17N – Going Nuts with Rachel Quaintance

Rachel Quaintance

Rachel Quaintance


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

00 – Jimmy sings us some Gordon Lightfoot for veteran’s day.

Yesterday was the Edmund Fitzgerald loss.

Jimmy has a framed picture of it on his wall.

Jimmy has some KT tape on today.

Jimmy talks about Katherine McPhee singing a KT Turnstall song.

Jimmy talks about the Conan summer series of concerts.

Jimmy’s got a little golf elbow.


Jimmy talks running and doing his latest 10k.

The Avenger’s 5k is this weekend. Jimmy is doing it. Matt is doing the Captain America 10k…dressed as Spider-Man.

ozEliot’s gonna get Oz’d with a curtain…meaning shower raped.

05 – Matt and Jimmy try to do You All Ready For This but I don’t think either of them are getting it right.

Jimmy and Matt talk about marathon playlists.

Last time Matt listened to 1989. It’s 49 minutes long.

Matt is really planning his marathon outfit. Jimmy hates him after hearing his description of his outfit.

Jimmy makes himself laugh after saying he hates matt.

10 – More marathon talk.

Jimmy talks about a downtown appointment briefly before going back to marathon playlist talks. He starts with Phil Hendrie then goes to music. The last one he had music the entire time and thinks it might be a bit better. Music makes the run feel easier.

Danielle used Jimmy’s car today and left the radio on 90s at 9. He was not pleased. Not a 90s fan.


MC Lyte has done shows with Biz Markie.

happy days15 – Matt and Jimmy talk Happy Days.

Matt talks about a picture of John Lennon with Happy Days cast.

Happy birthday Fonz!

20 – Alanis Morissette talk. Apparently she has a podcast? 

Matt teaches us how to parallel park…with percentages.

Jimmy says you gotta use your feelings.

Trust your feelings!

Jimmy talks about going downtown and seeing ancient gates and hipsters.

Our guest is a bit late.

People watching you park is the worst.

He got out of the car and some guy went in on him saying it’s not a spot. Jimmy gives the details.

The story is pissing Eliot off. Fuck that guy!

25 – We lost the great Gary Richrath. Jimmy saw a video on facebook where REO Speedwagon bring Gary’s son out and sing and play with them.

30 – Counting Stars video –  over a BILLION views.

Cajun Jimmy is here! He heard there was an alligator in that One Republic video.

Jimmy talks about catching Oliver dancing in front of a computer while he was writing a story.

Rachel Quaintance is here!! She’s under the weather.

She hit some traffic heading in.

Back to the Oliver story. Jimmy doesn’t know what the song is. He wanted to get video of him dancing but couldn’t do it.

Charlie dances to Watch me (whip nae nae).

35 – Rachel is here and she’s got some stories!

A dancer’s reunion! With no dancing?

needleMatt got shots!

He and Jimmy and Matt are going to a smile train facility in Mexico.

He’s not sore at all after the shots apparently. He got flu, hep a/b, and some pill version of a typhoid vaccine.

40 – Jimmy says the typhoid shot was PAINFUL.

Jimmy has to make everyone the fool!

Someone got the bug stuff!!

Matt and Jimmy are going to Mexico! If they don’t come back Rachel is taking over.


We’re back!

Jimmy brings us back with some Edmund Fitzgerald.

45 – 40th anniversary of the wreck. The cook updated the crew on food and doom.


Lake Superior chat – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Superior

Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Eerie, Superior.

Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face –

50 – Jimmy plays some of that Edmund Fitzgerald song for Rachel .

Anna Coogan – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_Coogan

Rachel just saw Brandi Carlisle again. Her husband calls her voice a magic trick.

Rachel plays some Shovels and Rope. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shovels_%26_Rope

Rachel talks about going on stage at the grand ol opry.

55 – Nashville talk!!!

Jimmy plays more Gordon Lightfoot.

Betting on were the Edmund Fitzgerald song charted!!

Matt – 37
Jimmy – 11
Eliot – 20
Rachel – 18

Jimmy’s got a hole in his shirt. Three of them or MORE! Hillbilly Jimmy shirt has holes all over it.

Rachel is obsessed with Trivago guy. Apparently he was on The Sopranos.

The gang talk about him as an actor.

60 – Rachel beat Galaga once. Jimmy’s gonna beat her with a bat.

Gif vs Jif talk.

Sweat pant talk. No sweats in public.

65 – Round the horn!

Fitzgerald went to #2.

70 – #1 was…Tonight’s The Night…

Matt reads a text from his mom about a “celebrity sighting”

Rachel talks about Mick Jagger going to his grandsons sporting events.

75 – Eliot is here! A bunch of vacancies coming up soon!

Jimmy got distracted by Eliot’s ring. He’s wearing a pinky ring with a dangly on it.

Jimmy wants Eliot to cut his hands off at the wrist so he doesn’t have to see those rings anymore.

The combo of Big Steve (Rachel’s dad) and Eliot together in a room would be disastrous.

Jimmy fears he is ten years away from being the guy no one wants to wait on anymore.

Matt talks about Jason Nash posting about Jimmy taking his water at the movies. Jimmy tells the story about it.

Rachel talks about Into The Woods at the Wallis.

80 – Rachel talks about a guy behind her in line complaining about the wait time behind her. He was bitching and moaning and when Rachel turned around and recognized him he was mortified and embarrassed.

Eliot’s word was Nincompoop.

Matt’s word was nocturnal.

85 – Jimmy insists he has only worn this shirt twice.

Rachel’s N word quickly before Jimmy has to go blow the back off a urinal.

Her N word was Nuts.

Speaking of Rip chords, Jimmy’s gonna go pull his.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Matt was out in the hall taking Rachel’s picture.

Jimmy’s gonna play a song. Barry Gibb. He’s playing songs off his solo album.

Apparently talking about Kenny Loggins makes me clear and crisp on the system.

Rachel talks about her M&Ms commercial that came back. Apparently there is a studio that’s just set up with plane sets. She also did some Comedy Bang Bang with friend Rich Sommer!

90 – Jimmy asks if Rachel ever gets comparisons to Connie Britton. We talk about Connie’s hair color.

Talk about Eliot’s Dad military service.

Eliot talks about the surprise he is doing for his dads birthday. He’s gathering military memorabilia.

95 – Rachel tells a follow-up on a story she told us previously about meeting family. She talks about her new cousins, sandy, candy, mandy, and Angie.

Jimmy and Rachel talk about how not all republicans are assholes. Remember there are good people out there.

Rachel loves Ancestry.com

100 – Jimmy has a question and Eiliot chimes in that the floor is open to Jimmy’s chagrin.

Jimmy asks how the info gets uploaded to ancestry. Rachel’s family was always poor so they didn’t have slaves.

Rachel loves Portland.

Neither Matt nor Rachel enjoy the ocean apparently.

Rachel went Whale Watching and got sea sick. She tried the Sea Bands things and they didn’t work.

105 – Jimmy talks about taking Dramamine on the catalina boat and sleeping on a bench like a hobo.

Rachel talks more about getting seasick.

Pardcastathon talk.

Rachel was disappointed I didn't buy her coasters at PCAT, but has forgiven me.

Rachel was disappointed I didn’t buy her coasters at PCAT, but has forgiven me.

Jimmy talks Rachel’s charity event. She hosted it and sent a picture to jimmy saying see she does stand up. Jimmy response? “I have a picture of me throwing pitch at a white sox game, doesn’t make me a pitcher.”

110 – Rachel talks about the event. The guys keep making fun of her. Rachel tells us the comics she had at the show.

Kristina Wong was on GH Now, not Helen Hong. 

115 – Rachel’s got a belly room spot if she wants it!

Rachel is ready to get back to the open mics!

Rachel’s got a puppy!

Rachel’s back on the horse guy.

120 – Biggest mistake he ever made was leaving Sally Field. Second? Marrying Loni Anderson. – Burt Reynolds.

We’re all friends here! Jimmy asks if Rachel has another story before we go.

Jimmy points out others that closed out Pardcastathon.

Rachel is not knowledgeable in Rent musical.

Rachel thinks she’s fantastic!

Rachel talks about how honest she is about herself.

125 – Jimmy might have a broken finger.

Broken weirdass finger

Broken weirdass finger

Rachel talks about her daughter turning into a jerk and having to call her out on it when she is rude to her dad.

We talk more about Harper, Rachel’s daughter.

130 – Congrats to Big Steve for quitting drinking 9 years ago. Rachel gives us an example of what her dad did when he was drunk. He’s go scratch is back against the corner of a wall wearing nothing but shorts.

Rachel talks about a “Grand March” before prom.

We’re done!

Matt wants a tape of Rachel at the Belly Room. Jimmy is sure someone took video of Rachel’s set at the charity event.

Jimmy was fiddling around in 7th grade so he is concerned about Harper.

Deep jungle mexico! Jimmy predicts he’ll cry often in Mexico.

Once a month Rachel goes to a dance for severally mentally challenged and autistic adults and dances with them. Jimmy’s ready to cry just hearing about it. Rachel tells a story about it being country western nights and one guy lassoing her and pulling her in for a dance. She’s going Friday!

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

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