17M – Jimmy and The Gang

Where the magic happens

Where the magic happens


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 17M – Phone Calls!

00 – Hello! Welcome! Jimmy talks about losing one of the spongy parts of his earbuds.

Jimmy talks about the senior golf tournie being all old men.

He watched the college tournament and they not looking any different. I believe it is The Rivals Cup – http://rivalscup.com/pga-tour/

Lots of Asian girls in the ladies college golf portion.

The men run golf!

Jimmy’s gonna do some research into Korean porn.

Golf porn?!

Get used to it!

College golf takes Jimmy back to a time he didn’t go to college but still experimented.

Jimmy makes a grand statement and says he’s sure he hates 98% of frat people.

05 – Jimmy’s not gonna wear a frat ring of any kind. He talks about his class ring from high school.

Josten’s Class Ring – http://www.jostens.com/rings/high-school-rings.html?gclid=CjwKEAiA9uaxBRDYr4_hrtC3tW8SJAD6UU8GF-CJGESlwOt7XPnOyAgFFjElrHE1AA_ecHvLujtf_hoCRALw_wcB

Eliot chimes in and Jimmy wonders if this is the Eliot Hochberg Hour.

Jimmy and Matt talk about Matt’s class ring.

It’s difficult to suck balls in the back of a fiero. There is no back.

Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed – 

Oliver magic trick talk!

Is Cinder Blocks OJs bunk mate in jail?

Jimmy brings up his fear of getting framed for a crime and sent to prison.

10 – Jimmy talks about another fear of getting accused of doing something to a kid in a public bathroom.

He brings up the story of getting shaken down by two cops at a movie theater after a guy in a blue shirt tried to fondle a kid in the bathroom. Jimmy was also wearing a blue shirt.

Jimmy talks about it.

The Lion’s Fountain: Although the theme for this art work is inspired by other lions associated with Culver City’s movie studio history (MGM’s Leo the Lion and the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz), this lion is neither a representation nor direct interpretation of either of these felines.

15 – Guys talk molestation. Jimmy, “I don’t know, this is a comedy show.”

They’re lucky to have Jimmy genitals!

The Martian talk. Jimmy saw it with his mother. Jimmy thought she wanted to see it but on the way there she said she was excited to see it and knew nothing at all about it.

Jimmy talks about what happened in the theater. First, a NNF fan was working there. Then he had a bad soda, the mix was off. Jimmy had the arclight kid talk to his mom by name before the intro because no one was in the theater but them. When jimmy got back he discovered someone else had joined them and sat basically right next to them. It’s an empty theater why are you sitting right next to someone!

The girl was nervous so his mom couldn’t understand what she was saying. Lots of training at the theater.

20 – Jimmy talks about the guy on facebook. He deleted the thread so the guy wouldn’t get attacked by anyone else.

Here is NPRs Earbud.fm site: http://earbud.fm/


Jimmy enjoys http://www.setlist.fm/

25 – The guys talk setlists and bootleg trading.

This episode is guestless!!

Jimmy got some immunizations to prepare for some travel. He got tetanis, hep a, and typhoid. His arms are in pain and he is feeling fluey.

It hurts to raise his arms still.

Why the shots? Top Secret!!


We go through the cast.

30 – Hot Shots and airplane chat.

Police Squad talk.

Jimmy loves Real Genius.

35 – http://www.amazon.com/Real-Genius-William-Atherton/dp/B000065U1Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1446674013&sr=8-1&keywords=real+genius

Jeans west in 85 for Jimmy.

40 – Jimmy at Matt talk JW or Jeans West. “they rivaled merry-go-round.”

Jimmy talks about his mom getting disgusted over a facebook comment Jimmy made in reference to his record store days.

Jimmy’s cousin is President Obama’s Accountant?!

45 – The fastest way to anger an Italian is to not know where in Italy you are from.


“Save the neck bone for Jim Jim!”

Jimmy and Matt talk about Phil Rosenthal’s show. They watched the LA episode and loved it. Lots of great guests like Paul Reiser, Ray Romano, Allyson Janney, and more.

50 – Jimmy tells a story about having Carnitas in El Paso with Mike Schmidt. They got sick from this place after having carnitas. He also snuck into Juarez with Dan Kaufman.

Matt says Phil should head to Juarez and try out those cakes. Jimmy wants to go on that show and have his eyes opened.

55 – Neapoliton – 

Jimmy doesn’t have to do shit.

That comment guy got Jimmy on a bad day. He got the wrath that Jimmy had towards the network notes he got.

Uber video chat.


Walking in LA.

We’ll be back!

Jimmy’s gonna pee.

We’re back!

Jimmy peed.

Welcome back to 17 Mahogany!

60 – Jimmy plays some Diana Ross and goes through her #1s album.

Mary Wells – 

I’m here!

Mississippi! Ol’ miss! No winner!

Jimmy off Dairy Milk. Drinking almond milk now.

65 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almond

Laugh should be laff!

70 – Macarena is Eliot’s word. No winner!


Chumbawamba have been around over thirty years – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chumbawamba

Starlight Vocal Band – 

75 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerardo_Mej%C3%ADa

80 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%27ll_Be_Your_Everything_(Tommy_Page_song)

85 – Calls! Hi Zack! Jimmy knows him from st Louis. He sells cars now. He’s selling mazdas! Good guy!

Hello Ben from Spanish Harlem. Bye Ben!

Hi Joel! La Mirada running errands for work and personal.

Bye Joel!

90 – Chris calling from Los Angeles. Get on that flea market chris!

Chris gives his thoughts on the Pasadena city college. Get out Chris!!!!!

New caller! Hi Kevin from Wisconsin!

95 – Jimmy’s his hero! He works at the locally owned Auto Value. Jimmy asks a legit question about oil changes. Goodbye Kevin.

We got a lady! It’s Mandy from Ashville. Mandy works from home as a corporate travel agent.

100 – The knife is her favorite band. 

Hi Lane from Hoboken! Originally from Birmingham, Michigan!

She’s 24! June 8! Gemini. Jimmy asks all about Lane! She dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo.


Lane explains the game.

110 – http://www.meetup.com/ is what Lane talks about.

Her boyfriend is named Ezra and a huge fan!

One last call!

We’re running through!

EZRA!!! Lane’s ex.

Ezra gets it!

120 – Jimmy kills Matt talking about Ezra and Lane.

Great M guess Ezra.


Hamilton talk.

Mandy has a classic rock DJ voice.

See ya next time!!!

My pleasure,

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