them to make audio porn for truckers.

Penthouse Letters podcast?

Jimmy confident enough to bet $1 our guest worked with Julie Newmar.

25 – Matt talks about his impressions as a kid. He lost the skill. He talks about his Joe Lieberman impression and how great Andrew Koenig’s impression of both Willie from Alf and Joe Lieberman was.

30 – We’ll be back with Ed Crasnick!

We’re back!

Jimmy talks about getting ASMR from Ed’s podcast.

Ed talks about how good Jimmy was as a guest on the show.

Ed sees Jimmy as a very even keel guy. We’re not sure how to respond.

35 – Ed talks more about his podcast. He’s been doing it since 2009.

Jimmy asks about any feud between Paul Gilmartin and Ed. Ed loves Paul, and his Richard Martin character, and says their two shows are very different.

Ed talks about falling asleep in a Zoom class.

Ed talks about his first vaccine and his interaction with his pharmacist.

40 – We write a Schuyler Sisters parody with vaccines.

Ed has fired a gun before.

Matt talks about hurting his shoulder as a kid shooting a .22.

Ed talks about “bussing” when he was a kid and various groups participating.

45 – Who’s from Dorchester? New Kids on the Block! (Donnie and Mark Wahlberg at least)

Jimmy talks about calling Julie Newmar. He asks Ed if he worked with Julie Newmar. He DID work on a show of Julie’s, but not together.

Julie is Ed’s Catwoman.

50 – Talking about the 15 years of NNF! Ed asks what Jimmy’s advice is.

What goes into the Time Capsule?

Hamilton album?

Why wasn’t there a Donald trump presidential reality show.

Ed talks about seeing Dennis Weaver, Meredith Baxter Burney and her husband, roller skating outside his window.

55 – Ed talks about Dennis Weaver owning his building and having parties, dance parties, with adult breast/penis cakes, and people using Ed’s bathroom. “Where you gonna plug in your blenders?”

He was neighbors with Chaka Khan also.

Jimmy fills Ed in on his recent McCloud watching.

Ed also knows James Garner and David Chase.

Round the horn!

60 – Talking my health!

Ed has a LOT of nicknames

Ed give us some current batman villains, including The Enabler.

Lego Batman is Matt’s favorite batman movie.

1h5m – Jimmy changed his team name from Ill-Fitting Shirts to Fair-Weather Idiots.

Avi Leiberman talk.

Ed asks what dead celebrities we missed on the show.

Carl Reiner is the immediate answer.

Don Rickles for sure. Jimmy talks about when he met Don Rickles.

Ed talks about his history with Don Rickles.

1h10m – Ed talks about his computer situation.

My H is Harry Anderson!

Both Matt and Eliot picked Harry Anderson as well.

Ed wonders if any of this show will ever air.

1h15m – Eliot is not running for Neighborhood Council again. He talks about what he got accomplished.

Eliot’s changing his H to Helen Hong.

Matt’s changing his H also! His H is Heidi Gardner.

Jimmy’s got the hiccups.

1h20m – Ed talks about Marty Putz and another prop comic he worked with in a KLAN AREA?! There were actual klan members, in their sheets, in the audience. “I will see you in 45.”

Ed has a LOT of KKK experience, including them being around his school handing out comic books.

1h25m – Ed’s H is Hasaan Minaj. Horatio Sans, Harry Lloyd, and HILARY SWANK?!

Eliot brings up boxing and chess?! He wonders if there’s ever been boxing and stand up. Apparently yes?! Kevin Pollack did it.

Ed thinks Queen’s Gambit would benefit from boxers.

“Checkmate with her lips and checkmate with her hands.” – Ed on the actress from Queen’s Gambit, Anya Taylor-Joy.

We hear the fans. But Matt gives his second name Harris Wittels first RIP.

1h30m – Howie Mandell was Ed’s first boss in Hollywood.

Jimmy’s 5:

5) Howie Mandel
4) Helen Hong
3) Helen Keeney
2) Hugh Fink
1) Howard Kramer

No Winner!

Stupid Questions:

Which sweet movie snack do you like to pair with your popcorn?

Matt: Peanut M&Ms to Ed’s applause.
Ed: Goobers
Garon: Raisinettes
Jimmy: Peanut M&Ms

Backups: Sour Patch Kids, Reese’s Pieces, ice cream crunch bits,

Cracker Jacks talk.

What’s your Taco Bell #1 pick?

Classic crunchy taco for Jimmy!
Double Decker for Matt
Ed’s never had Taco Bell.
Eliot: Chalupa
Garon: Crunchy Tacos and a Cheesey Gordita Crunch.

Ed’s gonna have Taco Bell for the first time!! He’ll update it.

Operation Clean Sweep!

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth