2808 – Sticking to the facts with J. Keith van Straaten

J. Keith van Stratten

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 2808 is the number not the name! Welcome in!

Jimmy’s mad at his need for glasses more than covid at this point.

Nathan Fillion is playing Arm-Fall-Off-Boy or The Detachable Kid – 

My Mission. My Wheel.

Godzilla vs Kong talk.

Earthquake talk!

It was VERY close to Jimmy and Eliot.

10 – Jimmy talks about how he got an ethernet set up for Oliver’s room since he has a major wifi outage.

He had to go under the house and was claustrophobic doing it.

Matt crashed his bike on Saturday! He talks about it.

20 – Bike pedal clip talk.

Jimmy talks about his bike he had that he modified, including removing the breaks?! He crashed and immediately put the breaks back on.

25 – Matt talks about the typical bike uniform.

Jimmy wears the weird paper looking hat!

30 – Best wishes Justin!

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35 – The cut off for address updates is May 15! Submit asap!

We’ll be right back with J, Keith van Straaten!

We’re back! Max Fun’s own! J. Keith van Straaten!

40 – J. Keith is as shocked about being in the free feed as we are apparently. Also shocked he made the Pardo/Koenig wedding cut!

Jimmy knows exactly who didn’t get him a wedding gift.

He recalls getting a pennyfarthing wine holder. He was 5 years sober at the time.

45 – Jimmy talks to J Keith about Go Fact Yourself.

Jimmy determines the emotional vulnerability of the cast. I wear my heart and every single organ on my sleeve.

50 – Jimmy talks about his appearance on the Go Fact Yourself and the question that haunts him.

Oliver’s Trivia!

Category: Before They Were Famous
Question: Before she became a well – known chart topper what hip hop singer voiced Charlie brown’s sister Sally.

I’m betting 16

(results at the end!)

60 – Brief SNL talk. Jimmy liked it! The other guys didn’t.

J. Keith went to high school with Maya Rudolph AND she gave him a haircut once.

St. Vincent is the Rock & Roll version of Jen Kirkman, in terms of fashion.

1h5m – Round the horn!

I talk about my ER trip!

Seth MacFarland singing talk.

BuyRaycon.com/pardo code pardo

My answer is Ariana Grande!

Lazy Skeptic!

1h20m – Big weekend for Eliot! He got vaccinated! He got the Johnson & Johnson.

Ariana Grande’s real name is Ariana Grande-Butera.
Bakersfield vaccine talk!

1h30m –

Eliot’s answer is Jennifer Lopez.

No one thinks this is a good answer.


Matt’s answer is Christina Aguilera.

Mary Jane Blige – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_J._Blige

1h35m – J Keith’s answer is…Fergie. We all like it.

Jimmy’s answer is: Queen Latifah

Oliver’s voice has drastically changed really quickly.

The answer is…………..


J Keith is correct!!

1h40m – We’re back!

The neighbor’s dog is barking!


From Kennedy Todd!

It’s a shirt! He wants us to sign it!

J. Keith and Jimmy went to a couple baseball games over the weekend. Jimmy hasn’t been to an opening day since 1994 – 1995.

He talks about going and how safe it was. He was ready to have to leave immediately but they had it really well distanced.

Jimmy and J Keith talk about it and how it felt experience a little bit of normalcy.

1h50m – Big baseball moments at the games apparently. One guy got hit in the head by a ball.

Jimmy talks about seeing Mike Schmidt and his brother sitting at Portillo’s when he was grabbing dinner before the game. He decided to sit with them but by the time he got around the drive through they were gone. They didn’t hear him yelling and honking at him.

1h55m – Matthew McConaughey has a soccer team now. Jimmy and Matt say they’re all right. I say they’re the Austin All Rights.

J Keith took a LOT of tote bags apparently.

A new heart sack!

See you next time!

Trivia Results:

Category: Before They Were Famous
Question: Before she became a well – known chart topper what hip hop singer voiced Charlie brown’s sister Sally.

Garon: Ariana Grande (16pts)
Eliot: Jennifer Lopez (10 pts)
Matt: Christina Aguilera (8 pts)
J. Keith: Fergie (25 pts)
Jimmy: Queen Latifah (23 pts)

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth