32B – Catching on with Cathy Ladman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Welcome in! 32B! Never Not Funny!!

Sunny day but more rain on the horizon!

It snowed in Burbank!

Matt plays some video of kids enjoying snow probably for the first time!


Graupel are soft, small pellets formed when supercooled water droplets (at a temperature below 32°F) freeze onto a snow crystal, a process called riming. If the riming is particularly intense, the rimed snow crystal can grow to an appreciable size, but remain less than 0.2 inches.

Jimmy fills us in on what our plan for Cathy is.

Read receipts!

Jimmy does his Cathy and Bill and Eliot.

I made Jimmy laugh on How To Survive!

I’m the only one who can leave!

10 – Speaking of fans!

Jimmy’s having a tough day today with an issue creeping up again. It’s day by day!

Lot of nice emails and support from fans!

He gets a lot of emails! Some things don’t get responded to but Jimmy appreciates everyone reaching out. Well almost everyone.

15 – Talking about the Wuhan lab leak story.
20 – Panda Express!

Panda Inn is still open just temp closed for renovations.


Jimmy talks about the Theatre of Note tribute to Judy, Danielle’s mom.

Johnny Key Dick! Always funny!

30 – Jimmy talks about Q&A on twitter and seeing NNF Fans asking Paul Reiser when he’s coming back to NNF.

Couple things!

Dane Coffee sent the Letter Game funds and a letter!

Jimmy reads it.

35 – Letter game talk!

40 – The socks are here!

Cathy’s here and we’re hiding!

We want to hear about Cathy’s side of being Mindy’s roommate!

45 – We’re taking a break!

We’re back!

Back to Jimmy moving in with Eliot.

Matt suggests Cathy just call Mindy fuckface to counter all of the consideration.

50 – We all love Mindy and Cathy!

There’s too much salmon!

55 – Cathy talks about her career and her time with The Comedy Store.

Richard Belzer talk!

60 – Cathy talks about Catch A Rising Star!


Lots of Bill Maher talk.

Jimmy recounts the time Bill Maher joined him and other comics around a table (that had plenty of seats) but he grabbed a stool so he could be higher than everyone else.

1h10m – Back to Catch A Rising Star!

Talking Tonight Show!


Cathy talks about her recent appearance on TTS with Jimmy Fallon.

1h15m – Cathy talks about running her tonight show set and how the audiences reacted to it.

Cathy did not enjoy her time on the Leno era Tonight Show set.

1h20m – Cathy talks about mic usage on stage versus on tv.

1h25m – Jimmy’s doing impressions again!

Talking Conan and Russell Brand skipping out on panel.

Looking at Cathy’s iPhone.

1h30m – Conan gets it!

Jerry and Cathy – Jimmy’d watch it.

More Fallon talk!

Cathy thinks her intro was a little much.

Tonight show talk!

Will Cathy move into the Familliare?!

Probably not.

1h40m – Where will Cathy move?!

Buy Nothing vs Next Door

We’re all thrilled that Cathy is happy!

So fun on HTS!

We’re not used to snow here!

1h45m – Talking about Matt’s dog and kids!

Cathy talks about her daughter and how funny she is. “Denny’s is not a place you go to it’s a place you end up.”


1h50m – Round the horn!

Talking dogs!

I’ve got roomies and eBay is angering me!

Is Oliver going to be a stand-up?

2h – Oliver’s Jeopardy Club is a HUGE success!

Eliot! Hello!

Eliot talks about seeing Go Fact Yourself recently.


2h5m – Talking about Eliot’s friend!

Griffith Observatory!

NNF should have a star on the walk of fame!

Nomination Procedure

2h15m – Nominate us!!

Eliot’s guess is Beatrice Arthur! Maude!

Jimmy’s friend’s movie won best picture at a film fest.

Adrienne Barbeau won but couldn’t come due to weather.

2h20m – Bea vs Lea

Caroline on the City!

Cathy guesses Bette Midler!

Matt guesses BeBe Neuwirth

Cathy recommends the Julia Child show “Julia,” on HBOMax.

2h25m – Succession and The Wire !

Jimmy guesses Brenda Vaccaro!

Let’s hear what the fans think of!

Jimmy recounts his Chance The Rapper story and how a similar thing happened with Chance and Martin Short!

2h35m –

5) Beth Littleford
4) Bette Davis
3) Brie Larson
2) Betty White
1) Bea Arthur

Eliot wins!!

Thank you Cathy!! We love you!

Watch her Fallon set!

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole