1713 – Driving Home with Christy Stratton

Jimmy Pardo is happy to welcome Christy Stratton

Jimmy Pardo is happy to welcome Christy Stratton

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome!! We talk about my duties and reminders! Shaking up that tea! Singing some radio gaga!

Like a kitten on a string!


Eliot doesn’t get Jimmy’s drug reference.

Jimmy talks about seeing people golfing barefoot. This course is COVERED in goose shit.

05 – Golfing barefoot is part of the PGAs “It’s okay” rules.


Apparently it helps with balance? http://www.pga.com/play-golf-america/new-golfer/its-okay-rules-golf

Some Chipotle EColi talk.

10 – Jimmy talks about the facebook comment he got about micing guests when they get in.

Micing guests talk!

Jimmy's beef: Don't tell Jimmy how to run his fucking show!

Jimmy’s beef: Don’t tell Jimmy how to run his fucking show!

You got your point across guy and you get your medicine from Jimmy!

Listen or don’t listen!

That’s were we’re at today guys! This is the vibe!

Jimmy talks more about podcast input.

15 – We know what we’re doing guys!

That listener got what he wanted. He did the mass shooting. He shot up Never Not Funny and we talked all about it.

Jimmy talks about going to the Toshiba Classic golf tournament.

everyonescrazyEveryone’s Crazy But Us is Christy’s new show.

20 – Newport beach is the location of the golf tournie.

Champions Tour – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Champions_Tour

Jimmy talks more about the tour and talks about a fan coming up to him yelling, “Jimmy Pardo!” He talks about the way players react to sounds from the crowd.

race to escapeRatings were fantastic for Race To Escape!!

The fan had a bunch of golfers autograph his visor…and Jimmy Pardo.

25 – Jimmy not having Eliot’s voice .

Tiger is 39
Phil Mickelson is 45 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Mickelson

Jimmy’s in a great mood guys! Gloomy day for a run. Matt ran three miles today. He hurt his back in a bounce house this weekend.

Christy Stratton is here!

We’re in the back nine of the episode!

30 – Jimmy’s mom called his golf shoes cleats. He calls it charming.

Jimmy’s caught!!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

We solved the problem, Jimmy just had to move his hands.

Goin’ round the horn!

35 – Halloween 3! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085636/?ref_=fn_al_tt_3

Silver Shamrock Commercial

Not many trick or treaters at the familliare.


Matt and family all dressed up as Star Wars Characters. He was Jango Fett. Charlie was Boba Fett. Zoe was Ahsoka Tano and Elise was Speeder Leia.

40 – Matt gives us the low down on Boba Fett.


Christy Stratton is here! She talks about her husbands Mets fandom. He travelled to see them. He was at Game Five.

45 – Talking about mets player, Dan Murphy, who may or may not be a bigot.



Gary, Christy’s husband, stayed home for Halloween with their kid, 6yo Johnny. He was Darth Vader for Halloween.

Mush mouth and windbag!

Jimmy confirms I am a star wars fan: I am but I’m not in your face about it.

50 – Matt was mad about people who link their facebook and twitter and their responses to other tweets show up on FB also.

The Matt Belknap Minute!

Jimmy talks about facebook pet peeves. One being, “Facebook sucks!” posts.

Throwing Shade: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=throw+shade

Everyone is crazy but us premieres Monday 11/9 on Funny or Die and then it’ll be on YouTube. 5 episode season. Janet Varney and Diedric Bader are also in it. Kate Walsh is also in it!

Christy talks about the show and asking people to be involved.

60 – Jimmy was out of town when they did a premiere party for Christy’s show. Jimmy wonders where he was but he must have been out of town.

Christy didn’t dress up for Halloween. Gary dressed up as Luke. Last year he was Spiderman.

Jimmy went as skeptical dad. Actually he wore his Pumpkin shirt. Oliver won a best costume trophy at a party. Jimmy and Danielle heard the judges go, “we’ll it’s got to be Riddler.”

Oliver met Stan Lee over the weekend.

Oliver had fun at ComiKaze!

Jimmy asks Christy more about Halloween. She said the neighborhood they went to was like a rave it had so many people around. This was in Tarzana.

65 – You’re building a death star there’s bound to be some casualties.

Christy and Matt talk about The Yoda Chronicles. They both call it really funny.

Jimmy loved the pilot of Crazy Ex Girlfriend – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4094300/

Jimmy calls out Christy’s southern roots slipping out now and then.

Jimmy talks about Christy’s fandom for The Cars.

Christy and Matt talk about The Cars influences and why they should be in the Hall of Fame.

Herbie Hancock – Rockit

The Cars – You Might Think

70 – Some talk about Elliot Easton appearing on Rock Solid.

Hanson Talk!

75 – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame talk.

Current standings:

1. Chicago 23.47% (37486825 votes)
2. Yes 16.17% (25833162 votes)
3. The Cars 16.17% (25826662 votes)
4. Steve Miller 15.92% (25428747 votes)
5. Deep Purple 15.92% (25427707 votes)
6. Janet Jackson 5.90% (9425088 votes)
7. Cheap Trick 1.36% (2179074 votes)
8. The Spinners 1.27% (2024792 votes)
9. Chaka Khan 1.15% (1830473 votes)
10. Chic 0.83% (1326737 votes)
11. The J.B.’s 0.59% (935444 votes)
12. N.W.A 0.41% (655158 votes)
13. Nine Inch Nails 0.33% (521883 votes)
14. The Smiths 0.28% (454018 votes)
15. Los Lobos 0.24% (378752 votes)
Whistling! Jimmy can’t whistle with his lips. He uses his teeth.

Jimmy thinks Eliot has something to say because he looked at him. Eliot can’t tooth whistle either.

Jimmy talks about Chicago deserving to get in the hall of fame.

Will Peter Cetera reunite with Chicago if they get in the Hall of Fame?

Jimmy says the writing on the wall says no but wouldn’t you do it??

80 – Rush documentary: Beyond The Lighted Stage –


Christy says Paul Rogers might be her favorite rock and roll voice. Jimmy says he has a great voice but Steve Perry’s is better.

The Cars is Christy’s favorite band, or one of her favorites at least.

More talk about The Cars.

Jimmy agrees with Christy’s Pixies comment about “cool kids music”. Jimmy wonders about The Pogues and PreFab Sprout.

85 – Jimmy talks about missing out on enjoying bands in his youth like The Cure (who are now one of his favorite bands) and Echo and the Bunnymen.

Apparently, The Cure has a big Hispanic following.

Jimmy and Christy talk about brains sieving out after kids.

Christy was on Rock and Roll Jeopardy and won!

Product integration talk.

90 – Jimmy is not wearing his mac weldon’s and his genitals know it!


We’re back!

Christy gives us her Final RR Jeopardy question and Matt gets is right but he might have heard her say it on Rock Solid.

Hazy Shade of Winter is Jimmy’s favorite Bangles song. Matt’s is Eternal Flame

95 – The Trinkets exist! https://www.facebook.com/The-Trinkets-227802087383257/

More Hanson talk!
Jon Stewart’s book

We’re playing Sevens!

Jimmy gives to Christy Stratton: 16 (80s music)
Matt gives to Christy Stratton: 16(80s music)

hamburgerhelperhandEveryone’s Crazy But Us on Funny or Die starting November 9!

Christy is apparently terrified by the Hamburger Helper hand.

See you next time!
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