27V – Shooting your Best Shot with Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Hello! Welcome in ☺ 

Get that coaster! 

Talking Flea Markets.

Matt came home once with six boxes of Yo MTV Raps trading cards. 

Jimmy wants to go to the flea market because of watching Flea Market Flip. 

Talking Denis Miller and his latest special. 

10 – Matt and Eliot talk about their experience with trying Stand-up.

Talking about Dan Mintz.

Captain Dullard?! 

Matt talks about the show idea he had for Jimmy about a comic that got electrocuted and was “always on” and had a mic fused to his hand. 

Talking about my new pictures ☺  

25 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_May:_Our_Man_in_Japan

Jimmy and fam are loving this show! 

Talking Bake Off! 

Jimmy tap dances. 

Eliot talks about doing Pee Wee Christmas Special, and PeeWee showing up in a costume and not talking to them. 

35 – Breaking news! Mail style! 

It’s a T-shirt with famous comedians on it in a Dream Team style. 

Mike Schmidt is here! 

We’ll be back! 

45 – We’re back!

Jimmy forgot names! 

Talking Biden vs Trump in terms of his kids. 

Mike’s about to guess who the mystery comic is! 

50 – Mike has no hesitation with naming Bill Burr. 

55 – Mike thinks Bill Burr has been on the show. 

Can we get a medium to talk to all these comics?

60 – Vitalogy and Best Shots cover bands canceled shows this weekend. 

Talking Styx names again. 

Red Button talk! 

1h5m – Back to styx! 

Jimmy and Mike talk about their times at Load Media writing internet stuff. They were soon fired. 

1h10m – Talking Brian Williams and his scandal. 


1h20m – Mike talks about Payton Manning hosting a gameshow. 

Matt talks about Mr. Mayor, which inspired Mike’s rant.

1h25m – Mike talks about Zak Lavoy on Carson. He’s the kid from Parenthood, who banged his head into thing. 

Stupid Questions:


Sexiest Letter of the Alphabet

X, Z?, B, H, I, U. Lots of them apparently. 

1h30m – talking hidden sex images 

My V is Melissa Villasenor! 

1h35m – talking Will Ferrell

The Lazy Skeptic! 

Jimmy visited Eliot’s place. They discussed a tenant. 


Eliot’s going with Janet Varney! 

Jimmy’s V is Barron Vaughn!

Mike’s V is Janet Varney as well. He can’t think of anyone else. Actually he switches to Tony Vee.

Fan guesses!

We talk about Murray Valariano.


1h50m – Has anyone won the money?!

6) Jim Valoley? 

5) Rich Voss

4) Melissa Villasenor

3) Baron Vaughn

2) Victor Varnato

1) Janet Varney

Eliot wins $10! 

Mike talks about what he’s been doing in the pandemic, eating. 

Mike rants about the pandemic.

2h5m – We’re done!

Thank you, Mike!!   

My pleasure,

Garon/Siren/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth