23B – Learning to Floss with Erica Rhodes

Erica Rhodes

In studio notes by Garon-for-a-day JP Spaulding
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


JP talk

Hair talk

Elliot got high 2 months ago?!?!

Package arrives for Ryan

Matt has the new apple watch

Watch talk

Music talk

Gwar’s hit

Panda Express talk

Hiring someone to clip all the times we thought Trump was finally going down

“You shoot an elephant you’re a dummy”

Who Moved My Cheese is stupid

Gwar talk into shock bands

Talking lead singers looks

Elliot auditioned for The Voice 4 years ago singing Johnny B Good

Matt makes an argument FOR the Dave Matthews Situation

You can’t be forced to enjoy something

Jimmy should not go to DMB because he is busy

Erica shows up, it might have been a mistake

Jimmy didn’t take the Playboy job


Out of the break talking B actor predictions

Erica has 4 unlucky numbers

Buildings that skip “13”

Hurricane Lane is coming for Hawaii

Hollywood livin

Oliver’s improv troupe suggestion “Sketchy Time Share”

They are remaking “Cats”

“Starbucks Jill” Oliver’s improv group has a shit name

Oliver is home sick, 3rd day in a row


Matt flosses

Everyone tries to floss

Jay has to floss

Jay does his bring appliances in bit

Erica is single

Jimmy and Danielle met at St. Nicks in 96 or 97 while she was dating Jimmy Dore

Jimmy was a gentleman and waited to ask Danielle out

Betting on what episode it is (849)

Jimmy 873

Jay-869 changed at last minute


Erica 875

Things are appearing out of nowhere at Jimmy’s house
-and a bike disappeared
-lots of time travel theories surrounding this bike

Erica grew up in Newton, Mass

Matt got into Emerson when it was easy

Where is Jimmy from

Matt met Erica in SF

Horn time-

Jay still works at UCB

Jay’s actor “B” Bradley Whitford

Whitford talk

Erica has been in LA for 10 years

Erica has done Prairie Home Companion since she was 10

PHC talk

Elliot check in-
Alan Ludin password competition

Elliot has an ex lady friend now

“Gilded Cage” password

Ex Lady friend and acquaintance won the tournament

Elliot’s B Actor guess is “Brad Pitt”

Meet Joe Black came out in 1998

Matt’s B actor is Bob Balaban

Erica was at JFL as a New Face

America’s Got Talent is a nightmare for stand up comics

Jimmy saw Crazy Rich Asians
-Erica’s friend Brian Tyler did the music

Erica changing to Billy Bob Thorton from Bill Murray

Billy Bob Thorton and the Boxmasters

Stephen Kings’ band the Rock Bottom Remainders

Erica is sticking with Brad Pitt and Jay is changing to Brian Benben

Elliot reads the fan’s guesses


Number 1 Fan pick for B Actor is Bob Balaban

Jimmys #4 Bill Cosby #3 Bill Bixby #2 Bob Odenkirk #1 Bob Balaban

MATT WINS!!!! $35 courtesy of Dan Coffee

Meetings abound

Time to play “Sevens”

Erica is going with Standups 2nd time in the category Jimmy giving
-Johnny Carson
-Rob Delaney
-Ray Romano
-George Lopez
-Lisa Lampenelli

Music with Matt and Erica
-Enrique Iglesias
-James Taylor
-Pink Floyd
-Greatful Dead

Movie Matt to Erica-
-World War Z
-Patch Adams
-The Post
-Almost Famous