2302 – Scooting Over with Justin Willman


Justin Willman

In studio notes by Garon-for-a-day Riley Silverman
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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-Jimmy remembers Riley from Ohio

-Matt found Christopher Robin boring, Jimmy loved it.

-Eliot is too quiet, Jimmy is nervous

-Eliott didn’t tell Jimmy he was running late.

-Matt’s music stand lives at Flappers

-”What’s the word? Johannesburg!” – Gil Scott-Heron

-Balancing checkbooks?

-405 traffic

-Bird & Lime scooters, Jimmy and Donny rode them in Portland.

-Mail is here: Joel sent the 19 vinyl. The legit Hardcastle

-Justin arrives, with no props.

-Squeaky chair gets the grease

-il Postino

-Justin Willman has a Netflix series “Magic for Humans”

-Brad Wilhelm saw Justin in Bloomington, amazing show.

-Vespa talk

-Justin and his wife are expecting their first child. He saw her at the Magic Castle, they met there eventually.

-HIlarity for Charity, destigmatizing alzheimer’s

-Eliot was working at the Burbank Comedy Festival. Very angry at No Man’s Sky.

-Long distance call chat.

-Doc Talk:

-Norman Lear – Just Another Version of You

-Death by China (Peter Navarro – Trump’s discredited money guy)

-Caddyshack book (Chris Nashawaty)

-Why isn’t there barcodes on the money?

-Justin talks about his dad’s love of duck hunting.

-NES talk

-Childhood toys from the 80s: My Buddy, ROB the Nintendo Robot, POGs (Remember Alf Bart, he’s back, in Pog form)

-Justin Willman did a magic trick. He managed to hit the exact time of day.