30P – Working part-time in a five-and-dime with Caissie St. Onge

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Hello! P for Platinum!

Talking Andrew and his pronunciation of project and his lack of socks.

The President is in town apparently. Motorcade shutting down freeways.

BidenJam Is In Effect! POTUS Heading To Hollywood For Kimmel Taping; In DTLA Later Tonight As Road Closures Kick In – Update

Matt’s going to Austin!

First time flight since the pandemic for Matt!

10 – Rock and Roll bands with horns? Chicago and Gwar.

Jimmy and Oliver are seeing Chicago tonight, Brian Wilson is opening. They might show up late.

Beach Boys talk.

Talking Oliver’s school dedication. “If he doesn’t get perfect attendance heads will roll.”

20 – Science class dissecting. We all did a frog. None of us did a pig.


25 – Talking supplementing a comedy career!

Today, the ozone hole still exists, forming every year over Antarctica in the spring. It closes up again over the summer as stratospheric air from lower latitudes is mixed in, patching it up until the following spring when the cycle begins again.


Jimmy talks about the Bud Friedman birthday show and the line-up.

30 – Jimmy did not run into Jay Leno.

Tom Dreesen did all his Sinatra jokes but just changed the name to Bud.

They were prepping for a champagne toast during Jimmy’s set. He did bring people to tears with his tribute to bud though! He shares it with us. Paraphrasing it.

40 – Orny is 51. Leslie is 54.

SNL audition talk.

Caissie St. Onge is here! We’re talking Covid tests!

45 – Bands like Kaiser Chiefs?

We’ll be right back!

We’re back! Jimmy resets!

Rachel Steele and Kristine Stone! Jimmy loves them!

Caissie St. Onge is here! She’s on Busy Philipps podcast! People love it!

50 – Caissie talks about being her own podcast boss!

Santana talk. Caissie enjoys him because of Prince.

Jimmy fills her in on Danielle’s feelings on Santana.


Lots of Santana talk.

Cobo Hall talk! Ted Nugent’s got a great live album from there.

55 – Asbestos talk.


60 – Apple snatching music?!

Barry Gibb solo sang Fine Line.

‘I Will Be There’ is a demo that was recorded during the April to June songwriting sessions (unless it is from the sessions from the first half of 1998). It was sent to Tina Turner, accidentally they said later, and she recorded the song for her album Twenty Four Seven that came out in November 1999.

1h5m – Victoria Principal and Andy Gibb were an item.

It must be nice or you think you’re better than me? Possible Massachusetts motto?

Lots of Bee Gees talk.


Mark Jacko Jackson – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Jackson_(Australian_footballer)

1h15m – Raising Cane’s is now open in Burbank!


Jacko is 62!

1h20m – Talking about the podcasts!

Talking TV shows and showbiz!

1h30m – Talking Hacks!

Is it about Caissie?! It coincidentally got pretty close to what happened in her own life.

Lots of Joan Rivers talk. Caissie worked with her!

1h35m – My P is Pfizer!

Vaccine & Shingles talk

Caissie talks about Drum and Bugle corps!

1h45m – Salty snacks!

Who eats Panda Express with chopsticks?!

Caissie talks about her older son Eli and how he used to call Chinese Food tiny food and when asked about going to Panda Express he said, “I ain’t never eating no panda!”

We all enjoy Panda Express!

1h50m – Eliot’s having hard drive issues and neighborhood council issues.

Shooter shows up in Tom Gun?!

As a Catapult Officer, better known as a “Shooter,” you are the final check, the last say, the signal everyone is waiting for on the flight deck. Your job is about quality control, ultimate efficiency and teamwork. Shooters are leaders.

Eliot’s answer is Pez!

Caissie is going with Pepsi.

Pepsi Light was a saccharin-sweetened diet soda introduced in 1975. Aimed straight at the US youth market. It had a lemon-twist, was calorie-free and came in pretty blue packaging.

2h – Matt is going with Penzoil.

We hear the fans!

Jimmy’s five:

6) Ping Golf

5) Pfizer

4) Pizza Hut

3) Paramount

2) Pepboys

1) Pepsi

Caissie wins!!!

2h10m – Talking people being mad at us. There is an easy solution!


My pleasure,

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