20D – Taking the Win with Jimmy and the Boys

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! The Players Club! Podcast! Jimmy’s rubbing eyes!

We’re still worn out, tired, from Pardcast-a-thon!

Talking recouping.

Thanks Flappers!! They went above and beyond.

When did everyone go to bed? Matt passed out immediately.

I failed at tweeting!

05 – Pcat round-up!

Date change? (probably not)

Jimmy tries to remember something Elyse said.

10 – 28 guests!

Going through the PCATS and who no-showed and who showed uninvited (Mike Schmidt).


Jimmy finds Moana soundtrack “atrocious.”

Intelligence gauge by tuxedo.

Baywatch looks great? Not according to Jimmy.

15 – Trump tweets and twitter talk.

Talking who following on twitter!

20 – talking getting beaten to a joke on twitter.

Mat talks about a Photoshop he did shopping Trump into humpty hump.

Talking how dumb you are for still supporting Trump at this point, especially after this new health care news.


25 – Talking what Trump knows. Which is nothing.

You are out of your gourd for voting for Paul Ryan and Jason Chaffitz.

There were other options and these idiots still voted for Trump. Jeb Bush would have been better!

Matt talks about what Letterman said in his rolling stone interview.


Al Franken thinks Ted Cruz is one of the smartest people he knows?!

30 – Different kinds of smarts!


Jimmy and Matt talk about Matt Iseman! It happened! The American Ninja Warrior press day! Jimmy talks about Matt offering for Jimmy and Matt to run the course and he absolutely followed up on it. They got an email from someone at the show to get them in. Jimmy and Matt are taking the family to go see a taping of the show.

Turns out it’s not press day it’s TEST day. Monday, Jimmy and Matt surrounded by amazingly fit 20 years olds.

35 – Matt and Jimmy talk more about the shuttle to the courses and how the testers and some actual Ninjas were talking and were a big community.

Talking about the experience and how cold it was.

Matt says they were all dullards and dumb jocks.

40 – Ninja Warrior talk continues.

Matt on the course “I’m nope for two.”

45 – Did Jimmy and Matt actually get to run the course???

Jimmy talks about Travis removing his shirt and being an Adonis.

Quick dry shorts!

50 – Back to the story.

Jimmy didn’t wanna do the shish-ka-bob one because he was afraid of hitting his head.

Matt does the shish-ka-bob! Jimmy says when he was asked Matt got up with confidence!

Jimmy and Matt demonstrate how a very attractive woman sat right in the middle of Matt’s manspreaded legs.

55 – Everyone was fisting?!

Jimmy and Matt talk about how positive everyone was even when people fell. Still Dullards though.

60 – Gonna try to hear some audio from Matt’s run.

He made it! He did it! It was the least graceful but he did it! Jimmy is super excited for him.

The next guy another six foot Adonis screws up, and falls and from trying to save himself he dislocated his finger.

“I’m going out with a win.” – Matt right before he and Jimmy decided to leave.

65 – Jimmy didn’t do any of the course also it was freezing.

70 – Jimmy talks about a guy who was less graceful than Matt who beat that obstacle turned around and flipped off the course, “suck it dice!”

Matt wants to do it again but on press day so he can do the entire course.

We’ll be right back!

Welcome back! 20D! 20D!

No respect for the countdown.

Round the horn!



Heather Locklear!

Talking gay Disney!

75 – Talking Beauty and the Beast.

80 – Spoiler talk!

Back up your cohost.

85 – Spoiler chat!

Eliot’s D (Get this!) Dynasty!

Karaoke night with auction winner from LAST year.

Matt goes with Dragnet!

We’ll find out when we take a call.

The mail is here! Up top!

90 – Jimmy opens mail from Jake and Kali. Polyanna.bigcartel.com 20% of pin sales go to Smile Train!

Hi Erza!

D word is Dynasty!

Talking pizza with Ezra. Fold that slice!

95 – Chris! Not on the highway. We intimidate him? His d word is Ducktales.

We talk about it!

1h 40m – Dane Coffy! Our Pharmacist. Now with an accent??

Jimmy asks Dane about pills and probiotics

Dane’s D word is Dallas! Close to Dynasty!

Thanks Dane!

One more call! It’s Kevin Miller! First time calling! He is currently in Los Angeles in Mar Vista. He’s engaged but no date state. He works in color producing (post production). HE worked on the latest Bruno Mars video, “That’s What I Like.” Bruno Mars is not tiny, but he is shorter than you’d expect. His D word is…Dinosaurs.


Bye Kev!

Designing Women was the D word! No winner!

Pardomizing for the last spot in the Fantasy BBall league!

Adam Schoenky
Matthew Monahan!
Alt: Craig Schroeder!

Now the order:
1) Jimmy Pardo! Unhappy with this news.
2) Brad Stevens
3) Michael Sanderson
4) Joe McDonald
5) Cash Hartzel
6) Matthew Monahan
7) Stephen Johnson
8) John Berkholtz
9) Jason Stolickny
10) Ethan Lutzky
11) Taylor Young
12) Adam Schoenky
13) Eric Williams

Jimmy probably gonna take Mike Trout but he wants Chris Bryant.

Fun times!

Happy international women’s day! Here are 13 guys playing fantasy baseball!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth