720 – Scott Thompson

Released 9/29/2010

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Intro: 720 is 2 360s by Tony Hawk, according to premature Matt; and Jimmy does not like to start the show angry!

1:40 Jimmy likes or hates the new Monster drink, with one gram of carbonation

2:10 Jimmy blames everyone else for his anger

2:40 Jimmy sees Dan as Courtney Love

3:30 Scott is mispronouncing Matt’s wife’s AST user name, for some reason

3:50 Scott is not playing a Canadian Guy character, nor is he here yet

4:20 Shockingly Eliot and Dan are here again

4:40 Dan is still on the wagon, but loves the new Monster

5:00 Eliot gets attacked by Jimmy for not getting it, and rightfully so

6:00 Scott is still not here but calls Eliot out for his daddy issues

6:30 Dan writes his schedule on his Palm Pilot, which is his actual palm

7:20 Matt is not really on Jimmy’s nerves

7:40 Jimmy explains that he does things for humor on this funny comedy podcast starring a comedian with comedian guests. For comedy.

8:20 “Stand up your father’s passing” – what movie is that from?

9:00 Scott has issues with the lack of profundity in billboards for MTV’s My Generation

11:00 SO CLOSE to a Darryl Shout-out, but yet so far

11:05 Day 7 of sty eye

11:30 Scott has probably figured out how Jimmy got the sty

12:00 20 years of laughter brought to you by Scott Thompson and The Kids in the Hall

13:00 Scott is just here to rip off Jimmy’s podcast ideas

13:45 Scott’s podcast sounds like he is not in it: Scott Free

14:30 Scott was not necessarily wanted in The Kids in the Hall at first

15:00 Homophobia in 80s comedy

15:30 The genius and nutsness of Gary Shandling

16:30 Comedy is a straight man’s world

17:00 Even ladies have to have testosterone to do stand-up

18:00 Jimmy must be listening to U2’s Under a Blood Red Sky a lot lately [do I need an icon for this?]

18:30 The demographics of great comedians

19:30 Matt saw Dane Cook at the movies last night

20:00 There have never been gay rumors about Jimmy

20:45 Jimmy finally introduces Scott Thompson

22:00 The ladies of comedy on Oprah

22:30 How Scott got into The Kids in the Hall

23:00 Mark McKinney on SNL

24:00 The rectum/vagina challenge

27:00 Jimmy lived across the street from Kevin, who was very, very pleasant

30:00 Scott’s cat ownership makes him a cliche

30:30 Should you name your animals after members of Saddam Hussein’s family?

31:20 Why is Scott in the states?

32:00 Scott is now cancer-free, but still gay

34:00 Scott has been working on his stand-up around L.A.

35:00 Scott starts and ends his standup career in Canada

37:00 What do Improv audiences want?

37:30 The airbrushed mural at the Improv

38:00 Scott angers his Improv follower, which may have been Jimmy

39:45 Whatever happened to frozen concentrate orange juice?

40:45 Scott will not be ironic about fruit!

41:10 Bodega. BODEGA!!!!!

41:30 The anti-gayness of orange juice spokeslady Anita Bryant

43:45 Jimmy never says anything he doesn’t believe

44:00 Jimmy’s working class upbringing in a 900 square foot house

46:00 What kind of trouble did Scott get into as a kid?

46:30 The Black Donnellys

47:00 Scott and Jimmy almost miss Matt’s great Black Donnellys joke

48:30 Grape shoes

49:30 The history of multitasking

51:00 Scott didn’t know what pizza was as a child

52:30 Mangiacake

53:30 Jimmy’s Fiero tire purchase causes racial strife

55:00 The 80s was not a good decade for Scott


56:00 Scott wants record store details

58:00 Scott tries to stop Jimmy from spreading his sty-eye

59:30 Scott wants assurance that he is no seeming desperate

1:01:00 Eliot has a new haircut

1:01:10 BREAK TIME!

1:01:40 Tony Hawk!!!!!

1:01:50 Scott is curious about the episode numbering system

1:02:40 Get your finances in order!

1:03:00 Scott apologizes for being on the non-Jimmy version of Match Game

1:03:45 Jimmy is over his Match Game anger

1:06:00 Jimmy only vilifies his friends

1:08:00 Is The Hot Seat interesting or necessary?

1:08:45 Rick Sanchez, serious journalist or not?

1:09:15 Nancy Grace: ghoul

1:09:50 Jane Valez Mitchell and the out-of-control media

1:10:00 Jimmy’s irrational Sarah Palin anger

1:13:00 Dan’s rehab history and Jimmy’s sobriety

1:16:00 Scott’s smiling as self-defense

1:17:00 How to show a lady you like her

1:18:00 A balloon dog’s distance

1:19:00 Jimmy in AA

1:20:00 The arrogance of atheists rivals the arrogance of believers

1:22:00 Scott’s web domain drama

1:23:45 The Kids in the Hall is back on TV!

1:24:45 Talk shows in Canada

1:25:45 Mario Lopez: handsome, talented, and daddy

1:27:00 George Clooney is cool, but not hot

1:27:30 Fifty Cent’s Chiclet teeth drive Scott crazy, in a good way

1:28:00 Scott’s desire for Mike Tyson

1:30:30 Scott’s role in Kris Kristofferson’s movie Millenium

1:33:00 Scott’s sexual history with women

1:36:00 Jimmy was given short shrift on everything. Everything.

1:36:50 This show flew by and Scott is welcome to listen any time

1:37:15 Canadian musician rundown

1:38:30 Scott’s plugs

Onnnnn the podcast!

AK-47 gone, not forgotten