3017 -Running, going out of your mind with Jean Villepique

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Hello!

Welcome in! It’s a sleepy Monday!

Jimmy got up early for the hearings.

Lock them up!

Welcome to the show!

Talking about Jared Kushner.

Jimmy’s text confirms we are GTG.

Couple nice shout outs this past week! Our friend Wil Anderson gave a little shout out on his show in Australia. Thanks Wil!

Silver Fox Wil Anderson! Dye that hair before you get back to LA.


Talking our hair greying out.

Talking Tonys!

Is Jennifer Hudson REALLY an EGOT? She got her (Daytime) Emmy for producing a kids program called Baba Yaga.

10 – EGOTS – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_EGOT_winners

The other Shout out was from Jason Bennetti! Jimmy talks about “Sox Math” segment on their Sunday show.

Doctor Spanky mentioned us! https://twitter.com/DoctorSpanky

15 – Wax Chew Bottles!

Flappers show and a celebrity sighting on Saturday?!

20 – Jimmy had a sold out show!

July 17 is the last one! Get out there!

Jeff Garlin! He’s a big fan of Jimmy AND Chicago.   

25 – Jimmy talks about the Chicago show he and Oliver went to.

Brian Wilson opened and per Jimmy, it was horrible.

Jimmy’s got some set list notes.


30 – Jean Villepique is here! Thanks to Mike Rock!

She was on AP Bio.

Hi Oliver! Perfect bit in the background.

35 – Matt was in Texas. He must have talked with Jimmy’s Exes.

What is the origin of Jean’s name? Villapique?

It’s French!

Oliver’s gonna do the trivia question live!

Talking Jeopardy hosting.

40 – We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Jean Villepique is here!

We’re on Ozzy watch today as well.


“remove and realign pins in his neck and back, Page Six is told.”

45 – Good luck Ozzy!

Matt talks his parking and his trip!

Austin remained weird while Matt was in town.

50 – Talking the bed situation on their hotel room.

No time or room for men’s stuff on this trip!

55 – The US Men’s National team won 5-0!

Apparently, New Jersey is a soccer hot bed in America.

Jimmy did a show at Rutgers once. It was horrible.

“Very polite for an asshole.”

60 – Jimmy blames Bobcat Goldthwaite for not meeting Cat Stevens.

Jean talks about her past living in Chicago and New York.

Too hot in NYC!

Mrs. Garrett, Charlotte Rae, passed in 2018.


A lot of talented people come out of Northwestern.

1h5m – Jean talks about teaching improv to kids in China.

For Mad Men Only – the Del Close doc.


Happy 10th anniversary Jean and husband!

1h10m – Jean’s son is 3 ½.  They adopted him!

Jimmy knows Jean’s husband!

Apparently, Jimmy and Matt both know Jean’s husband Brian!

1h15m – Jean talks about why Brian didn’t answer Jimmy and the process of adopting!

Jimmy talks about how funny he thinks Brian is.

1h20m – Jean tells us how she met Brian.

Bring it to the moth!

Taylor Dane talk.

1h25m – Jean talks about her son being named after Bruce Springsteen.

Oliver’s nickname is Goose!

Christian Slater – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000225/

Jean talks about her son adapting and socializing to life outside a pandemic.

1h35m – Here is Oliver with our subject and question!

Category: Sports and Leisure

Question:. In bowling, what does the term body English refer to?

Jurassic World talk!

There was also a screaming child that they took into the hallway and not out of the theater.

The bathroom is in the village.

We’ll be right back!

1h45m – We’re back!

Round the horn!

Someone in Oliver’s class calls him Big Man.

Some chat about Eliot’s hair.

AP Bio talk!

1h50m – Talking horse people.

“rich people but dirty.”

My answer is The spin on the ball caused by the turn of the body.

Eliot is watching The Offer.


Austin Butler plays Elvis in Elvis.


Jimmy births a new character?! Jerry the #1 Moulin Rouge fan?

2h – Bob Evans?!


“Bob Evans on the mother fucking farm.”

Matt’s answer: using your body to affect the ball post throw

Jean’s answer: When the bowler’s curtsey.

Jimmy says the way he finishes.

The answer is When you wiggle around to get the ball to the place.

Matt, unbelievably is correct.

2h15m – Wiggle It! – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2_in_a_Room

Solid as a Mike Rock!

Thanks for the question Oliver!

Thank you Jean and Bruce!

Why is Bruce a gay name? No one knows.

Leave us a review!

The #1 Podcast!

We’re done!  bye!!

Trivia Results:

Category: Sports and Leisure

Question:. In bowling, what does the term body English refer to?

Garon: The spin on the ball caused by the turn of the body (2 pts)

Eliot: Using your body to affect the trajectory of the ball (7 pts)

Matt: using your body to affect the ball post throw (23 pts)

Jean: When the bowler’s curtsey (7 pts)

Jimmy: the finishing move (5 pts)

Wiggling to affect the ball after you throw it.


My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole