3121 – Picking apples with Todd Glass

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Hello!

Welcome in to Jimmy’s way different intro!

Big day with the hour later start. Matt took a walk. Jimmy went to bed at 530am and had errands and, surprise, a doctor appointment!

He also went to get a new Apple Watch since his is dying.

Apple store talk!

Is Matt gonna get his knuckles smashed in Air Hockey?

Midnight Oil Beds are Burning release year:

Jimmy: 84/85
Matt: 87/88
Eliot: 83/86

August 10, 1987! Matt wins!

10 – Exciting news! The first LIVE NNF Show will be Tuesday February 7 at Flappers!

Jimmy talks about his recent Flappers show. He had a table of people that were chatting and had to be told to quiet down and they did and were one of the best audience members Jimmy’s had.

Do any women own a Dodge Viper?

Victoria Principal was on Dallas – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_Principal


15 – Richard Burgi – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0121404/?ref_=tt_cl_t_1

20 – Carolla podcast drama?! Bald Brian and Gina are out.


25 – Rent chat around the country.

Friend of the show sighting at the post office!

30 – Todd Glass is here!

Fred Stoller!

Tim Hutcherson sent Jimmy a signed Alan Bannister card!


35 – LPGA is back! It’s been gone a month but Jimmy’s missed it!

Dan Kauffman talk!

40 – We haven’t seen Todd in a while! He broke his foot.

We’ll be right back!

45 – We’re back! 3121!

Talking episode numbers and permission to do podcasts!

Tony Bennett talk! Who likes him?!

Todd talks about seeing people in person that he’s talked about and how anxious it makes him.

50 – Chris D’elia talk. The Chris D’Elia Problem – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBxm0FSKXpM

Todd and Jimmy are doing the Tower City Comedy Fest in Paris, Texas. Also Chris Grace will be there!

55 – Ten-Year-Old Tom is renewed for a season 2!

Jimmy and Danielle found out she was pregnant in Philly!

Todd talks about switching managers.

60 – Todd gives us some Rodney and Mitch Hedberg!

1h5m – Talking Johnny Carson with Rodney Dangerfield and Rich Little.

1h10m – We have a lot of Canadian listeners!
Todd Van Poppel – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Todd_Van_Poppel

We’re hearing stories of shenanigans at the old Irvine Improv.

1h20m – Todd talks about comedians he’s seen in the past like Gilbert Godfried.

1h25m – Round the horn!

Todd learns all the jingles.

Graham used to wear ugly sweaters and one night everyone on the bill wore ugly sweaters as a joke.

1h30m –

Category: Fruits and Vegetables
Question: in the world of fruit a griggle is an apple left on the tree because why?

We’ll be right back!

1h35m – Go listen to the other show for Todd’s bit.

Get Todd to sell your product on Shark Tank.

1h40m – Hobie https://hobiesurfshops.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/hobie-shop-the-hobie-super-surfer-skateboard-is-back/

Jimmy saw Plane. It’s average but the crowd was great!


It’s Got A Lot To Do With it Todd!

1h50m – Cathy Ladman is gonna be on the Tonight Show, January 27! Is she the only one that’s done Carson, Leno, and Fallon?

Talking about the Kimmels!

1h55m – My answer is Not fully devolped

Jimmy and Todd bet on when Norm Crosby died. He died in 2020. They bet $20 on it but Jimmy won’t take Todd’s money! Turns out its more than 18 months anyway.

Eliot went out to dinner with friends! Maskless!

2h – Jimmy insists Todd asks Tom Arnold about his brothers.

Talking Cheesecake Factory.
Stick to your shoes!

Eliot’s answer is it’s grown in a bottle.
Matt says it helps with bugs
Todd says it’s not ripe
Jimmy says it’s for formenting.

2h10m – The answer is: Too small to pick

I win!

Todd cant catch!

It’s a beautiful day! Not a griggle in sight!

We’re done! See you next time!

Trivia Results:
Category: Fruits and Vegetables
Question: in the world of fruit a griggle is an apple left on the tree because why?

Garon: Not fully developed (4 pts)
Eliot: Grown in a bottle (20 pts)
Matt: Helps with insects (14 pts)
Todd: not ripe (12 pts)
Jimmy: to ferment (16 pts)

Answer: Because it was too small to pick.

I win?!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole