21Q – Hitting the Buffet with Daniel Van Kirk


Daniel Van Kirk

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Welcome in! 21Q! Jimmy talks Q recording artist controversy.

Well Matt’s word is Dennis Quaid.

Adam Duritz hair –

05 – Talking hair, fake, plugs or otherwise.

Lots of John Travolta talk!

10 – Sam Jackson Talk –

Lakeview Terrace!

20 – Talking the new royal wedding with Prince Harry and mixed race actress meghan markle.

25 – Eliot’s mad at the Pizza Rat.

Congrats to Kesha for 2 Grammy nominations!


The mail is here!

From Debbie Weisman! From New Foundland not the Netherlands.

Gift for Jimmy! It’s Die Hard!

30 – Talking Die Hard movies.

More mail!

From Earwolf?

NNF Hoodies!

Eliot has troubles.

Wait there are more shirts?!

NNF Christmas shirts!!

Playing Games shirts!

All available at!

Talking Hamilton with Eliot.

40 – He had a couple understudies.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the understudies the’ve seen and enjoyed.

I did go to opening night of Hamilton.

Eliot did cry a bit at Hamilton.

Matt teared up listening to Kesha today.

Jimmy teared up watching something on TV.

More Hamilton!

Woody Allen Hamilton?!

45 – Daniel Van Kirk is here!

Daniel refuses to use Movie Pass due to lack of Arclight.

Eliot talks about his emotional reaction to Hamilton watching it at home.

50 – Daniel Van Kirk is here! HE does Dumb People Town with the Sklars. Jimmy doesn’t like one of them, can’t remember which.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Talking letter game and giving the show away!

We don’t take credit for Malcolm Young’s death.

Talking about Behind The Music and Lief Garret “Why is he dressed like pirate?” Mike Siegel “Jimmy, he’s a junkie.” Later Leif came over and recognized Jimmy and was super excited to meet him.

55 – Talking Mac and Cheese and Ponderosas!

Old Country Buffet and Hometown Buffet are the same company?!

Taking “hotel shows” and crying on planes.

Jimmy wept at Good Will Hunting.

60 – Talking movie spoilers.

Jimmy talks about Mike Schmidt spoiling movies.

Talking John Lennon.

1h5m – The floor is open for questions!

Daniel wonders if Jimmy doesn’t like crying in front of Oliver. Jimmy says if a movie gets him it gets him.

Talking crying at shows/movies.

“I know you’re in a Facebook war with Darryl Asher about the new U2 album.”

Talking U2’s new album.

Note: I was given (through nefarious means) an early release of the new U2 album so I had listened to it in full numerous times and loved it. Garon didn’t like the preview songs. Garon has since listened to the whole album and publicly -on his private Facebook page- apologized and now says it’s a good album. But we were never in a war, because we are both too non-confrontational. -Darryl

More movie/spoiler talk.

Spoiler filled T-Shirt talk.

1h15m – Dan was a wrestler and a bouncer.

Stacie Q or Quarterflash!

Keymaster Eliot Hochberg is here!

His Q is Susi Quatro and Queens of the Stone Age.

1h20m – Two people asked Eliot if he was in Hamilton because he had a bow in his hair.

Talking cosplay at theater.

1h25m – Talking music with Dan! He loves My Morning Jacket.

Trolly from Barnes and Noble to Nordstrom?

1h30m – Dan’s Q word is Queen!

9 – Daniel
17 – Jimmy
22- Matt
30 – Eliot

Stumblin’ In went to #4


Dan does his Casey Kasem.

Talking Quicksilver Messenger Service –

Dan talks about how sad it is to listen to comedians podcasts leading up to the election.

1h40m – Dan gives his thoughts on the election and what happened. He talks about what he told family members who voted for Trump. It’s okay to say this is not what you signed up for.

Talking Trump voters. Dan’s mom would have voted for Bernie but voted fro Trump.

1h45m – Wrapping up Trump talk. Dan says nothing will change with people until they start losing their job, house, or kids.

Mark Wahlberg is here! He talks about doing a 17k.

Mark talks about the Funky Bunch.

Jimmy gives to Dan Van Kirk aka Mark Wahlberg: 5 (Sports)
Matt gives to Dan Van Kirk aka Mark Wahlberg: 25 (Sports)

Apparently Wahlburgers is good!

Thanks Mark and Dan!

2h – Dumb People Town and Hindsight!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth