2504 – Lying in Wait with Bobby Moynihan

Bobby Moynihan

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 2504! Welcome in to the show! Jimmy rallied with the numbers. We’re gonna be okay.

Welcome in! It’s hot outside.

73 degrees at 11:09am!

We all have socks!

I have pinhead socks.

Happy birthday Oliver!

Mama Come Quick!

Beach billies!

Beach Baby –

Oliver had a party, just a small one, but still loud.

Oliver’s greatest gift was getting shoes that he didn’t have to go get.

Jimmy’s dad was in town as well.

Talking sneakers!

10 – Talking going back to school and seeing Julio down by the school yard.

Talking Paul Simon.

15 – Jimmy did a benefit over the weekend for politician in Illinois Sean Casten.


Talking Eliot’s dad and his voting record.

20 – Talking Ty Herndon. Again.

Jimmy is not a fan of Ty’s current hairstyle.

Oliver got a back to the future socks at universal and he wore them today.

NNF Converse?!

25 – The Sklars left Earwolf.

Talking Olsen Twins and which one Jimmy hates, whichever is in the rabid looking fur coat.

Jimmy and Danielle had a film fest! 3 movies over the weekend. The Farewell, Ready or Not, and Britney Runs a Marathon.

Altercocker? Spelling?

Landmark theater talk.

Jimmy drives past Eliot’s place often now thanks to Waze.

Thanks Michael Bietz! He hooked up Matt with LAFC tickets.

Bobby Moynihan is here!

35 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the soccer game.

Jimmy’s going to see Iron Maiden.

I shoehorn in an ace of bass reference.


40 – Bobby’s favorite band is Pearl Jam. He’s not a huge music guy. He’s a talk radio guy.

REM talk.

Bobby is pulling off the hat he’s wearing.

Vince Gill talk

45 – Seth MacFarland “torch songs.”

Talking about Steve Martin and his banjo.

Kermit plays also.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Jimmy talks about Oliver loving Documentary Now!

Matt’s never seen it. Jimmy’s seen 3. Danielle and Oliver have seen it all.

50 – Lots of talk about Bobby’s episode of Doc Now.

68 is the perfect number for Bobby’s shoot joke.

Bobby talks about answering people with an outrageous lie.

Leslie Jones is hosting Supermarket Sweep!

Bobby and Leslie were office neighbors. Leslie loves graphic novels!

Jimmy asks about SNL offices. Bobby started sharing and then had his own.

55 – Bobby, Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell  wrote David S Pumpkins.

Oliver has a funko pop of David S Pumpkins.

David’s T.

Bobby is super happy people are all loving DSP.

60 – Jimmy asks Bobby if he goes back to SNL at all. He’s gone back twice. Once for the Halloween special and once to see the Awkwafina show.

Mikey Day appears in Britney Runs A Marathon.

Bobby was there when Trump hosted. Bobby apparently was the first person to call him Mr. President on television.

Talking Trump on SNL. Bobby talks about Trump screwing up a rehearsal and not admitting it.

1h5m – Round the horn!

Bobby loves hearing someone who has been doing something for a long time do their thing.

Bobby wants to go to malls/Disneyland at night.

1h10m – Talking marathons!

Bobby talks about the lot next to where they might buy a house. It has two driveways. Someone screwed up.

Celeb sightings!

A new celeb sighting theme! Thanks Brian Frolick.

1h15m – Bobby’s listening to a lot of Frozen and Moana thanks to his daughter.

Fritz Coleman!


1h20m – Elizabeth Olsen! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0647634/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

1h25m – Liza vs Judy

Bobby met Liza when she came to SNL. He called it one of the greatest experiences of his life.


We’re gonna take a break! Bobby doesn’t want to give his daughter’s name. Bobby says Oliver was fun!

Oliver had some notes about Jimmy’s stand up performance when he saw it.

Babushka boy trend?

Talking the Smith family.

1h35m – We’re back!

Pardoisms shut down apparently.

1h40m – The Font!

Bobby has a Henry Winkler story. He stole a parking lot from Bobby and was very very late.

Lots of Henry Winkler talk. Bobby’s mom was on the phone when Henry came up to Bobby and introduced himself.

Bobby talks working with Jaleel White.

Eliot had a relaxing weekend! There was a shooting in Palms. He talks about it. They were locked in the garage due to evidence in the driveway.

1h45m – Lots of Palms shooting talk.

Bobby talks about a Phil Collins wedding video that features In The Air Tonight


Jimmy gives to Bobby Moynihan: 13? 23? (Superheroes)

Matt gives to Bobby Moynihan: 29 (Superheroes)

We’re done!

Hat looks great!

Bobby thank you!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth