2722 – Making Pizza with John Ross Bowie

John Ross Bowie

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Hello!

Welcome in! 2722! Our last episode in the Trump Administration! 

The Man Without A Face talk


Instrumental hits! 

Lots of instrumental hits talk. 

20 – Our guest is running late so MORE instrumental talk! 

Thanks for watching Jimmy’s Records and Tapes and for coming to Jimmy’s Flappers show! 

He’ll be back February 19! 

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30 – John Ross Bowie will be joining us in a moment! 

Matt addresses the Anne/Annie Hathaway situation. He apologizes publicly to Rich Sommer. 

Talking names! Jim versus Jimmy. 

Chuck Mangione is still alive! 

We’ll be right back!

35 – We’re back! 2722! The Last Trump Era NNF! 

John Ross Bowie is here! Taking time away from acting to join us. Jimmy mentions John’s appearance on Monk. 

The Pawn Stars guy really did vote for Trump – https://www.graydc.com/content/news/Why-Pawn-Stars-Rick-Harrison-is-supporting-President-Trump-for-re-election-568284161.html

John has never been on Wings, Mash, or Gunsmoke. 

Jimmy has a photo “thing” and the currently displayed photo is a photo of Oliver and Nola (John’s Daughter) as babies! 

40 – She’s actually been placed in charge of the pizza that’s getting cooked. It’s Trader Jo’s pizza. Two pizzas for two kids. Jimmy is concerned about even cooking. John has adequately spaced his pizzas for even cooking. He unfortunately does not have Pizza Over money. 

Jimmy and John both know one person with a pizza oven: Phil Rosenthal. 

John has been booked to do a Parking Lot episode for months but we haven’t done any due to the crazy numbers of Covid. 

45 – John updates us on what’s been going on. He remains married, and a father of two kids. Walter loves Fortnite. John talks about the TV shows and movies they’ve watched as a family. From classics to starting Jackass. 

John walks us through getting an acting gig. He auditions on zoom. On the gigs they get tested 3 times. Off camera, it’s all mask. John talks about having to ask someone for food at the Crafty table which makes him less likely to go “Graze.”

The shows John’s been doing do not feature Covid or the pandemic. 

Jimmy calls out John’s TV wire situation. He’s gonna fix it. 

50 – Talking the weirdo new GOP congressman trying to outweird each other. 

John admits that he wrote in Kanye for every possible position. Not really though. He talks about voting for Nader in the past and never playing protest vote again. 

55 – John talks about playing Fortnite with his son. 

Jimmy talks about a facebook memory that popped up that featured Matt commenting on zoe asking him his favorite color. 

60 – Trivia! (check end of notes for full results)

Topic: Jokes on You!

Question: As an April Fools Prank, In 1998 what fast food chain announced they bought a patriotic landmark and renamed it to better reflect their brand. 

Remembering the Dennis Farina connection comment after his death. 

John talks about Adam Schlesinger coining “Egobituary” when someone makes a celebrity death about them. 

1h5m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siegfried_%26_Roy

Going around the Roy Horn! 

Paul McCartney called the Lockdown a Rockdown and Jimmy’s in! 

Well he’s already out when he realizes it sounds like a band Asian joke. 

1h10m – Talking my last day at work and Panera bread. 

John talks about going to San Diego to grocery shop for his aunt. He had to eat and pee at Panera Bread. They were there when he needed them. 

Soup talk! 

1h15m – Jimmy asks John about the drive to San Diego and how much he enjoys it. 

Florence Henderson talk! John talks about his father working as a page on the Tonight Show with Jack Parr and meeting Florence Henderson and talked about how sweet and nice she was.  

1h20m – https://screenrant.com/characters-recast-after-pilot/#:~:text=Dratch%20played%20Jenna%20DeCarlo%20in,was%20cast%20to%20play%20her.

Rhoda is the reason John knows about acting. 

Jimmy talks about his emotional reaction to Oliver O. Oliver the clown leaving the Bozo show. 

Ray Rainer said happy birthday to Jimmy on the air once. He ran to the TV and said thank you into the speaker. 

1h25m – Matt talks about watching The Force Awakens via group watch with family for a nephew’s birthday. 

We’ll be right back! 


No pizza cutter needed for today’s pizzas at John’s house. 

Jimmy talks about his star trek pizza cutter. 

1h30m – My answer is Taco Bell!

Joe Don Baker talk – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000833/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Topic: Jokes on You!

Question: As an April Fools Prank, In 1998 what fast food chain announced they bought a patriotic landmark and renamed it to better reflect their brand.

Eliot’s in palms! He talks about his possible meeting Wednesday. 

Garon: Taco Bell (13 pts)

Eliot: Taco Bell (6 pts) 

Matt: Taco Bell (25 pts)

John: Burger King ( pts)

JImmy: Burger King ( pts)


Matt wins. Wager. 

We’re done! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth