2604 – Getting Weird with Andrea Savage

Andrea Savage

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 – 2604! Some Chicago! 

Jimmy does the horns! 

Podcasts are essential! Jimmy Matt and Eliot trecked into the studio today. 

What’s going on?! 

Can balls transmit covid19?


Is spitting at someone a kind of attempted murder now?

Matt explains Sidewalk Chicken. 

Walk like normal, if someone walks towards you who gets off their path, you get a point. If YOU veer off your path the neighborhood gets a point. 

5 – Stollers are undefeated! 

10 – Talking corona v spring break. 

Did Matt do Spring Break? He talks about going to florida once when he was 16 for some horse event his sister was doing.

Jimmy talks about Oliver being at home watching old game shows. 

Comets kites and Kittens! Jimmy’s new song. 

15 – More trivia! Yay!

How wide is an average sidewalk?

Matt changes to five feet and is correct! 

Jimmy talks about how he found that out.

Jimmy talks about a dog attacking him. 

Everything goes in a pandemic! Right?

20 – Tiger King talk! 

Also mic fix talk! 

25 – More Tiger King.

Talking Manscaped! 

Jimmy has some wipes to return. 

Glasses talk! 

Icing for Eliot

30 – Jimmy explains the new rules for Trivia.

End of season points = $50! 


Someone is sending us trivia money!


Including $260 for the next two seasons! 

Thanks Jeremy! 

PCAT20 has been postponed until October 10! 

Your tickets are valid! 

We’re coming back with Andrea Savage!

We’re back!

I screwed up my timer so no more time codes. (WTF GARON!!!! – Darryl)

We’re not on lock down and podcasting is essential! 

Hi Andrea!! 

She’s coming from her empty production offices!

Andrea talks being supportive and nurturing. Thankfully her daughter still enjoys snuggling. 

Andrea is more comfortable cradling Jimmy than Oliver. 

Andrea and Jimmy talk therapy in the time of corona. 

Andrea is concerned that her therapist is seeing too many people that she knows. 

Jimmy and Matt talk about the Isolation Files episodes we’re doing. It’s even MORE casual. We played 5 second rule on the first one. 

Happy belated birthday Andrea! 

Andrea does not have a manager currently. Only an Agent. Andrea was very close with her old manager. 


Andrea comments Jimmy’s legs and eyes. 

Jimmy’s episode was Andrea’s “most popular.” 

Andrea started watching Breaking Bad. She does think it lives up to the hype. 

Andrea is also watching high school musical and little shop of horror.

Oliver not a fan of Fish Called Wanda or apparently Little Shop of Horrors. 

Andrea washed her hair this weekend for the first time in nine days. 

Target chicken fighting! 

More Tiger King talk. Weirdos that own big cats. 

Andrea’s never watched The Wire. 

Jimmy thinks more people have not watched The Wire than have. 

What’s the weirdest thing people are gonna do? 

Try to invent podcasting apparently. There is no B. 

Category is: Literature

What Famous Fantasy Author’s real name is John Ronald Revel _

Trivia time!

Jimmy: JK Simmons 

Matt: Tolkein 8 points!

Andrea: Martin

Eliot: Tolkein

Garon: 12 JRR Tolkein. 

Jimmy’s considering a neighborhood peep show. 

He talks about dancing for humor and realizing it was something inappropriate and Oliver was there so he had to add some flourishes. 

My answer is JRR Tolkein!

We’ll be back!

85 – We’re back!

We’re all over town! 

Eliot’s answer is JRR Tolkein! 

The answer is JRR Tolkein or Tolkein!

Matt, Eliot, and Garon are correct!

It’s down to wagering! 

Dennis Miller tweet: The young Jedi B-Team that is the White House Press Corps have now been Groupon comp Lyfted back to their real jobs being overly astounded by new tailgate kick plates in unctuous Chevy Truck commercials.

I win $5!

Now we’re going to try to play sevens!

Jimmy gives to Andrea Savage: 11 (Celebrities)

1h40m – Thank you Andrea!! 

See you next time! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth