Episode 1 – Where It All Began

Episode 1 is available with the purchase of Season 1 for only $19.99

Released April 7, 2006 | Run time 40:45

Welcome to the Running Your Trap Podcast. Or “Pardcast.”

Jimmy drops the F-bomb, right outta the box, resulting in a discussion of whether the show should be PG-13 or R.

Too late, it’s now R

There will be no bleeping

Jimmy explains the premise of the show: “Guys sitting around talking.”

This podcast is part of the burgeoning AST Radio Network

Jimmy is starting a podcast because he doesn’t want to be left behind when other comedians start their podcasts

Jimmy didn’t want to do a podcast; it felt like cable access after being on real TV

Being up-front with the listener: recording in Jimmy’s dining room

Jimmy’s house is near a high school full of hot Hispanics

Remaking Hitchcock’s Rear Window

South of movie star, north of dicey

On this podcast, Matt’s name is Matt, not Sasquatch

Introducing Mike Schmidt

Mike wants to know, exactly what movie stars live near Jimmy, really?

Marcia Clark talk

Know your Marcias!

This is great radio that’s not really even radio

Jimmy has a secret other producer

Jimmy’s father-in-law: Walter Koenig

Matt’s mandate: keep it to 30 minutes. But Jimmy wants it loosey-goosey!

Jimmy and Matt’s lengthy email exchange about the podcast and headphones

Are these headphones sucky?

Matt gives tips and inside info on podcast microphones

Mike tells an f-word laden story about buying a microphone clip from Radio Shack on the way to the podcast

“Did you not hear the one f-word rule?”

iTunes will label this show as “explicit”

Comparing head sizes and headphone fit

Little Head Harrison and his Chess King jacket

Matt wants Jimmy to get to his list of things

This show is all about this show

More details than you’ll ever need about how much it cost in equipment to start this podcast

Jimmy’s run-in with a condescending gay musician when buying recording equipment

Mike tells Jimmy’s story about Terry Bozzio from Missing Persons drumming at Guitar Center

Jimmy is not going to like having Matt, the Producer, tell him what to do

Jimmy lives in a reality show that no one is watching or filming

Matt told Jimmy to not do a video podcast, as it’s too much hassle

A carryover from the live show: reading negative listener email

Graham Elwood’s email: “Great show Shooter! Gun gun gun gun gun gun!”

Danielle joins in to try on the headphones

Jimmy to Mike: “We’re gonna cut you loose.”

Jimmy the bellhop on The Surreal Life

Surreal Life viewer Caroline Roberts did not care for Jimmy, and emailed him to say so

Interacting with the public

Joe Rogan: Millionaire Blackbelt

Matt’s Broadsword of Anger!

Rogan vs. Snipes

How do we end this?

Jimmy NEVER wants to have a pre-production meeting

Pat Francis will be here next week!

Plugs: Mike’s website, Running Your Trap at UCB, Matt on aspecialthing.com

“Thanks for listening, we’ll see you next time!”

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  • Rich

    It’s so wierd, I am on episode 106 right now and listened to 101 about 3 hours ago. Long live the podcast.