Primo Bonus – Live at Bumbershoot with Pat Francis and Greg Behrendt message board for this episode

Released 9/5/2010

Special thanks to Jesse Giovinco for the live photos

Intro: Seattle, Washington, our 44th state! Theater is 72% full, with a din of apathy

1:20 His Highness the Mayor has seats roped off, whether he’s coming or not

2:00 This show was red-starred in the paper, along with all the others

2:05 Never Not Funny is on today

2:20 Walking the listener through the room

2:40 Jimmy will probably punch the mayor in the mouth if he does show up

3:00 Introductions, including Eliot in the booth, even though there is no video

3:40 Flew in on Virgin airlines, and there’s a joke about it believe it or not

4:00 Let’s talk about someone who died in a plane crash

4:20 Pat rescues the awkwardness with a lovely Six Million Dollar Man reference

4:30 “If you’re not laughing right now, then you should probably leave.”

4:50 Dylan should have a refund line after his shows

5:20 Should Jimmy shit on the headliner of the festival?

6:45 Is Dylan really a Muppet?

7:15 Seattle is a pro-Grohl town

7:45 Who pays for this?

8:15 Mayor Chair is a tough two words for Pat

8:30 Fox in Sox, or in a hard shoe?

9:30 Jimmy talks about The Switch

10:00 Pat thinks Oliver hasn’t earned applause

10:45 Oliver’s gotta get in gear

10:50 Dirt rhymes with shirt

11:15 Back to Jimmy’s story about The Switch, where Jimmy’s personal space gets invaded

12:15 Pat’s best Hispanic accent, which is also his best Asian accent

12:25 Matt to Pat: “You’re painting a picture of a racist from Pennsylvania!”

13:00 The space-invaders are talking non-stop during the movie

13:45 ATTENTION: Don’t miss Jimmy’s “meat thermometer” reference that gets stepped on here

14:15 Strike one for Matt

15:00 Jimmy grows a pair and confronts the talkers

15:30 The space-work is great even without video

15:56 Elliot’s in a booth, and is still interrupting! And flew all the way to Seattle to do it!

16:15 Jimmy’s story was pretty much all set-up

17:15 Jimmy is not familiar with the Seinfeld show

18:00 Jimmy lashes out at the audience for liking Pat’s Michael Richards joke

18:30 Pat Francis: King of Segues

18:45 Pat’s mom wonders if Pat is texan

20:00 Jimmy defends Pat’s mom’s right to be dumb

21:20 “Fully erectile” [that’s all I have to say about that]

23:00 Matt’s mom, Hot Toddy

23:40 Pit Bull popular!

23:50 Pat Francis in the  Byron Allen role

24:30 Matt’s mom has no time to watch television

25:15 Matt’s mom: “Modern Family. So that’s present day?”

25:50 Pat’s mom is glad that he works with Jimmy Pardeaux

26:20 The good-lookingness of Matt’s mom

27:15 Jimmy hopes the mayor shows up

28:00 You’d think one of the fans would have brought a Monster drink

28:30 Matt’s mom is, like, Suzanne Sommers hot

29:00 Jimmy has to deconstruct his how-old-are-you joke for Pat

29:20 Anticipation of a Pat eBay letter produces applause

29:50 Pat wants to go back to saying things like S my D

30:30 Did Wile E. Coyote work for ACME?

31:30 Jimmy second-guesses everything he said about Matt’s mom

32:00 Pat’s letter concerns his purchase of an Art Garfunkel CD, alternative packaging methods, and anti-semitism

35:45 Introducing Greg Behrendt, in shades but totally accidentally

37:00 Greg’s issues with the mayor: musical taste and empty seats

37:45 This the place to be at 2:45 in the afternoon

38:20 Bye Bye Birdie references bring the whole audience down

39:45 The mayor is Guffman

40:00 Jimmy hasn’t gone to the theater since that Lincoln situation

40:15 Greg will be hosting Bring the Rock tonight; what’s it all about?

40:30 Greg’s history of attending Bumbershoot

41:15 Greg’s accidentally airborne 2 year old daughter

43:15 Jimmy has to top Greg’s child-endangerment story

43:30 Matt’s worst callback ever

44:15 Vampire Weekend vs. Van Halen

44:45 This is Greg’s third outfit of the day

45:30 Greg speculates about the activities of young people today

46:00 Matt pours some out for Bye Bye Birdie

47:00 John Mellencamp: Seer of the Future

48:50 Jimmy is on a David-Lee-Roth-is-a-clown crusade

49:45 If you have a sword, Greg is coming to your show

51:00 Everything you need to know about what Greg thinks about shorts

52:00 Pleated pant: don’t

52:45 Pat’s continuing love of Doc Martens

53:30 What does Greg think of Sammy Hagar era Van Halen?

54:10 The golden tones of Patrick Francis Dodson

54:30 Attention: don’t try to be helpful from the audience

55:00 Greg mistakenly thinks he is married to David Lee Roth

56:00 An hour is plenty for Never Not Funny

56:30 Greg has something important to say, please don’t step on it with applause: “Jimmy Pardo is the very very best!”

Thanks for coming everybody!