2117 – Putting Your Pants on One Leg at a Time with Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 2117! Jimmy guessed it right!

Happy thanksgiving and early Hanukah!

Jimmy was sick through the holiday. Possible strep.

Jimmy and fam went to the Hollywood parade.

He talks about the Grand Marshall: Hollywood Stalwart Dr. Oz.

Why Dr. Oz?!


Jimmy talks more about the parade and how the 501 legion of storm trooper and rebels showed up.

The parade has been on for 80 years and it’s still a local event not a huge corporate deal.

05 – Parade talk.

Out the poop chute! It’s a kinky parade!

Talking Thanksgiving.

Matt gives his idea for a Pumpkin/Apple pie.

Eliot wonders the type of apple he used.

Too many deserts!

10 – Talking about a deep fried apple pie at McDonalds, or the restaurant in Nashville that made them fresh. (McDonald’s bakes theirs now, and have for years, and they nowhere near as good. For a good fried apple pie, go to KFC. -Darryl)

Spice Girl reunion tour. Would we go? If someone sent tickets, Jimmy and Matt would go.


Is Ryan dying? Jimmy checks in. He’s okay.

Why did Jimmy say Target?!

Talking Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Talking All in the Family.


15 – Jimmy was watching some old Carson and George Burns was on it. He enjoyed George Burns and now doesn’t know what to think or believe.


Oh God, You Devil – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oh,_God!_You_Devil

Jimmy’s a fraud! He’s come around on George Burns.

Gracie Allen – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gracie_Allen

Elf on the Shelf is coming December 1!


25 – 5?!

PCAT Tickets go on sale on December 1 at 12pm!

Chandelier talk.

25 – Macy’s Day parade talk.

Lipsynch vs live performances on a parade. We aren’t sure. Jimmy hears that everyone lipsynchs.

TV talk and more on a parade.

30 – Holiday plans talk.

Disney holiday talk.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride talk.


Check out The Sidekick with Matt Mira (if you can). He had great fun!

35 – Busy week last week for podcasts/shows featuring Jimmy! Go listen to Gentleman’s Dojo! All these appearances dropped on Tuesday of last week.

Last episodes of Playing Game coming up. Rich Sommer and the final is Cristella Alonzo.

Tig Notaro is here!!


Jimmy has a thank you card for Eliot.

He went to see Hamilton on Saturday night courtesy of Jimmy and Matt.

Eliot’s thoughts on Hamilton: Fantastic production, Stellar performances, Rory was great. Good seats.

Jimmy shows off the ribbon Eliot wore in his hair and the other options.

He talks about running into a fan.

Tig is here!!! Looks great! Better than ever!

Tig watched the Jim Carrey documentary and Jimmy wonders if they noticed he has the same speech pattern. Some people say they look alike.

Tig talks about being surprised by a billboard that she thought was her but it was Jim Carrey.

Doc Talk: Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond


Tig talks about her thoughts on the doc. She would have been more interested if more people had been talked to instead of just Jim.

Jimmy calls it “magically pretensious.”

Can’t trust anybody per Tig, apropos of nothing at all whatsoever.

45 – Talking about possible bias in documentary depending on who is behind the doc.

More Jim Carrey talk.


50 – Break!

We’re back!

Tig Nitero is here!

Jimmy thought he had a Ryan Gosling sighting. Turned out it wasn’t him. Just some good looking dude.

Tig used to live in the building where Ryan’s mother lived. She met Ryan.

Who should be the sexiest man alive if not Blake Shelton?!


Maybe a Zipped fly?

55 – Tig saw Clooney once. She wasn’t impressed.

Tig says she’d get excited by John Doore.

Everyone has a better chance in here than george Clooney of Tig finding them sexy.

Who does Danielle like? Jimmy doesn’t know.

Tig’s wife digs Ellen.

60 – Tig has been on Ellen. She had fun.

Round the horn!

Betting on Danielle’s celeb crush:

Tig: Ira Glass
Eliot: Cory Booker
Matt: Johnny Depp
Garon: Brad Pitt

No winner!

Round 2:

Matt: Idris Elba
Tig: George Clooney
Eliot: John Doore
Garon: Chris Pratt

Backup: Chris Hemsworth

George Clooney!

Tig wins!

I saw movies!

1h5m – Is Denzel still sexy?

Roman J Israel, Ladybird, and Coco!

Talking Tig’s twins! They’re Fraternal. 17 months.

1h10m – They just hired a nanny who loves dressing them alike.

TIg wonders about whether we’re live streaming or not.

Hot dogs and vegan hotdog.

Tig’s boys love ketchup!

Tig saw Dat Phan down the street!

1h15m – More Dat Phan talk and Last Comic Standing

2003! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Comic_Standing

Neither Jimmy nor Tig won last comic standing.

1h20m – Tig tells a story about a comic April, going into a bathroom and cleaning up a sick woman who had soiled herself.

1h25m – Jimmy saw a good Samaritan situation at the dentist. He talks about it.

Tig and her wife were at an airport and someone shrieked, “somebody help me!!” and it turns out she was just at the wrong terminal.

Jimmy went too low on his age joke again.

Eliot’s here! He had a good weekend. He saw Hamilton!

Last musical Tig saw was Book of Mormon.

Oliver wore a bowtie for his school picture and looked great!

1h30m – Talking pants.

On the spot, what would you replace your hands with?

We’ll be back!

Tig calls her wife Stephanie. Her family says Steph. Tig locks in whatever name you are introduced to her as.

Stephanie is in an improv troop: Wild Horses

Talking going to each other shows until the babies arrived. Now the parents move in and they have flexibility to go to shows again, plus the nanny.

1h40m – Jimmy has subway to take the middle out of the bread.

More Jim Carrey talk.

Kate Winslet talk – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Kate_Winslet_performances

Talking plane crashes and movies featuring them.

Tig enjoys country music!

1h45m – matt suggests Kesha’s new album for Tig.

Who went country? Lionel Richie. The Tuskegee album.

Tig did a show with Lionel and Jennifer Hudson?! She talks about it. She didn’t get to meet Lionel.

1h50m – Tig was removed from The Runaways. She was Joan Jett’s mother.

Stuck on You – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuck_on_You_(Lionel_Richie_song)

1h55m – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodores_discography#Singles

Reba McEntire Band Plane Crash – http://theboot.com/reba-mcentire-band-plane-crash-1991/

Tig saw Meatloaf in concert in the last five years. Not. Good. He seemed “extraordinarily unhealthy.”

2h – Tig and I both saw Dolly Parton.

One Mississippi is on Amazon!

Tig is going on tour in December! 8-16! Shooting her next comedy special in Houston on 12/16!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth