25C – Giving Birth with Alison Rosen

Alison Rosen

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! 25C! jimmy is prepared…for D.

Matt’s got a hair situation.

Back to the Future talk

Jeremy friend of the show is here! He donated to smile train! He took Jimmy to the ballgame.

BTTF Soundtrack talk


Jimmy remembers the first album he ever borrowed: Evita from his choir teacher.

Is it warm or humid in here?

10 – Jimmy and Matt talk about Hit Parade.

Mike Schmidt and Jackie don’t know what smile train is apparently.

20 – Jimmy talks about their seats at the ballgame.

I’m showing off today.

Great seats at the ballgame!

They played the dollar game at the game.

25 – Jimmy talks about the results of the dollar game.

Jeremy is a Mariners fan.

Jimmy talks about what he does for a living. He works for Microsoft.

He works in IT/Development.

Jeremy talks about having a 0 gpa because of video game addiction. Now he works for Microsoft.

30 – Jeremy goes through his history and how he ended up at Microsoft.

He ended up there because of people he met via the games.

Jimmy walks Jeremy through his trip in SoCal.

35 – Talking Ballpark names.


First class all the way with Jeremy!

40 – Jimmy gets the launch year of the mariners and blue jays correct!


Alison Rosen is here! She was going to go to the wrong office.

Jimmy fills Alison in on the auctions.

Jeremy was not a big fan of Disney.

Flunk out of college playing video games and you’ll be successful.

45 – Talking advice from parents.

Alison talks about her fans being the best.

Alison talks about her upcoming show at the Comedy Store.

Alison and Jimmy fight over fans.

50 – Talking inside jokes and being a new listener.

Jeremy talks about his history listening to the show.

Alison might be married to the leader of the future revolution. He’s a Bernie supporter but not a bro.

She recently had a baby! Congrats!


We’ll be right back!

We’re back! Alison Rosen! Jeremy auction winner!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Greg Fitzsimmons, who has a new podcast with Alison called Childish.


60 – Alison talks about her births. She was in Labor for 37 hours on the first one. 21 on the second.

No sleep during that 37 hours.

Jimmy and Matt talk about their wives birthing experiences.

1h5m – Jimmy talks about crying at jimmy smits’ death on nypd blue vs his mother’s passing.

Matt cried at Glow recently.

Alison cries a lot at musicals. She was sobbing at the opening music of Annie, so was her husband.

Talking crying at movies!

1h10m – Her son is named Eliott apparently. She watched Charlotte’s web with him.

Keanu Reeves talk.

Jeff Goldblum comes up as well!

1h15m – Talking Spider-man developments.

Talking Popeye’s chicken sandwiches.

Talking chick filet and other chicken sandwiches!

Alison asks about the Vitello’s show!

1h20m – We’re coming back to Vitello’s! Monday 11/25!

Alison talks about her choreo that she did at a recent live show and what she should do for the next show.

1h25m – Alison talks about her Explosive Diaries segment that has since become part of the new show.

1h30m – Talking people coming to Alison’s show at the Comedy Store.

Fart noise talk.

Alison talks about her friend who didn’t like fart stuff but now as a mother of 4 finds them funny.

1h35m – Round the horn!

Trivia ringer talk!

Category: Magazine

Alison: 25 – Vanity Fair / GQ
Jimmy: 10 – Playboy
Matt: 20 – Playboy
Jeremy: 25 – Hustler
Eliot: 5 – High Times

In 1975, what magazine published the last interview with Jimmy Hoffa before his disappearance?

It’s Playboy!!!

1h45m – My C is Collin Raye!

Jeremy’s C is Chris DeBurgh


Eliot’s C is Chuck Berry!

The Pardo-Koenig house does not subscribe to fart humor.

1h50m – Matt’s C is Clarence Clemons

Matt and Jimmy recount the time they heard about his passing.

Alison’s C word is Colin Haye!

1h55m – Jimmy talks about the pilot he did with Colin Haye and his experience with Bands Reunited and still loving it after they gave it to someone else.

2h – Eliot reads the fans.

Charles Manson – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Manson_discography#Albums

Who wins?!

Jimmy’s C: 5) Cat Stevens 4) Chris DeBurgh 3) Clarence Carter 2)Colin Haye 1) Christopher Cross!

No winner!

2h5m – Eliot made a game based on Julian’s game from last episode.

Let’s play!

Jimmy: 3
Matt: 1
Garon: 1
Jeremy: 0
Alison: 0

Thanks Alison!

Go see her show 9/3 at The Belly Room and listen to her podcast Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend now produced by Tony Thaxton!

Thanks Jeremy!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth