Episode 3 – Open Flame Cooking Situation and Fake Snipes

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“Hello everybody and welcome to Never Not Funny, the official Pardcast of JimmyPardo.com”

Matt Belknap and Michael Glenn Schmidt are here

The concept: Three guys talking, like at a party

Schmidt: “That is a fun party!”

“I don’t know how to talk to real human beings any more!”

Papermill workers, and various paper-related talk

Fonts, Verdana, and Mike and Jimmy’s obsession with website fonts

Jimmy at Chris Fairbanks’s party

Did Mike say “druggery”? YOU decide!

Don’t mention the time!!!!

Working on Funny Money

Jimmy gets roped into a conversation with someone from Wisconsin

Open flame cooking situation

Mike at his wife’s work Super Bowl party

Mike’s “put the puppies in a bag and throw them in the pool” bit goes surprisingly poorly among non-comics at the party

Mike’s pizza parlor day job

Matt’s party preferences

Comedians incognito

Palm Springs and outlet malls

Jimmy is kinda famous. His father-in-law is REALLY famous.

Matt outs Jimmy’s signed Chicago albums

Gym rat in a Chicago t-shirt

What does Mike do for 90 minutes at the gym?

Fake Wesley Snipes

Jimmy as an extra in Michael J. Fox’s Light of Day

Jimmy goes to the gymnasium

Jimmy’s teenage hair secrets

Cutting edge Jimmy: first in high school with hair gel, new wave haircut and designer jeans

Oblique reference to tail in the record store

How to handle being recognized, or recognizing others

Mike throws a frisbee with Natalie Merchant

Jimmy misses Matt’s nice Jordan Knight joke

In the last 2 weeks, Jimmy has gotten 300 e-mailed autographs requests

Jimmy teases his new trainer and a guy named Jerry

Website plugs

Ooooonnnnnn….. the podcast

Running time: 37:34