17T – Games of Phones with Jimmy and the Boys


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 17T – On the phone again
17 Telephone

00 – Hello and merry Christmas!

17 Tarantula!

Jimmy opens some mail.

Ashley Miller sent us a card as well. Her episode allegedly went smoothly.

More Christmas cards!

Thank you for your cards!

Meet us half way guys.

Chuck McSteven sent us a CD.

We hear a little diablogato Gasoline. Find them on iTunes.

05 – Thanks for the CD and the magazine Chuck!

Matt tells the story of Jimmy making Elise laugh in regards to their having lunch a Mel’s. It’s a series of comments on FB.

Note from Darryl: The story is told in episode 623 with Mike Schmidt, around the 55 minute mark. That episode also has an over-abundance of Darryl shout-outs, which Jimmy was probably doing just to goad Mike.

I couldn't resist adding the "napkins" tag to the story about Mel's terrible waffles.

I couldn’t resist adding the “napkins” tag to the story about Mel’s terrible waffles.

10 – Seasons in the sun.

Food talk.

Eliot wonders if Patty Melt and soup is good. You don’t dip your burger into soup.

Friendly’s Burger

The Hat – 

I think this is the burger place in Pasadena – http://www.yelp.com/biz/pie-n-burger-pasadena-2
15 – No one gets the grease.

All talked out on Star Wars by Jan 4 but no one wants to spoil the movie for anyone.

Thumb down or directly up your ass. It’d feel

20 – Talking about Miss Universe snafu.

25 – Vanessa Williams talk – 


40 – Break and we’re back!

Fast and Furious!

Shawn is calling us from Westlake Village, Trader Joes.

We got it all. Matt fixed the phone.

Oak park is next to agoura.

45 – He deals with phone tracking numbers.

Bye shawn!

Hello Tyler up in San Francisco!

Sports it is!

Tyler got us 23 points. He’s heading to Connecticut for the holidays.

50 – Hey guy. It’s Ben in Las Vegas. His in-laws are from the Chicago area.

Ben picks TV Shows:

8 points.

Caller in Florida from Michigan.

No one wants to go to Flint.

They live in Florida now. Steve-O bye bye.


55 – Mike! He’s calling from Maine.

He’s doin NNF category.

12 points.

Choice of soup chat.

telephone160 – Bye Mike! Bye Elisandro!

We’re gonna call someone back in a few.

Julia from Oregon!

65 – We sing with Julia!

Julia picks NNF.

12 points!

Bye Julia!

Hi Jordan. Jordan’s up in Eerie PA. They met two shows ago.

70 – He does loss prevention. Jimmy asks him about it.

Hand truck vs dolly talk.

75 – Jordan is going with NNF

9 pts.

Cya Jordan.

Stephen’s here and gone.

We call Matt back.

80 – Sevens with Matt.


You don’t get to mock daddy. Goodbye Matt.

Jimmy takes credit for Chicago getting into the RRHOF. Will Peter Cetera join the band??

Hi Margaret!

Jimmy been humpin’ fuzz?!

Old_box_telephoneWe’re gonna try NNF and if no HS we’ll try another category.

Margaret got to see Hamilton front row. She saw it the same day as President Obama.

We almost lost Margaret! Her favorite song from Hamilton is satisfied.


NNF – Bust.

Bye Margaret!

90 – When Jimmy’s done. He’s done!

No new show next week. We’re taking the week off!

We’ll be back Jan 6!

Happy new year! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas!

G -Telephone
E – Tapas
M – Tugboat

Happy merry holidays and new year!

See ya next time!!!!!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth