Episode 2 – We’re Going Weekly!

“Hey everybody this is Jimmy Pardo, welcome to Never Not Funny, the official Pardcast… podcast…”

Big news! We are going weekly, not bi-weekly as we first thought

We’re now in a studio, not the dining room

Confusion over the definition of “bi”

Michael Glenn Schmidt, number 22, shortstop for Chicago

Pat was supposed to be here, but his wife has fallen ill

Pat Francis fans, including Maude, Esthelle Getty, and Pat’s mom are crushed that he is not here

When did Matt start doing voices? Week 2.

Pat is Mr. iPod for Running Your Trap

Jimmy and Pat’s moms sounds the same on voicemail

We have to talk to Pat about how his dad  yelled at him on voicemail

We will pepper this show with references to Patrick Francis Dodson

Jimmy is not feeling that great, and may be coming down with something, and it might be Matt’s fault

Jimmy has the immune system of a sparrow

Jimmy almost wore a surgical mask for flying, but it looks ridiculous

Invention idea: Purell Squirt Grun. Yes, “grun.”

Pat’s difficulty with Ls and Rs

Arthur Kent, the Scud Stud

Mike’s wife thinks Dan Aykroyd is sexy

Britney Spears Crossroads, and underwear bed-jumping

Iron Flowers / Steel Magnolias

Let’s talk about Vince Vaughn

Mike says Dodgeball was awful

Mike and Jimmy give celebrities nicknames immediately upon meeting  or seeing them

Roger Ebert’s cameo appearance in Jimmy’s stalking past

Vince Vaughn on Kilborne when Jimmy did warmup

Matt’s wife’s crush list includes Leonardo DiCaprio or “L Di C” (first usage!)

During Matt’s teenage crush on Paula Abdul he had over 250 photos of her on his walls

Short talk

Mike’s gastric bypass surgery, and his own disdain for fat people

Hurley on Lost: Never Not Sweating

Pre-surgery fat support group depressiveness

Matt likes Evangeline Lilly, but he doesn’t want to do improv with her

Kelli Pickler, American Idol, and associated B.S.

Paul Abdul on American Idol makes Matt sad

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

Firefox / Foxfire

Jimmy wrote Kristy McNichol to try and be pen pals

Mike says; If you wait long enough your heroes become attainable

Watch what you say on the podcast, Jimmy doesn’t want to get sued

This is a 30 minute podcast, which is now 40 minutes

Jimmy asks if they can edit

Mike wants to talk about shorn Belknap

Matt saw The Shorn Belknaps open for…

Matt cuts his own hair

Jimmy talks about cutting his own hair on Uno

Jouster will love Mike’s Devo joke

We need more detail about the stages of Matt’s shaving routine

The Miami Wham shaving style

Matt continues shilling for the Wahl Company

The history of Matt’s beard growth

Kissing with a beard

Mike saved his marriage via a haircut that doubled as a stand-up prop

Jimmy’s Nixon-like ability to grow a five-o’clock shadow

Don’t compare Jimmy to Nixon!

Jarrett Grody and Miami Wham

Motorhead and Jimmy share a set of sideburns

This is about 3 guys sitting around and talking

Pilar is perfectly fine

Plugs: Matt produces See You Next Tuesday at UCBLA, runs aspecialthing.com, and has his own podcast called AST Radio

Mike wrote for Saint’s Row, an Xbox 360 game, featuring his voice acting, as well as Chris Fairbanks and Danielle Koenig

Capture Jimmy at jimmypardo.com

Pardman: Jimmy as Pacman

Now up at iTunes!

Doug Benson coming up at the 4/20 show of Running Your Trap, along with Ed Kraznick and Rep. Richard Martin

“We’ll see you next week right here onnnn Never Not Funny.”