408 with Pat Francis – Terse Emails, Nana’s Monkey, and Andrew’s Movie with Gary Busey


Note: This is Part 1 of what I call The Fighty Trilogy. The other episodes are 514 and 523.



Jimmy is comfortable in a hoodie

Jimmy was stuck in festival-style traffic

Pat wants to know where the bottowneck of traffic was

Discussing Pat as The Third Chair

Lots of Hardee’s, Hardy Boys, hand job, hand jive references

Matt and Pat trip over each other to call Jimmy a hack

Andrew greets everyone with R2D2 noises

Jimmy is in a great mood, don’t be fooled

Catching a 6am flight from Cedar Rapids is a good idea on paper


Matt, Pat and Andrew were ON FIRE during setup

Woodstock vs. Live Aid vs. Live 8

Matt is next in line for movie trailer voice-overs

Don’t come out here for pilot season! No one knows who you are, jackass!

Crazy Billy Craze is one of Pat’s 4 stories

Pat saw The Who with Mike Schmidt, and Jimmy was angered by Pat emailing him the setlist

Pat and Mike sat behind hammered drunk people


Jimmy: “You gotta love shoe-throw!”

Pat’s Concert Story would be a good regular segment for radio

Pat got drunk at The Fuse Network’s Rock Bottom wrap party

Matt loves Garfield


Jimmy hates Matt’s Wrap party / rap party pun

Pat is a light-weight when it comes to drinking

Pat: “Fifteen miles!”

Worst drivers besides Pat: Mike Siegel, Mike Schmidt

Don’t spoil the Obama election for Pat!


Dark Side of the Moon / Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz rumors: suicide and dwarf sex

Matt turns into The Church Lady

Matt’s prescience: He wants to spin off another podcast dedicated to Jimmy and Pat’s shit music

Defining shit music

Pat is having problems downloading the podcast

Pat accuses Matt of giving terse email responses

Matt goes off on Jimmy about what a “cocksucker” he is in the printed word: “You could not be a bigger fucking asshole!”


A veritable verbal brawl over whose emails are the worst

Jimmy turns on Andrew

Jimmy: “Matt always is the asshole!”

Matt defends his response to Pat

Jimmy: “I came here in a good mood! I didn’t come here to get attacked by you motherfuckers!”

Andrew thinks Jimmy tries to not be an asshole in email, but it just doesn’t work

Jimmy always responds to the fans’ funny, funny emails: “Thanks, JP.”

How many people call Jimmy “The Shooter”?


Matt wants to talk about something that should have been in the first 20 minutes: Bag o’ Corn, Friend t-shirt inspired by episode 319 with Graham Elwood

Matt and Jimmy’s emails about the t-shirt design result in lashing out in anger


Jimmy: “See what we did here we had a good time!”

Matt is angry about Jimmy not answering the phone, and being rude in emails

Jimmy is feeling attacked!

The troops listen to Never Not Funny

Ringer tees are so 2 years ago


Andrew tells about The Grammys segment with a keyboard extravaganza

Stevie Wonder and Part Time Lover

Jimmy’s terse, angry emails might make good lyrics

Pat tells about his daughter’s class elections: Monkies vs. Dragons vs. Phoenix

Matt: “You don’t think a flaming bird is cool?!”

Pat’s daughter has a Build-a-Bear stuffed monkey with his mom’s voice built-in


Pat plays the voice chip with his mom’s voice: “Nana made you this monkey, a big hug and a kiss for you…”

Jimmy should record a terse message to put in a stuffed animal

Louise Duart: female impressionist


Pat’s third story that has already been mentioned

Fucking around with the parking attendant

Celebrity sighting: Keith Howland

Jimmy is not a 55 year old housewife


Andrew’s Beth Howland reference gets no response

Whale Wars is the greatest new reality show!

Jeff Conoway and Gary Busey on Celebrity Rehab

Andrew just worked with Gary Busey



Gummy bears and gummy worms

Andrew’s “gummy tequila” joke gets no response

Back to Andrew’s Gary Busey story: filming DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) – NonSeNse


Andrew tries to get through the story despite Pat’s interruptions

Andrew thinks the movie will be straight to DVD and possibly never seen (as of 12/21/2011, it is still in post-production)

“I like this guy!”


Jimmy continually makes it very clear that Busey is nuts and missing part of his brain


Andrew went out on a quasi-date with the lady wrestler / actress he worked with

They guys want Andrew to accept reality show offers

Andrew was The Joker in Batman: Dead End

James Hong, great character actor


Surrounded by celebrities on the plane: the entire cast of Dallas

The bionic eyebrows of Larry Hagman

Charlene Tilton: still a very attractive lady


Celebrity sighting on a plane 2: Adam Carolla

Matt says Jimmy should be on his show, and Adam should be on Never Not Funny. Maybe.

Matt liked an SNL political sketch involving throwing up

Jimmy is careful to say nice things about other comics, except Chelsea

Pat interrupts Stupid Question of the Week to ask one that was emailed to him

Pat forges ahead with his questions: how do you eat a banana?  from Ryan from Evansville

Matt breaks his in half, because it looks cool and people will gasp

Jimmy: “Well aren’t you interesting, Johnny Bananabreaker!”


The banana is designed to fit into your hand, which proves Intelligent Design

Arguing the rights of chickens vs. the rights of gays

Twofer Tuesday!

Onnnnnnnn the podcast!