32F – Delighting in it with Matt Donaher

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 32F – Matt Donaher

00 Hello! It’s F!

Jimmy and Matt make a side game out of there guesses!

Jimmy talks about our first Quiplash game night! Great fun!

Jimmy recounts a Gary Lucy Happy Honda Guys story.

He also recounts Oliver’s Assembly story.

Talking how we were in school.

10 – Helpful Honda Guys should have tiered blue.

Eliot wasn’t feeling great last night. He feels much better and rested.

15 – Jimmy gives us a Streets of San Francisco update.

Jimmy waved at a TV show whist weeping.

Jimmy might get a selfie in front of the Karate Kid apartment building!

20 – More New Haven pizza talk!

Rick Nielson hooked Jimmy and Matt up with a booth and pizza at his place in Chicago.

Talking East Coast NNF shows? Maybe…but doubtful.

25 – We talk about Nashville and Gun Control.

35 – Mail!

Matt Donaher is here!

He does several walk ins.

Rugby vs Soccer vs Football

40 – Coach Jimmy and Asst Coach Donnie!
Matt’s team is in the playoffs!

45 – Tea and Chocolate!

Donnie wants us to Slow down on the treats!

Naruto jacket!

55 – We lost Fred White not Phillip Bailey.

Super Tramp!

60 – Jimmy talks about a comedian he did a week with who MUST lie down.

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!


Matt Donaher is here! Our buddy!

1h10m – Ted Lasso is not real?

Party Down talk!

Ken Marino physical comedy moment compares to the Marx Bros.

Lisa Sriken from Jeopardy!

1h15m – Steven Wright has a book coming out.

Steven’s book is called Harold – https://www.amazon.com/Harold-Steven-Wright/dp/1668022699/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2ACZ2X0WCSUXN&keywords=steven+wright&qid=1680206293&sprefix=steven+wrigh%2Caps%2C279&sr=8-2

1h20m – Jimmy wants to talk about Matt’s girlfriend, Natalie.

Matt D complimented Jimmy’s hoodie!

Kennedy Todd hoodie – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K1TW7YS/ref=twister_B07HFH74H2?_encoding=UTF8&th=1&psc=1

Oliver is gonna inherit that hoodie one day.
1h25m – Oliver’s voice is deeper by the day!

Why doesn’t Quiplash work for joke writers?! Matt D tries to explain.

1h30m – Matt D loves the T-shirt game.

1h35m – Groups of Thugs are licking food as it continues on a conveyor belt.

“Sushi Terrorism”


1h40m – Ass fuck makes us all laugh.

Talking driving to Vegas with me (or anyone)

Matt D is about ready for travel and road dates!

1h50m – Checking in with Eliot!

Eliot’s a young uncle or a cousin’s buddy.

What happened with Dave Coulier?


2h – We’re trying to Match Eliot!

Florence Pugh is Matt D’s guess!
Matt guesses Francis McDormand
Jimmy guesses Fran Drescher
Garon guesses Felicia Day

Matt D and Jimmy make a side bet on Felicia Day!

We’re all trying to bet!

We’re hear the fans!

And talk a lot about the bet!


Eliot’s five:

5) Fanny Bryce
4) Fortune Feinster
3) Faye Dunaway
2) Felicia Day
1) Fran Drescher!

Jimmy wins!

Venmo talk!

Donnie brought us treats!

Donnie’s delights!

Flavoured Kit Kats guessing game!

Great job Donnie’s Delights!

Thanks Don!

Join Tier 3 for Quiplash!

We’re done bye!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole