2506 – Falling for it with Paula Poundstone

Paula Poundstone

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! And welcome to Russ?

Cousins are your first friends!

Silver sable!?

Talking my hair!

I’m like a witch in water in the sun.

RIP Eddie Money (we’re sorry)

RIP Ric Ocasek.

Talking losing our legends

Should I contact The Daily Beast about my site?

10 – Jimmy and John Ross Bowie went to see Iron Maiden.

Jimmy talks about the show and how dumb the fanbase seems to be.

Some big guys couldn’t tell what number seats they were in. “What a bucket of dumb.” – John

They went to get food/restroom and came back to find two more guys in their seats.

15 – Jimmy talks more about the concert, including multiple costume changes, sword fighting, and a giant airplane on stage for the first song.

Security was zero for this show.

20 – Jimmy talks about the people standing in the stairs not moving.

Jimmy loves stage banter! He talks about the guy in front of John yelling shut up at Bruce Dickinson and to bring back Maiden. John’s response: “What?!”

25 – The guys talk getting to the stadium.

“Hey you’re on tv aren’t ya?!” guy to John.

Merch talk!

Paula Poundstone is here! She printed out the instructions.

She brought a cat and a kitten?! Not really.

35 – Paula brings up Jimmy’s fear of airports. Jimmy denies it.

Talking potbellies and cats.

Paula talks about the studio and decorations and someone not funny on CNN.

Jimmy points out his new Lemon Ice Tee shirt. It’s Trump in a sharpie dunce cap.


Paula finally grasps the name of the tshirt company.

40 – Paula had an accident on Saturday. She took a fall at the Newark Hilton. Sounds like a pretty big fall.

Here is the tweet that Paula referenced:

Paula doesn’t believe the term Crowd Work is a real term.

45 – Whistle stop tour?

Jimmy fills Paula in on his injury and his fall at Arclight.

We’ll be back!

We’re back! Paula is here taking time from visiting the doctor.

Jimmy asks if Paula was able to work well after her fall.

50 – Paula talks about Dick Shawn dying on stage.


Paula talks about performing at the Improv.

Paula has to let these cats out. She named one Jimmy.

55 – You cannot be neutral when it comes to George Forman.

Paula talks about 23 and Me giving away information to the government.

Paula’s daughter did Ancestry.com test.

Matt talks about getting a DNA test for his dog and not being satisfied.

We go over my dna results.

1h5m – Paula talks about where she records her show. There’s wire everywhere.

Paula keeps talking about Jimmy’s fear of airports.

1h10m – the gang talk flying and zones.

Paula talks about pre-boarding.

1h15m – Talking bookstores!

Seven year anniversary!

Paula loves the studio.

She talks about her fall and briefly believing there is a mad man in the white house.

1h20m – Paula talks more about her show the night after the fall.

Paula talks about her meet and greets and how she does not charge for them nor does anyone have to purchase anything to participate. She loves doing it.

She discusses doing a show at an old theater and the issues with protecting the magic of the show by not being seen before hand.

1h25m – Paula says you HAVE to talk about politics on stage. She’s a human and she’s alive. You have to talk about it.

Paula talks about the no pet policy and the history of people having guests.

Paula is honored to be a part of Jimmy’s healing.

1h30m – Paula goes through her pets name.

Paula talks Harry Potter.

Joe Biden suggests putting the record player on for the kids.

1h35m – Paula talks about reading to her kids and falling asleep.
Paula and Jimmy talk Huck Finn.

Paula did plays and musicals in school. She was in Music Man and Pajama Game.

Paula asks what Oliver did over the summer.

1h40m – Paula talks about Boehner and The Pope meeting alone and it basically leading to him quitting.

Paula’s favorite MSNBC host is Rachel Maddow. Her second is maybe ari melber? Or chris hayes?

We’ll be right back!

1h45m – We’re back!

Eliot’s good! We’ll talk more Thursday.

Jimmy goes back to the states puzzle. Paula believes she’s been in every state.

She doesn’t wear contacts on stage.

Paula talks about getting annoyed by people who needs hearing aids and not getting them and even worse guessing what it was she actually said.

Call the cat Jim!

She’s got 35 pounds of Cat nip!

1h50m – Paula performs in Thousand Oaks, and has a show coming up at the Theater at the Ace Hotel. September 28!

Pardothon? Her assistant is named Wendall.

Paula sleeps on the floor and not a bed. Paula is working on her Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do. She thinks her sensai is making up belts (Panda, peppermint).

1h55m – Paula is not letting go of this cat. She’s doing this table work!

Paula talks about her rap song Not My Butterfinger.

She talks about discovering that they have “new improved butterfinger.” She calls it repulsive.


Paula brings us nothing but joy!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/The Silver Sable/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth