3208 – Moving around with Alice Hamilton

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 3208 – Alice Hamilton

00 Hello! Indeed AND welcome!

It’s a gloomy Monday!

We’re fortified! Tyler lets anyone in.

Jimmy had an early doctor appointment. He made it on time but left himself no leeway.

Traffic talk!


Jimmy recounts his experience at a shoe store where he got yelled at by a clerk at Roadrunner.

He got an email from Tony from Roadrunner about that incident, who is a listener apparently. Jimmy fills us in.

10 – We’re learning how to walk from Eliot!

Andy Richter is proof that if you fix your gait, heel toe, it’ll make you walk correctly.

Bocce Board shirts for Eliot!

He went to the Roadrunner in Santa Monica and was helped with Gerson.

Long story short, they made it all right.

15 – Jimmy talks about Scarlet Opera shirts.

Jimmy and Fam went to see Air. Jimmy and Oliver enjoyed it, Danielle did not.

20 – Michael Jordan’s absence from the Air movie has resulted in Ben Affleck having to explain the reasoning behind this decision. During a profile with THR, Affleck explained how he thought that having an actor play the 6-time NBA champion would be too distracting for audiences.

Talking Ben Affleck talk!

25 – Gigli vs Glitter?
Rat Race!

Alice Hamilton is here!

Where is Vince Vieluf?!?!

40 – We’ve got some mail!

Something from Jim Shorts (inside joke).

Jimmy has that contact the stars book still.

It’s a a T-Shirt for The Loop!

Alice describes the shirt as a “little crispy.”

Jimmy almost decapitates Alice with his envelope throw.

She was on Pop Cultured!

45 – One more piece of mail.

Reggie Bars! Thank you!


We’ll be right back!

50 – we’re back! 3208!

Jimmy’s got an update on his trip to the bathroom. He got a new Kennedy Todd hoodie!

Jimmy talks about how much blue he wore to a ball game. “What’s up blue guy?”

Get your sweatshirt on Amazon!


Alice has a story about when she ran a day care and some kid dressed in all black.

55 – Alice talks about talking openly about Chris Delia.

The Disgraced Kings of Comedy Tour?

Jimmy has a family story. “Rusty licks his butt!”

Alice grew up in the Portland Suburbs (Oregon).

They moved around a lot. “Blaximum Capacity”

60 – Alice talks about her growing up moving around and her mom.

Her parents are Trumpers and fans of Kenneth Copeland.

She just blocked her mom’s number. She’s had it! Her mom is the only person Alice yells at.

“When you know you are right, talk slow and firmly.” – Alice

1h5m – Alice has been with her boyfriend for almost 5 years.



Succession has the best theme song on TV!

1h10m – We see a little bit of Drac and the Swamp Rats – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9Xv6dUXTK4

The Cramps – Garbageman – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N2-jV189Zs

Are we ripping or shredding?!

Rippers only!

1h15m – Alice won’t talk about her life to her mom until they discuss the issues Alice has with her childhood.

She does still talk to her mom though.

Chris’ bands – https://www.madpeaceful.com/

Also The Baby Boys!

1h20m – Talking Joe Rogan and his compound.

The metrics were there, Spotify.

Alice did go to Lloyd Center!

1h25m – Dracula vs Emoji.

Vampires must count?! https://carnegiemnh.org/booseum-vampires/


1h30m – What Matters Most talk. Jimmy thinks about Matt now when that song pops up instead of Jennifer one.

Jimmy makes a Michael Jackson blew Bubbles joke.

After winning the award for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for West Wing, Allison Janney invited fellow nominee Mariska Hargitay to stand on stage with her while she said her thanks. She then went on to awkwardly invite all of the nominees on stage as well, with Mariska standing off to the side.


1h35m – Talking Bass in a rock band.

Trivia time!

We’ll be right back!

Welcome back!

Check out Alice’s special Cex Kriminal!

Alice lives near the Improv!

After scoring her second Best Actress Oscar for her role in Million Dollar Baby in 2005, Swank, in her elegant backless dress, hit up Astro Burgers on Santa Monica Boulevard for some alone time.


1h50m – Round The Horn!

Get your T-shirts! Code Pardo!


Jimmy shares a story about the day his mom married his uncle. He cut up one of his mom’s wigs, glued it to his face, and dressed up like the wolfman.

2h – The Possum came back!

Talking crows and squirrels.


See the trivia results below!

Eliot’s weekend was fine!

2h5m – Eliot has a situation with a tenant that is getting harassed because he LOOKS like someone people are posting about in the neighborhood.

Cathy did not move into Eliot’s building.

You live in a city calm down!

Alice has Synesthesia – https://www.webmd.com/brain/what-is-synesthesia

Chris and Alice’s anniversary is sometime in November.

Joel Osteen talk.

2h15m – Alice talks about where she does comedy.

This has been a joy!

Your bad jokes won’t go viral no matter what time you post it!

Talking posting heckler take downs.

Be good to each other!

Okay bye!!

Trivia Results:
Category: Language
Question: What word is commonly the first entry in English language dictionaries?

Garon: Aardvark (3 pts)
Eliot: A (9 pts)
Matt: A (10 pts)
Alice: Aardvark (14 pts)
Jimmy: Aardvark (19 pts)

The answer is: Aardvark!

Jimmy wins!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole