24K – Showering Off with Josh Gondelman

Josh Gondelman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


24 Kim Carnes

00 – Ok. Eliot screwed up this entire thing. He couldn’t hear Jimmy but sounded as if the world was ending.

Shirt talk!

Short talk!

Jimmy’s shoes – 

5 – Jimmy gets serious about stuff. Like people attacking me on twitter.

Also on Twitter: Stop tagging people in guest requests!!

20 – Down on Tweet Street!

Jimmy talks about listening to Volume with Oliver on Sirius XM. HE talks about Debatable and the recent Top Five Tuesday.

25 – Top Five Power Ballads.

Monster Ballads – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monster_Ballads

Lots of power ballad and music talk.

Josh Gondelman is here!

50 – Social media talk!!

We’ll be right back!


Talking the letter game. Jimmy filled Josh in during the break.

Lots of drink for Josh!

Talking Milk/Water in box style containers.

Talking food in beards.

Dancing on a Weeknight is Josh’s new album!

55 – Josh talks about recording the album in two different locations but only using the recording from NYC.

Oliver and Zoe apparently are profound shower singers now.

60 – Matt talks about a kid in school who looked like adult Patrick Swayze.

Talking showering in school.

Josh had a gym teacher that used to “check if they were wet” to make sure they showered.

1h5m – Eliot’s dad had to check penis post showers in the navy. His dad served in the Philippines during Vietnam.

Best thing you can say about Disney’s Planes according to Matt: “It’s not Cars.”

Talking Larry The Cable Guy.

1h10m – Jimmy fills in Josh on the Power Ballad conversation.

Jimmy asks what Josh considers a Power Ballads. He immediately says I’d Do Anything For Love.

Josh talks about his friends basically doing “bit chicken” and ending up at a Vince Neil show.

1h15m – Josh is gonna get his wife’s top 3

More Monster Ballads!

1h20m – Josh’s wide: Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, Alone, Against All Odds?!


1h25m – Matt talks about his first kiss…it was in a cemetery.

Round the horn!

My K is Kim Carnes.

Who was the first American to do a spacewalk? Ed White! No one gets it.

Jimmy talks about The Human Jukebox.

1h40m – Talking Obama Blvd!

Eliot’s K is Karyn White

Matt’s K is Kesha!

Josh is going Karen Carpenter

1h50m – Josh’s album went to #2! Blocked by Starbomb!

Josh left John Oliver’s show and moved to a Showtime show.

1h50m – Josh talks about when he left the show and how John and the EP were very gracious and kind.

Oliver is no longer allowed to watch John Oliver’s show. Too much bad language.

Eliot asks Josh about the percentage of Comedy vs Journalism at the John Oliver show.

Josh describes the new show he is working on.

2h – Fan Ks.

KD Lang: Country Western Lesbian.

Kim Carnes! GARON wins!

We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

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