3203 – Spilling the tea with Justine Marino

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

IG: JustineMachine1

00 – Welcome in! 3203!

Beautiful sunny but cold day!

We’re bringing the hot gos!

Meatloaf song title games!

Celebrity sighting!!! It’s immediate! Jimmy has to do it now!

Jimmy and Oliver were able to attend the Writers Guild Awards with Danielle this year!

The WGA Awards were held at the Fairmont Century Plaza hotel.

5 – School of Rock is 20 years old! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0332379/

Prior to the show: celebrity sighting!

Congrats to Danielle on a successful show!

Oscar Nunez was a highlight!

It’s Cate Blanchet! She got in line in front of Oliver and Jimmy (and waited in line!).

Cate has been nominated 8 times and won twice – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Cate_Blanchett

Talking Oscars and their evolving meanings to us as viewers.

15 – Why aren’t we celebrating the Emmys like we do the Oscars?

Severance talk! Oliver loves it! Tommy Shaw insists Jimmy watch it.

20 – Streaming network talk!

Jimmy brings up Zoe’s Choir competition! Matt couldn’t go because of Charlie’s soccer tournie. Her choir won!!

They’re set is based on/inspired by Captain EO?!

30 – Text from Ted Sullivan!

Jimmy reads it for us.

Justine Marino is here!

Great Pop Cultured this week!

Great online crowd also!

Snack Time is back!

We’ll be back!

35 – We’re back!

Justine Marino joins us in the big leagues.

Jimmy and Justine talk about her Pop Cultured appearance where she had to reference Harry Potter, which she never saw because she fell asleep.

Thank you for the note Ted!!

Justine talks about performing with Eliot doing Improv.

Jimmy is on board with “Prov”

40 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunday_Bloody_Sunday

Justine is from Boston! Her dad is from Long Island.

Justine loves us!

Tourgasm – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourgasm

45 – Justine does her research!

Justine wants Eliot’s Curly Bob to come back!

We’re talking photos!

Justine gives us her history. Her dad is a producer: Len Marino! Her grandfather is still kicking. He’s 95 and still drinking Fireball!

50 – Talking Covid testing.
Urgent Care / Minute Clinic

Talking The Wrong _______ with Vivica Fox.


Shark Tank host talk!

Jimmy exaggerated to low again.

Justine’s boyfriend is Mitch Pond!

60 – https://www.soapcentral.com/soapcentral/news/2023/0111-wga-announces-2023-nominations-for-daytime-drama-category.php

1h5m – Justine fills us in on the Selena Gomez / Hailee Baldwin nonsense.

Top Gun Maverick vote.

1h10m – Movie talk!

Jimmy and Oliver saw Operation Fortune.

Hi Liezel!

1h15m – We all love Titanic! Justine has seen it 21 times in theaters!

Is On Golden Pond any good?


Justine and Jimmy talk about 80 For Brady.

Jimmy talks about a golf tournie he watched where a player started crying when she realized she was going to win after being worried she’d never golf again.

Les Mis talk!

1h20m – Justine is on the hot seat with her top 3 musicals. Hedwig, Avenue Q, Heathers: The Musical!

Talking podcasts and when we started!

1h25m – Talking the Sunset/Crescent Heights “mall”

Jimmy and Justine talk about starts and starting stand up.
1h30m – Al Madrigal is one of the nicest people in the world! Justine insists he’s the nicest.

Weird Al thrusted in Justine’s direction.

1h35m – Trivia time!

See below for the results!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back! 3203!

Jimmy is not dying and his medication comment was for humor.

Round the horn!

1h40m – I saw Creed 3!

SNL talk! Travis Kelce hosted.

Marshawn Lynch was on Murderville.

Justine has a Scream tattoo! And a johnny depp tattoo but its for Winona!

1h45m – Sea based comedian Jimmy Pardo!

Movie tattoo talk!

1h50m – My answer is Caramel! An extra $10 on the line!

Eliot asks about Jimmy’s second city days.

Eliot talks about The G Word on Netflix.

Eliot does an Obama impression.

Eliot guesses Pop Rocks
Matt guesses Mentos

1h55m – Justine guesses Hot Cheetos

Jimmy answers Mentos.

2h – We learn more about Justine’s family and Pops!

Justine asks what Jimmy’s favorite musical is: None of your business

Cheeky Ed!

Blu-ray talk!

Thank you, Justine!

Her boyfriend is not from the big Ponds family.

Jimmy’s fine!


Trivia Results:
Category: Snack Time
Question: Due to its glycerol content, what snack can be processed into dynamite?

Garon: Caramel (9 pts)
Eliot: Pop Rocks (14 pts)
Matt: Mentos (5 pts)
Justine: Hot Cheetos (25 pts)
Jimmy: Mentos (23 pts)

Answer is: Peanuts!

No winner!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole