27U – Cooking Pasta with Mike Siegel

Mike Siegel

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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00 Welcome in! Jimmy talks Boone and Moonies! And also Jim Jones.

Talking NNF hats. Are they American made? 

We’re talking heads!

Mirrors on popcorn ceiling!

Matt talks about a friend of theirs and an severe thunderstorm shattering a window in his bedroom. 

Talking about the recent thunderstorm. 

Eliot had to go to Texas for some reason. Jimmy immediately asks if he’s “mowing my lawn?!”

Talking dating friends exes. Jimmy talks about Jimmy Dore and Danielle’s history. 

Eliot talks about seeing a Texas thunderstorm. 

Lee Trevino was struck by lightning three times – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Trevino

One-Armed Golfer Kid – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFogbB1SRmE

Charlie Woods (11 YO) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GELduymxkSc

Talking about the Tiger Woods documentary. 

20 – Is Tiger Woods Joy Shy because of his absolute failure of a joke?

Well good luck because it’s scrubbed of the internet apparently. 

Ivanka and Jared won’t let the secret service use their bathroom?!

25 – Talking about Ivanka Trump! 

Brits don’t like Trump because he doesn’t have a sense of humor. 

Talking Trumps presidential portrait

Talking the new season of AP Bio on Peacock. Jimmy and Matt agree that it’s the best season. 


35 – Jimmy’s gonna watch Magnum! (and also Cobra Kai and the new Saved by the Bell)

Matt talks about Steve Hollander showing up as himself on 30 Rock! 

We’ll be back with Mike Siegel!

40 – Welcome back! 27 U/D! 

Friend of the show since season one! He sat at the table! 

Mike Siegel is here and Jimmy doesn’t know where he lives currently. 

Mike talks about his background situation. 

He’s in Santa Monica! 

Mike talks about an accident he had surfing. 

45 – The guys talk about surfing. 

Lady ocean! 

Jimmy talks about his brief stint with boogie boarding and Paul Gilmartin going all in on it with equipment. He gave it up pretty quick. 

50 – Eliot talks about the one and only time he’s surfed. 

Mike worries about swearing on the show. 

Mike talks about doing a Travel podcast during a pandemic and how it’s opened up the guests he’s been able to have. 

Eliot and Mike talk about trying to get a second passport!



55 – Mike’s got an article coming in the Wall Street Journal travel page! 

Mike talks about his future with Cruise lines. 

60 – Talking travel during the pandemic and doing zoom comedy shows. 

1h5m – Does Mike Siegel look like Bob Saget?

Jimmy got fake glasses to wear to a Hall and Oates press conference just to pull them off and say, “Mr. Hall!” They did not call on him. 

Mike talks about Rock Documentaries and how Amazon basically has anything from anyone posted. 

Talking Docs! 

The Bee Gees doc. 

The Mystify: Michael Hutchence doc is on amazon. 

Round the horn! 

1h10m – Stupid question:

Allie Mac Kay 


Do you think it’s weird that Tarzan doesn’t have a beard? What is he shaving with out there? Ok, bye.

A tarzan should be bearded! 


Favorite pasta shape?

Jimmy: Penne

Matt: Fuscilli (corkscrew)

Eliot: cellentino and some other tight twisty one.

Mike: Rigatoni

Me: Fuscilli (corkscrew) or Bowtie 

Penne vs Mostaccioli

Mike is closer to his manager than he is to his brother. 

Mike and Jimmy talk about spare freezers. 

Matt talks about Jon Stewart’s Deep Dish pizza rant. 


1h20m – Talking Comedy Central and it’s losing its relevance. 

Talking receiving screeners. 

1h25m – My D is Tommy Davidson! 

Mike has a story about him. 

Eliot is the Palate Cleanser today. He talks about what he did to handle the apartment leak. 

Eliot goes back to the Stupid Question. He has strong opinions on it. 

Matt’s got a new pandemic pet peeve. People talking to each other across the bike path.

Eliot’s D is Larry David.

Mike’s guess is Dom DeLouise. 

Jimmy’s going with Andy Daly

1h30m – Eliot reads the fan guesses. 

Matt watched The King of Staten Island. Too long


Matt reminds Jimmy that he didn’t say Don Rickles when it was R. 

Matt’s 5: Phyllis Diller, Rachel Dratch, Rob Delaney, Andy Dick,

#1: Matt Donaher! No winner!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

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