25H – Flying So High with Jimmy and the Boys

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


25H! Hooray!

Talking Sway.

Jimmy mentions Kyle Anderson’s newest show: Discography. This week’s is Pink Floyd.

They have 15 albums! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_Floyd_discography#Studio_albums

Talking David Miscavige. He’s 5’3’

Can anyone see me joining a cult?

We talk about it


10 – Jimmy used the C word!

He talks about what happened.

Jimmy’s fine!

Jimmy talks about a joke his friend had about Broadway in Chicago which was at the time, and apparently still, a haven for trans sex workers.

15 – Jimmy finishes his story. Jimmy was parked in a spot and some woman started waiting for his spot. There were spots behind him and in front of him. “Just park behind me you effing c!” (To himself)

Schitt’s Creek talk.

Matt watched Sunnyside.

20 – Jimmy saw Judy. Jimmy liked it, Danielle did not.

Jimmy and Eliot talked car trouble A LOT in an email.
25 – Eliot may need a new car after all. He talks about it.

35 – Lots of electric car talk.

Round the horn!


40 – No guest today!

What if I’m rejected by a cult?!

Talking West Side Story

50 – Little Shop of Horror talk.

My album is called Low Standards.

Careful Whispers?! My album title.

55 – My H is Harry Chapin!

Jimmy did not hear Harry Chapin die.

60 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Chapin#Death

I have a big weekend planned?!

1h5m – Eliot’s, the plastic nub, H is Harold Faltimeyer.

Matt goes with 2 jrs.: Hank Williams Jr!

1h10m – Jimmy’s H revealed AFTER THE BREAK!

We’re back!

99:59 clock!

Back to the mail! Or not!

1h15m – Phone calls!

Hi Mark!

Beer talk!

1h20m – Mark goes with Hank Williams! The old man!

The phones are crazy!


1h25m – Jimmy has three more questions for Matthew. Cal Ripkin talk. Matthew’s H is Harry Belafonte!

Dane Coffey! Bye!

Hi Nick! He’s having a rough day and is glad he got through.

1h30m – He works in the health care industry.

He has a son named Harrison, named after Harry Nilson.

Hi David! Central PA! He’s making cheesy rice for his 4-year old son.

Two Harry Nilsson’s in a row!

Mad Dog keeps trying to get in! He finally got the details in.

Anna! Hi there.

1h40m – Iowa! Anna is in Des Moines. Jimmy’s in Cedar Rapids October 25 – 26.

Anna’s H is Harry Styles! Jimmy loves him.

Anna’s a graphic designer! Bye Anna!

1h45m – Jay from Chicago! Windy and Chilly in Chicago

Arjun! Hi Arjun. He’s in the stairs at the WTC. Freedom Tower.

He’s a digital artist for companies.

1h50 – Harry Bellafonte is Arjun’s pick.

Speed round until we get a lady!

Where are the ladies!

Not enough women. Let’s hang up on any male voice!

No calls coming in!

How to pronounce Danielle / Daniella


1h58m – Steve again!

Chuck! Chuck chuck bo-buck go fuck yourself!

Ben. Bye Ben!

Adam! Nope!

Ben again! We’re done!

2h – Dave from New York. Bye

Joe. No.

Martin. Goodbye.

Rachel from Brooklyn! We’ve talked to her before.

Rachel’s at work. She called from work, as a nanny. She’s an artist as well! She made the picture above the door!

Rachel has a friend name Holland after what his mom believed was Holland Oates.

Thanks Rachel!!

2h5m – We hear the fans.

Thanks for all the songs and art and gifts and everything. We always love it.

Jimmy’s Hs:

8) Henry Paul
7) Huey Lewis
6) Howard Jones
5) Harry Nison
4) harry Bellafonte
3) Harry Styles
2) Harry Connick Jr

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth