26C – Matching the Squares with Dave Holmes

Dave Holmes

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 26 C! for Cictory! 

We’re all in! Hunkered and bunkered! 

Talking C sounds. 

I’m not getting corona!

Jimmy talks about the church that will lick door handles. 


Lick it up!

5 – Platinum subscribers stick with us and don’t panic. Your perks will arrive! Please be patient. 

Celeb sighting! 

Lance Bass!

15 – Any band but Chicago for the letter game this week. Jimmy has been on a Chicago kick lately. Apparently the band is releasing a coffee table book featuring private photos, set lists, etc. 

Peter Pardini gave Jimmy the test pressing he had. 

20 – Jimmy got a text. Eliot apologizes. Only for humor. 

They guys sing!

Have to be in falsetto! 

Jimmy talks horn v synth on a Chicago song. 

25 – Who did the music for Mulan? Matthew Wilder!


30 – Jimmy and fam watched Step Brothers. Jimmy laughs thinking about it. 



35 – Matt talks about getting in a fight with a friend over a piss scene in a movie. 

We’ll be back!

Wait wait we got mail!

It’s a signed Scooby Doo book plus some signed books for Eliot and I! 

Thanks Ivan! 

Ok now break.

We’re back!

With Dave Holmes!

He talks about his quarantine situation. 

Talking Chet Hanks and his Massive comments at the golden globes. 

40 – Dave has not interviewed Chet Hanks. 

Dave is dressed like a 78 boxer. 

Hollywood ain’t calling Beard it up! 

Every time Dave goes into the sun, he sneezes. 

Peppermint makes Danielle sneeze 3 times. 

Gustatory rhinitis is a condition that specifically causes a person to sneeze after eating. Rhinitis is a general term for irritation or swelling that happens in the nose. … Symptoms of gustatory rhinitis usually come on within minutes of eating and can include: sneezing

45 – Dave talks Gino’s East. 

Jimmy talks about a restaurant that had a waiter that would keep touching them. 

Dave put a fried egg on left over pizza. Loved it. 

50 – The I Heart Radio Casey Kasem channel is almost all 80s. 

Why start a Top 40? Jimmy knows! We don’t! 


Dave asks about Buzzer! 

Jimmy guesses Dave wants to talk about the Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour. 

They talk about it. 

55 – Dave explains the format and the show. 

Jimmy remembers the tension as a teenager watching.

60 – John Bauman is great on twitter according to Jimmy. 

More talk about the Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour! 

Talking Sam Kinnison. 

Dave talks about going to the new hard rock hotel and casino opening in florida. Andrew Dice Clay opened the comedy club. The nursery rhymes might not work as well as they did. 

Dave asks our reaction to having someone posting spring break style trip pics on insta durin this corona crisis. 

1h10m – Round the horn! 

Eliots first! 

1h15m – My C is Cheap Trick!

Matt talks Cheap Trick on MTV. 

Eliot’s got a fancy “The” apparently. 

1h20m – Talking first time ball sighting. Dave talks about seeing some random dudes balls hanging out of his shorts at a festival. 

Eliot avoided nude situations except that his dad would just come out of the shower full nude to tell them something. 

Eliot’s C is Climax!

Matt’s C is Chic!

Dave goes with Cinderella. “Maybe it’s good we had grunge.” – Jimmy to himself in a car.

We hear the fans guesses. 

1h30m – Jimmy’s Cs!

5 – Cinderella

4 – Crash Test Dummies

3 – The Commodores

2 – The Cure

1 – The Call

No winner!



Thanks Dave!!

Thanks everyone! <3

Take care of each other! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth