32O – Popping and locking with Heather Brooker

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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NNF Platinum 32O – Heather Brooker

00 Welcome in! 32 O O O O’Reily!

Jimmy’s relearning how to speak.

Jimmy watched the final episodes of The Kominsky Method.

Paul Reiser is amazing on it according to Jimmy.

Michael Douglas talk! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Douglas

Kathleen Turner – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathleen_Turner

The Kominsky Method – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kominsky_Method

5 – We’re talking about the new building that went up next door.

How do psychics afford store fronts?!

20 – Jimmy talks about going to trivia with Oliver!

11th and 4th place!

Red Vines or Quizzlers!

25 – Jimmy and fam went to see About Your Father.


30 – “Youre the one who walked away!” – Matt to a crazy man at the theater that was bothering Elise (they both worked there).

Matt talks more about working at a Lowes theater and the new Super combo they had to sell.

Batman Forever movie posters! Elise won them when they worked during a sales concert!

Our guest Heather Brooker is here! She does have knowledge of local psychics!

We’ll be right back!

40 – We’re back!

Heather Brooker is here!

Talking Mike Schmidt’s departure from NNF.

Seinfeld talk.

Heather talks about some comics being internal laughers.

Heather does not want to be participated with at a comedy show.

45 – Jimmy wields zero power at Pop Cultured!

Talking about At Midnight and what the new show is gonna be.

Heather talks about her coffee shop tik tok series she does with her husband called Brooker Brews.

50 – Heather does love a Don Francisco and Cometeer, cometeer.com

Heather loves Danielle! She talks about the time Danielle did her first podcast live show! She also went on CBS news with Heather to promote the show!

Who’s gonna host the new At Midnight?!

55 – Back to Heather’s experience with psychics.

She doesn’t take much stock in it but fills us in on her experiences.

60 – heather talks about not watching reality tv and not having seen The Godfather.

Talking about American Ninja Warrior and when Matt ran part of the course.

1h5m – We’re talking about Matt Iseman!

Heather talks about her favorites in terms of working with/interviewing: James Marsden, Jim Carrey, Mila Kunis, Dan Levy, Jonathan Van-Ness!

Apparently, Marisa Tomei isn’t…great.

Heather fills us in on what Oklahoma neighborhoods we want to live in. It is NOT Norman.

She loves Tulsa.

17 years in LA 22 years married for Heather! She talks about having her daughter and waiting for the right time.

The family does a podcast together The Brooker Family Popcast.

1h15m – Silver Alert!!

Heather talks about her husband and what he brings to the show.

1h20m – Spider-verse tonight!

Lotta country in Heather’s family.

1h25m – Let’s get Jimmy and NNF on AppleTV!

Lotta platform and Pop Cultured talk.

Round the horn and letter game!

Jimmy’s going first! Oprah Winfrey!

1h30m – Heather talks about The Little Mermaid. She didn’t like it.

Cub Sport talk!

Best venue in LA? Seems like The Greek.

1h40m – Placebo says NO VIDEO! To a fault

Janet Jackson talk! Who’s going to see her?

1h45m – Heather talks about her mom being anti music and how it “came from the devil.”

Her mom finally warmed up to Paula Abdul.

Prank Panel!

A few friends of the show are on it!

Eliot suggested face shirts to block cameras.

He turned off alerts!

1h50m – Eliot’s guess is Olivia Wilde!

Heather guesses Octavia Spencer

Eliot gives us the fans!

2h –

Matt’s five
5) Olivia D’Abo
4) Olivia Dehaviland
3) Olivia Munn
2) Octavia Spencer
1) Olivia Wild

Eliot wins!

Horrible throws from Jimmy!



Let’s get Elizabeth Banks!

Smartless Live talk.

Jimmy tells Heather about the time David Spade took a helicopter to a concert.

Jimmy had to have his cellphone taken away by his mom.

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We’re done! Bye!

My pleasure,

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