18M – Selling Hard with Jackie Kashian

Jackie Kashian

Jackie Kashian

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Jackie and Laurie

18 Matchbox Twenty (mutt lange)

00 – Hello! Yeah welcome! Jimmy’s having mouth strokes. Jimmy’s got a spotty back from his allergist trip.

He’s allergic to everything apparently.

Elbow BAD!

Mouth strokes and allergies

Jimmy’s not small enough to be a jockey!


Jimmy talks Bob and Tom fans.

Secretariat – 

Seabiscuit – 

05 – Jimmy wonders why horseracing is still okay in this world of political correctness.

Golf is back in the Olympics this year. They’re out there playing for the country not for the cash.

Jimmy’s played on one trump golf course, and it was the best course he’s done.

Here is the farmer who stood up to trump – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Forbes_(farmer)

Jimmy talks about his Allergy options.

I make a pill run.


10 – Doc talk!


15 – Jimmy talks about the Deep Water Documentary about going around the world in a boat.
Jimmy also watched an HBO doc about skinheads.

Matt had a celeb sighting and plays the new theme song. Mike Henry spoofed Eliot’s STP auditions for it.

Jimmy had to mute Eliot on twitter because it seemed like he was going to spoil Nashville.

20 – Eliot Hochberg Enterprises! Eliot’s new adventure.

Jimmy finally went to Trivia night with Sarah from Seattle.

It was a nice time!

Our trivia host knew Jimmy from Conan.

Jimmy talks about the trivia night!!

25 – 1992 worse year in music.

If it was not for being so late jimmy would come more often.

Ceremonial dash in the bull run? Matt does it if they’re in the front.

Matt doesn’t want to be around someone getting gorged.


30 – New Cedar Point ride – 

35 – Jimmy and Matt talk Magic Mountain.

Oliver’s name for MM is Barf City.

Is there a fast pass at Magic Mountain?


Space Mountain talk.

Eliot talks about getting dared to go on a coaster by a girl he liked. He did it, and still didn’t end up dating him.

45 – Celeb sighting time!


Who did Matt see?

Jackie is here and WAS at the coffee shop.

Axel rose taking over AC/DC talk.

Matt displays a rock move that Charlie did when AC/DC came on.

Ok here we go!

Jackie’s in to play.

Walking down Magnolia same place as the YouTube people.

Suli McCullough talk.

Fox Hills Mall talk. It used to be dicey?

50 – More guessing.

It was Kevin Hart!

55 – Jimmy talks about Jackie not being aware of current events.

Jimmy says Kevi Hart is one of the nicest of people.

Jackie Kashian is here! Jimmy loves her podcast with Laurie.

Jackie and Jimmy talk about her show.

Jimmy’s two podcasts: The World of Phil Hendrie and The Jackie and Laurie Show.

60 – Jimmy and Matt teach Jackie about Phil Hendrie. A Genius!

Jackie talks about a Mosque being installed in her hometown and some people freaking out.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

18 Monkees!

65 – Sounds like now winner.

Jacke asks about the Nashville Parthenon. 

Jackie’s father is a salesman. Still trying to sell to this day.

Jonathan Banks – 

Jackie’s husband is designing board games now.

Blind guy audition is here!

75 – Jackie talks about her dad and his episode of Dork Forest that will never air.

Apparently, he loved sleeping around.

80 – 100 on the table if anyone can guess what concert he tried to drag Danielle too after the wedding.

Roger-WatersNo winner it was Roger Waters!

The most feminine thing Jackie does is sleep with her husband.


Jackie says a producer told her she’d get more work if she’d just come out.

I’m here!

Eliot is here! His M word is Mr. Mister.

Jimmy enjoys AHA and Mr. Mister. HE says AHA is great.

Hi Matt!

Eliot got cast in that play! Congrats Matt!

Manilow is Matt’s word! Sorry Danielle missed it.

90 – Jimmy talks to Jackie about stand up and how she and Laurie would do stand up anytime any place.

95 – Talking comedy condos.

Jackie – 11
Matt – 13.25
Jimmy – 25
Eliot – 15.63
Me – 13.90

Paul Gleeson was who Jimmy saw.

Birthday talk!

105 – Jackie talks about getting older

“Isn’t that nice.” – Jimmy to Jackie about her story.

Matt razzes jimmy on that comment and Jimmy laughs heartily.

Jackie and Laurie don’t hang out they want to save it for the show.

Jackie talks about her dad and money.

120 – http://www.esquire.com/lifestyle/news/a32647/save-money-good-guy-discount/


We’ll be back!

We’re back

250px-Nashville_logo125 – Sad news during the break.

Nashville is cancelled. Matt is hit harder than Prince. One of the show’s favorite shows and it’s gone.


Eliot’s friend worked on the show.

Who won the money?

Arizona! Delicious!

Jackie talks abou the latest Dork Forest.

Coin winner is….

Jackie is OUT.
Jimmy is OUT.
Eliot is OUT
Garon OUT
$12.85! Matt Won!! He was within $.40.

Dork Forest on Tuesdays!

Jackie and Laurie Show Mondays!

Dork Addendum, reading old emails.

Talking weird emails from fans.

Jimmy hurt his knee, expects it to lead to a vine.

Jimmy’s a little out of it all of the sudden.

Jackie talks about her dad going nuts when he found out he had to pay for coffee refills at a thai restaurant.

Jackie talks about remembering something involving Manker, and Jimmy.

Jackie’s M word was Macklemore.

Is he the Jack Johnson of Rap?

Sian Mason did a bit about being rufied and raped and Jackie talks about it being really dark and good.

Check out Tori Amos.

Great job Jackie! Congrats on both podcasts!

Fountains of Wayne talk.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth