3218 – Dancing on the valentine with Dave Holmes

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 3218 – Dave Holmes

00 Hello!

Welcome in!

Why does the street sweeper cause so much traffic?

Wall weed!

We’re still mad at rainbows! Jimmy sold his Randy Rainbow tix.

Eliot brings up Paul Williams and his use of Rainbow.

Lots of arts this weekend for Jimmy. 2/3 aren’t bad!

Jimmy and fam saw Chris Grace’s show! Matt and Zoey went Saturday! Fantastic, very funny, and poignant.


Jimmy saw No Hard Feelings! It feels 1986 and he loved it!

Natalie Morales is in The Grinder and Parks and Rec – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natalie_Morales_(actress)

Jeremy Allen White is the star of The Bear.

Jimmy and Oliver thought the Tina musical was just okay.


15 – The guys talk a lot about Tina. Zoey cried even after seemingly not like the show. Jimmy got emotional but didn’t cry.

20 – Jimmy’s gonna get his friend, Broadway’s Anthony Rapp, to comment on this.

Jimmy talks about the Patinkin’s.

Eliot has input on Tina.

25 – Go see it if you want to!

Danielle loved Some Like It Hot! She saw it in NY.

The theaters are much smaller in NY!

Jimmy tries to remember what else he did this weekend. He spent 4 minutes cleaning his car interior.

Jimmy and Mike Schmidt are going to see the White Sox tonight. The family are gonna go together on Wednesday.

The games move now!

30 – https://www.thesportsnettingcompany.co.uk/blog/history-s-longest-cricket-match/

The longest cricket match in history went on for an incredible 12 days – even then, it still ended without a winner! The Test match between England and South Africa took place in 1939 and became known as the “Timeless Test”.

Talking 80s charts on Sirius. Jimmy can’t remember what it was even though he just heard it.

The Reflex by Duran Duran. What is this song about?!

Matt and Eliot talk about their conversations before Jimmy arrives.

Jimmy interrupts Matt’s Reflex talk for some talk about the building next door.

Dave Holmes is here!

35 – The Blue Iguana – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094768/

No Alec Baldwin.

Charlie described the show as being just “fighting and the N-word.”

Let’s take a break! We’ll be right back with Dave Holmes!


What are Duran Duran songs about?!

40 – We’re back!

Waiting For Impact!

Dave’s last appearance was 2909 back in October 2021.

What is The Reflex about?! Dave doesn’t know.

Gambling addicton?!

Duran Duran were famously coked up!

Michael J Fox doc talk!

Museum of Home Video?


45 – Dave just finished Ted Lasso. Will there be more? A Christmas Special?!

Look at your stockings and get the fuck out! – Jimmy

Should Jimmy do a Christmas Special? Probably not, he thinks there are plenty doing it already.

Dave’s a journalist!! He says writer. For Esquire! He talks about interviewing Pedro Pascal.

Dave enjoyed his time with Pedro!

50 – Dave talks about wanting to go listen to records with Pedro and having Esquire make it happen.


Talking fame, celebrity, and handling it.

Does anyone really know Britney?

Dave talks about Britney’s Tucker Carlson interview.


The Lady and the Dale – https://time.com/5935209/lady-and-the-dale-true-story/

55 – Dave comes from a Fox Newsy family.

How do you square family members/friends who watch fox news even if they’re supposedly “good people.”
60 – The sweet burn of an ice cold Coke Zero!


Dave no longer goes to Crossfit! Weird rightwing thinking there. Maybe not all of them, but the one Dave went to did.

Dave talks about one of the Cross Fit coaches who can’t say plurals.

1h5m – Dave and Ben are not married, their partnered.

Talking marriages.

What’s going on at the Mark Taper Forum?

1h10m – https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/mark-taper-forum-closure-latt-123

Dave talks about a phone going off during a very tender moment of the Transparent musical.

There was a siri issue during Tina when Matt was in attendance. “I’m sorry I didn’t get that.”

The BET awards did a tribute to Tina Turner. Patty LaBelle performed The Best but did not know the words and could not see the words.


Just casually hanging out with the support casts of Superstore.

1h15m – Dave is doing a Game Show Network show! It’s the Mario Lopez Match Game rip-off.

GSN Starts A Blank Slate with Mario Lopez

See No Hard Feelings!

Trivia time!

Full results below!

1h20m – Jimmy talks about Oliver driving on surface streets!

“I break for pussy” is a bumper sticker someone in Dave’s neighborhood has.

BLM: Bang Local Milfs is a bumper sticker from Matt’s neighborhood.

I Would Rather Be Climbing.

Jimmy talks about his horrible rental car experience in Chicago. Budget has made it right though! On many levels apparently.

1h25m – Pardoisms was a fun game for game night!

Jimmy also enjoyed some more Factor! They’re all good!


We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Where is Oliver?!

Did Jimmy ever joyride? He never did. Eliot has once. What could be better than Joyride? Eliot’s got something cooking apparently.

1h35m – Round the horn!

Free shipping with Code Pardo!




“I gotta get away from this.” – Jimmy when a woman with a parrot showed up at the golf place.

Dave talks about his visceral reaction to someone saying “I love that for you.”

Dave talks about Sensory Deprivation Chamber and how he enjoyed it.

1h40m – Stretch lounge?


Enjoy that $12 coffee!

My answer is Old Faithful!

Oliver calls in!

Those second city classes really working out for Oliver so far.

Jazz it up, Oliver!

1h45m – At last, Eliot’s story is here.

Story of a lifetime.

He had big plans for the weekend but was sidelined by an apparent Kidney Stone that brought him two days of pain.

1h50m – Dave recounts how we discussed the song Joyride back in the early days of ITunes. Back in the above 7/11 studio!

Go West talk.


1h55m – Tank tops? I wear them. No one else does or did apparently.

Dave bought a bright yellow tank top that says “I’m Gay Bitch!” he has not worn it.

Eliot’s guess is Eifel Tower

Matt goes with Old Faithful

Dave and Jimmy both say the St Louis Arch.

Let’s call Oliver!

Eifel Tower! Eliot wins

2h – Joker’s wild $5!
Dave talks about his new podcast about the History of MTV as a brand! Look for it around October! Surprises galore!

Dave is a WRITER.

We’re done! See you next time!!

We’re on vacation next week! Enjoy the Jason Benetti episode!

Ok bye!

Trivia Results:
Category: Landmarks
Question: Due to the summer heat, what landmark is six inches taller in the summer than in the winter.

Garon: Old Faithful (2 pts)
Eliot: Eifel Tower (7 pts)
Matt: Old Faithful (11 pts)
Dave Holmes: Gateway Arch (5 pts)
Jimmy: St Louis Arch (8 pts)

Answer is: Eifel Tower

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole