2316 – Matching the Stars with Michael Burger

Michael Burger

Coloring Your Way to Success

00 – Welcome in! Lots going on!

Eliot talks about the body acting as an antenna.

John Mayer talk.

05 – Jimmy talks about the Tonight Show band talking John Mayer.

10 – Eric Clapton talk – 

Thanksgiving talk!

Lots of problems with Oliver. He’s at the doctor again from food poisoning.

15 – Talking Mystery Science Theater 3000! 

Talking taking Oliver to see Champions of Magic. These people would not stop talking. Danielle told them to be quiet and then Jimmy did as well. When Jimmy asked them to stop talking they asked him Why? It was a whole thing.

20 – Security gets involved, the father of the talkers wanted to take Jimmy to the parking lot.

25 – Finally the head of security says he’ll take care of it. Turns out they got moved to the front row.

30 – Michael Burger is here!!

The guy Hector ended up getting picked to go on stage.

The Microsoft seats 7100 people.

Jimmy compares my head to a poz egg.

Magic 101 is how Jimmy describes the show.

Michael quotes Seinfeld: Here’s a quarter now it’s gone and you’re stupid.

35 – Michael wants to get to the big table! He was in Denver recently.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy fills Michael in on Oliver’s sickness. E. Coli is not off the table.

Michael asks Jimmy who canceled.

Michael talks about being asked to do the show and thinking it was via phone.

40 – Michael talks about Vicky Lawrence and how she was a good player.

He talks about having a rehab house being an audience for three show tapings.

Round the horn and Match Game talk.

George Hamilton talk!

45 – Jimmy has never done cruise ships. Michael started on them.

Michael talks about getting the chance to MC the passenger talent show. He used it for a reel and it landed him a job hosting a show called Match Mates.

50 –

55 – Michael talks about hosting live Family Feuds with randomly picked “families” and doing Wheel of Fortune live in Vegas.

Talking Richard Karn hosting Feud.

60 – Movies talk! Jimmy loved Creed 2!

Doc talk!

Rachel Maddow Doc Betrayal.

Jimmy’s got a new commercial to cry with.

Talking Paul Anka!

1h5m – Here is the other thing that Jimmy had a breakdown watching –

Talking parents.

Jimmy talks about Michael’s books!

Coloring Your Way To Success – 

Absolutely Necessary – 

1h10m – “I never try to be the best guest on my own show.” – Johnny Carson

1h15m – Talking talk shows and appearances. Jimmy talks Chuck Woolery on Arsenio.

We’ll be back!

Annnd we’re back!

Jimmy talks the length of the show. 13 years in April!

1h20m – Captain Clunk! Eliot had a relaxing thanksgiving.

Eliot talks about his new game.

Talking Chicago podcasts and Paul McCartney.

1h25m – Michael asks about whether Jimmy has tried to get out of tickets using comedy. Michael has one bit ready for when he gets pulled over to try. He tells us the story of using it on two motorcycle cops.

He got out of the ticket!

1h30m – Michael talks about working on a show with Jonathon Winters.

They went back and forwards with each other as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby and did it every week for 26 weeks.

Jimmy went to a taping of Mike and Maty.

1h35m – Michael talks about taping the show and now Maty is a successful real estate broker.

Michael took over a show for Ray Combs that led to him taking over for Chuck on Home and Family.

1h40m – Michael talks Vertigo with Jimmy.

We’re wrapping up!

Michael recommends Goliath and Sneaky Pete on Amazon. They’re great!

Bonnie Hunt talk!

1h45m – Sevens!

Jimmy gives to Michael Burger – 6 (2000s)

Jimmy takes the blame.

Jimmy and Michael talk about meeting and some past Match Game stuff.

We’re done!

See you next time!

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